Are Apple Watches Carrier Locked? [AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile!]

The models of Apple watches are not carrier-locked. The wi-fi/GPS-only enabled apple watches which are usually of a cheaper base are not even regional, whereas LTE-enabled Apple watches are. Therefore, it is recommended that the iPhone and the watches should be of the same service.

What is meant by an unlocked carrier for an apple watch?

Apple watches are not locked to any specific cell service carrier

For example, if your iPhone gets its service through Verizon it does not necessarily mean that your watch is to be connected with that plan.

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What to do if my apple watch is GPS-only?

Connecting your apple watch to wi-fi is pretty easy.

  1. Open the setting in your apple watch
  2. Select the option of wi-fi and search for the nearby available wi-fi connection.
  3. When you find the name of the network you want to join, tap it and select that network.
  4. Enter the password of the network
  5. Then tap join.

In the case of GPS

  1. Open the map app
  2. Select on location, then press map pin or destination landmark.
  3. Scroll through the info of location till you find the ‘direction’
  4. Then you can select from driving, walking, or public transport.
  5. After you have done that tap on the route and start following it.

How to remove a carrier from Apple Watch and iPhone?

  1. Open the apple watch app 
  2. Find and select the option of ‘my watch feature’ then select the option of cellular
  3. When the information button shows up, click it
  4. You will then get two options: manage carrier or remove carrier plan
  5. To remove the carrier plan, click on the removing carrier plan option and you are done.

In case you are not able to do it, you can contact your carrier and ask them to help you.

How to erase or unpair from apple watches?

In case you want to erase or unpair your iPhone from the apple watch

  1. Place your iPhone and Apple watch closely so that they can ‘connect’
  2. Open the watch app from your iPhone, there go to my watch option and select all watch options
  3. When you want to unpair, tap on the info option and select the option of unpair.
  4. And if you wish to remove all the previously connected devices then you can select the option of ‘erase all’– this is removing your cellular plan.
  5. Click confirm and you are done.

Closing thought

Since apple watches are not carrier locked so you get the choice to select one in case you have one of the fancier LTE-capable models

In case you do not have one you can simply connect your wi-fi and GPS and it also eliminates the need to pay extra

Most carriers are compatible with the family set up so you can set apple watches for your kids through your iPhone and cellular data provider.

Hope this article helps  

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