Are Airpods Good For Phone Calls?

Airpods produce clear sound quality making them perfect for taking phone calls while on go. they are often clearer than Bluetooth in the car there are a lot of advantages to using AirPods:

  • They are durable and work well with iPhone 
  • They have a rapid charge feature
  • They have the best noise-canceling feature compared to other wireless headphones 

However, you need to make sure about the battery life as a phone call could cut the battery life almost in half.


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Do AirPods have excellent sound quality?

The sound quality depends on the model of the AirPods you use. if you use the first generation the sound may not be very clear. Also, until the pro came out, Apple AirPods did not have the feature of noise cancellation. also, standard AirPods do not seal into the ear, because of which the background noise seeps in and you won’t have the same amount of clarity or detail 

How to use AirPods to make phone calls?

Making a phone call using AirPods is very simple. if you have the first generation, you can make the call by double-tapping either of the AirPods. Make the call after you hear the chime 

In the case of the second generation, say “Hey, Siri” and tell whom you want to call.  To accept or end the call, double-tap either of your AirPods 

How to use AirPods for zoom calls?

Airpods can be used in zoom calls, especially if they are AirPods pro or max as they have a noise-canceling feature 

To ensure the connection between the devices disconnect it from any other device to avoid interference 

Are phone calls handled better by using AirPods?

AirPods max doesn’t produce much audio distortion. they also have features like transparency mode and active noise cancellation mode which is a huge benefit and with Bluetooth 5.0, they have a good connection strength even though they are pricier than any other standard AirPods, they cover your ear entirely.

 What to do if AirPods are not working with phone calls?

If your AirPods are not working with your phone calls there are some steps you should follow 

  • Modify the call audio output
  • For this go to the phone screen 
  • Then select your AirPods from the device list 

If you don’t see your AirPods in the list that means that it is not paired with your phone 

For connection, long-press the Bluetooth icon in the control center.

You should also check the volume on your AirPods and re enable Bluetooth on your iPhone 

In the specific cases, you will have to disable Bluetooth access for a particular app to get the AirPods working for phone calls again

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