Beats Flex Will Not Charge? [Do This]

While some people will be charging their Beats for hours only to find out that they are not charged at all while others find that they can charge their beats flex for hours but a flashing red light continues to blink.

Neither of these situations is considered normal, the reports are found frequently on the user’s forum.

Apple has not given any answers or solutions to the problem but resetting the case seems to help the majority of the time. Sometimes interference or dirty connectors or even a bad charging cable can also be the culprit.

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How do I know if my beats flex is charging?

You will need to see the LED indicator light on the power button to see if your beats Flex is charging or not.

If it is blinking red it means that it still needs to charge

And white light means that it is ready to use.

What is the battery life of Beats Flex?

It is said to have a battery life of 12 hours while the charge is full.

Solutions to the above-mentioned problem?

  • Use another power source – power sources or adaptors are all different. if the charger has a low power output than required by beats flex, it will lead to slow charging or even abruptly stop charging

you will need to use a different adaptor to see if it works better, but make sure you give them more time to charge. if the other adaptor works properly that means that the problem was with the adaptor.

  • Try and reset the beats flex –

This reset might fix all the problems but make sure that your beats are not connected to any cable

Look for the power button on your device, then hold it down for 15 seconds, and then release it.

The LED light indicator should light up three times, this indicates a successful reset. After that, try using the beat flex again.

  • Switch cables –

The cable can break down over time. if the wearing of the cable is weak, one solid tug can break them down.

Exposed wiring can be a problem. Therefore, look for it in your charging cable and try using another charging cable.

  • Clean up the port –

Sometimes dirt in the port can stop charging

The accumulation of dirt and debris is inevitable.

You can try cleaning the port with compressed air or with a gentle brush.

After that, try charging again.

  • Try replacing the battery –

Sometimes older batteries and some that have manufacturer issues might be the reason for faulty charging

So, try swapping the lithium-ion battery. this battery has a high energy density, it also means that they have a restricted number of charge cycles.

It means over time; your battery will struggle more and more to hold a full charge.

  • Try looking for a broken port

If you are confident with yourself then you can disassemble a very small electronic device and try looking for a broken port.

Ports transfer electric current to beats Flex’s circuitry from the power adaptor

As these devices age over time, the ports can lose their connectivity or can even physically break.

If you know what you are doing, the broken parts can be replaced.

You can find cheap replacements. but it is best to let a professional handle it.

Hope this article helps  

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