Are Powerbeats Pro Waterproof?

You’ve in all probability detected Apple’s power beats professional, which debuted in 2019 and is additionally called Beats By Dre (Dr. Dre the rapper, that is). 

Dre established the Beats method back in 2006 with company government Jimmy Iovine

Apple eventually nonheritable Beats in 2014, and since then, they need to work to reinforce these wireless headphones.

If you’re out buying these headphones, you would possibly notice on the box that there’s an associate degree IPX4 rating. 

An informatics rating means that a product has “Ingress Protection”, giving it protection from solid and liquid objects. However, will that build it waterproof?

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Is power beats professional Waterproof? 

With the IPX4 rating, power beats professionals will resist sweat and some very little drip-drops of water, you’re not planning to need to urge them too wet. they’re waterproof, therefore whereas you’ll be OK within the occasional rain, you won’t be taking note of them while you swim laps in the pool.

Can you splash them with water for 10 minutes straight?


But does one need to submerge them in snow or water?

 Not even remotely. 

As somebody World Health Organization has lost earbuds to the perils of water injury, I’m here to inform you why power beats professionals don’t seem to be waterproof and simply what proportion of liquid exposure they’ll face up.

What is the associate degree IPX4 rating?

An IPX4 rating implies that your power beats professional earbuds will face up to splashes from water, sweat, and the other variety of liquids. they’re additionally rated against solids. 

These splashes will come back from any direction.

How much splashing will power beats professional withstand?

power beats professional earbuds will face up to a decent quantity of splashing. 

As it seems, you’ll be able to splash them with water for a solid ten minutes while not them acquiring any real injury. 

And this can be, of course, tons additional splashing than what you get from sweat or falling rain. 

You can drop them in an exceedingly sink with splashes of water, shortly drop them within the bathroom, or maybe leave them in an exceeding bowl of water for twenty minutes while not them obtaining a lot of water injury. 

You just don’t need to push your luck.

Can you use power beats professionally within the shower?

While you most likely will take power beats professionally within the shower, it’s not suggested. 

This is not mostly because of the water however of the toiletries, you utilize throughout your shower. 

Soap, body wash, toilet article or gel, shampoo, conditioner, and body lotions will all cause injury to earbuds due to their chemical compounds. 

It is higher to depart them in their case than to risk injury by shampoo exposure.

Will the sound get muffled if I drop my power beats professionally within the sink?

If your power beats professional gets born into the water, they may initiate with a muffled sound. this can be pretty traditional. 

You will have to be compelled to get the water out – and quickly – if you would like to completely restore the sound quality of your earbuds. 

Let’s observe however you’ll be able to try this.

How do I buy water out of my power beats Pro?

It is the potential to urge water out of your power beats professional, and you must do therefore quickly once exposed.

If they get wet, now take away them from the water. 

If wetness will get into the buds’ electronic equipment, the buds will get broken if you switch the earbuds on or send audio signals after the area unit is still wet.

Whatever you are doing, don’t use the earbuds. 

And please, please, please don’t use the hairdryer on them. 

This kind of intensely high heat can injure the electrical elements within your earbuds. 

And, seriously, don’t nuke them within the microwave.

Here’s what you’ll be able to do instead:

  • take away the attachable tip sleeves and set them aside on a soft towel to dry off.
  • fastidiously open up the earbuds employing a knife or a tiny low screwdriver.
  • Gently shake the earbuds many times to get rid of the water droplets within them.
  • Blow air from your mouth into the opened earbuds, giving some puffs of air to everyone. this can facilitate eliminating additional water.
  • Use soft, lint-free material to dab at the surplus water within the earbuds.
  • Place your earbuds in an exceedingly medium-sized bowl of rice for regarding forty-eight hours. (Be absolute to lose the rice afterward!) Rice can put off any remaining wetness.

These steps may not work if you’ve got let an excessive amount of time glide by or if an excessive amount of water has gotten into the earbuds.

Does AppleCare cowl water injury to my power beats Pro?

If you’ve got AppleCare+, you get 2 years of coverage for your power beats professional earbuds. 

However, there are a unit some limitations.

You will solely get 2 incidents of accidental injury coated inside every one of the 2 12-month periods, and every incident is subject to a charge of $29 (plus any applicable tax).

Here are a unit the advantages you are doing have with AppleCare+:

  • 24/7 priority access to Apple consultants via phone calls or online chats.
  • Mail-in repair for your headphones utilizing a paid shipping box given to you by Apple.
  • carry-in repair at associate degree Apple Store or different Apple licensed Service supplier close to you.
  • specific Replacement Service – that is once Apple ships a replacement device to you so that you don’t have a protracted sit-up for repairs.


power beats professional earbuds don’t seem to be waterproof, simply splash-resistant. 

You will have to be compelled to be conscious of wherever you’re taking them. 

If water ought to get in them, you’ll have to be compelled to act quickly to save lots of them.

That being aforesaid, from all the tests I’ve seen done on them, power beats professional is pretty darn sturdy. 

And, if they are doing get broken on the far side of your ability to repair, AppleCare+ can have you ever coated if you’ve opted for that warrant.

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