Best Bluetooth Tower Speaker for the Money

The tower speaker is quickly turning into a popular alternative for theatre systems. Why? It offers AN all-in-one audio resolution that reduces the requirement for varied speakers. Standing at three to four feet tall, the tower speaker sports multiple drivers that deliver the performance of all alternative theater speakers combined with high audio quality.

If that’s not awe-inspiring enough, fashionable Bluetooth tower speakers feature a lovely aesthetic that plays up your home ornamentation.

Bluetooth Tower Speakers 101: The Lowdown

While it’s not going to invariably be doable to check your floor-standing speaker before shopping, having a good understanding of its specifications and options can improve your possibilities of shopping for a top-quality product that meets your desires.

To help you out, we’ve placed a listing of choices for you to think about before you arrange a Bluetooth tower speaker.

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Size and Weight

Where shall one use your Bluetooth tower speaker? For many individuals, the speaker is often not assaulted in a set spot in their living rooms, however, enraptured around the house looking at what they’re up to.

While sound towers can have a loud sound with deep resonant bass, the audio quality isn’t passionate about the dimensions. Therefore, weight for movability could be an issue to think about. A slim style fits a lot snugly in any corner of your home.

Speaker cupboard

Apart from size and weight, take into account whether or not the speaker cupboards will face up to vibrations with very little sound interference to the audio drivers. A Bluetooth tower speaker cupboard generally includes a cone, a magnet, ANd a magnetic attraction coil sitting between the 2.

Want to understand how it works?

Well, the coil creates a magnetic flux once electrical currents meet up with it and cause a back and forth vibration thanks to the magnet attracting and repelling it. The periodical coil creates a sound that the cone amplifies, whereas the pitch is decided by how briskly it vibrates.

There are unit 2 sorts of speaker cupboards: the sealed/ acoustic suspension and also the ported/ bass-reflex cabinets.

The sealed cupboards area unit airtight enclosures that make a lot of gas pressure once the sound drivers vibrate, and it needs further power to beat that pressure. meaning a sealed enclosure speaker may have 200W electronic equipment to provide identical sound output as 100W electronic equipment in a very bass-reflex cupboard.

On the and aspect, the additional gas pressure causes the drivers to vibrate quicker and with a lot of preciseness, which produces a transparent, dynamic sound.

However, the bass-reflex cupboard could be a lot of economical choice as a result of it will considerably scale back the facility needs of your moveable speaker. It options a hole/ port at the front or rear of the cupboard through which the additional gas pressure created by the moving diaphragm gets laid off out of the enclosure.

This will increase potency as a result of the ports facilitating equalization of gas pressure within and outdoors the cabinet. Cool, huh? detain mind, though, that whereas the sound waves area unit increases as air push through the port, the bass sound is a smaller amount precise and not as loud.

Rear Vs Front Ports

The most graceful of a bass-reflex cupboard is the port through which the speaker’s sound is emitted. Floor standing speakers could go along with front or rear-facing ports, and they could slightly affect however they reproduce the bass sound.


Floor-standing speakers provide higher sound quality than moveable or shelf speaker models partly as a result of their concentration on the house theatre system. Most Bluetooth tower speakers feature triangular drivers. These are bass/ speaker units, midrange/ squawker, and high-end/ loudspeaker system drivers that mix to deliver a frequency varying between 20Hz to 20KHz.


Bluetooth tower speakers embrace further options that permit wired property, like the Aux-In feature for higher sound quality. alternative options could embrace HDMI and Analog RCA ports to change you to attach the speaker to your previous iPod that doesn’t support Bluetooth technology.

Some floor-standing speakers, like the ABRAMTEK E600, have USB-C charging for their inherent batteries, whereas wired Bluetooth speakers go along with charging adapters.

So, is that area unit the most effective Floor Standing Speakers?

1. Rockville ONE-Tower All-in-One Tower Bluetooth Speaker

With a lovely fashionable style, the Rockville One-Tower contains a fashionable cloth covering the MDF cupboard, rounded edges, and a sleek alphanumeric display. The rotary volume knob sits on the highest of the speaker at the side of the performance and power buttons.

Measuring slightly over five inches on its base, the One-Tower could be a compact floor-standing speaker that matches into tight front room areas while not obstructing. Sadly, it’s not battery operated ANd needs plugging into an outlet for power. 

Key Specs

  • Dimensions: five.31″ x 5.31″ x 33″
  • Weight: eleven.1 lb
  • Features: Bluetooth five.0, RCA Inputs, HDMI Input, Optical Input, USB
  • Frequency Response: 32Hz – 19kHz


  • Powerful sound with no distortion
  • Compact style with a tiny low footprint
  • RCA inputs for non-Bluetooth devices


  • Poor quality construction

2. ABRAMTEK E600 High Power Wireless Speaker

Up next we have the Abramtek E600 wireless Bluetooth tower. This dangerous boy contains a subtle cylindrical style and is lighter than the Rockville One-Tower, continuance in at eight.16 pounds. It’s conjointly a high-end tower speaker with an inherently reversible battery that delivers four

The E600 options AN exquisite two-part design: a high dome is suspended from the lowest cylinder by a small gap with a soft semiconductor diode night lightweight, that we tend to think could be a nice bit. It offers a merging cloth mesh covering accessible in black and purple colors.

The top panel options the facility and play buttons with the USB-C charging port and auxiliary ports running down the aspect of the dome. It’s price noting that many users had issues charging their wireless speakers, whereas others had their floor-standing towers fail once a year.

Key Specs:

  • Peak Output: 100W
  • Dimensions: five.3″ x 5.3″ x 23.6″
  • Weight: eight.16 lbs
  • Features: Bluetooth four.2, 3.5mm Aux In/Out, USB-C charging, 10mm Bluetooth vary
  • Frequency Response: 30Hz – 20KHz


  • Loud spatial relation audio fills the area
  • Wireless speaker with inherent battery for movability
  • Attractive style with night lightweight
  • Supports wireless stereo pairing


  • Not sturdy, can last a few years
  • Does not go along with a foreign management unit

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3. VENLOC 2.1 Bluetooth Tower Speaker

The Venlo a pair of.1 Bluetooth floor-standing speaker towers over three feet and options a lovely dark wood end. The Venlo could be a versatile speaker since it permits analog and Bluetooth properties with varied devices for music, movies, and gaming.

The tower speaker is slightly larger and heavier than the Rockville One-Tower, and it comes with a device and is wired for power. If you’re keen on a classic look, then you’ll fancy this style that has straight lines and sharp edges. The highest panel options are the management buttons and a rubber slot to support little devices once charging them or taking part in your favorite music from your phone via a USB port to conserve battery.

Key Specs:

  • Dimensions: half dozen.1″ x 6.41″ x 40.35″
  • Weight: eleven.77 lbs
  • Peak Power: 180W
  • Features: Aux-In port, Analog RCA, USB, inherent Radio
  • Frequency Reception: 38Hz – 24kHz


  • Delivers a weighty bass and vivacious highs
  • Attractive and trendy style with grain
  • Versatile affiliation choices
  • Good price for your cash


  • Construction isn’t strong
  • A poor signal on the radio

4. GOgroove BlueSYNC

It’s that stylish, clean line aesthetic of the Venloic, however, it’s a bigger footprint and weighs less.

The GOgroove style options a charging cradle for your phone on the highest panel, which conjointly homes the management buttons and power button.

Key Specs:

  • Dimensions: nine.87″ x 8.5″ x 38.3″
  • Weight: ten.1lbs
  • Peak Output: 120W
  • Features: Aux-In, USB port, USB 1A port, Bluetooth
  • Frequency Response: 40Hz – 20kHz 


  • Decent sound quality with three bass levels
  • 3 audio inputs for varied devices
  • Features a phone cradle for charging
  • Has a simple startup method
  • Affordably priced for its category


  • Has low volume levels

5. Naxa NHS-2009 Water performing arts Tower Speaker

The Naxa NHS-2009 could be a distinctive Bluetooth tower speaker that includes water and color effects that carry on with the beat and volume of the music. Generally, water performing arts sound towers have 2 distinct components in their construction: a high half that offers vivacious water jets and lighting effects visible through a clear fiberglass cowl, and a bottom half that houses the sound drivers.

The NHS-2009 is the least high-priced speaker on our list, accounting for a few quarters of the value of the ABRAMTEK E600. It conjointly boasts a compact, lightweight style that weighs three.2 pounds and stands at a pair of1 inches, which permits it to double as a floor standing and a work surface speaker. It’s conjointly moveable, thus you’ll be able to carry it to functions outside your home.

Key Specs:

  • Dimensions: four.33″ x 4.33″ x 21.65″
  • Weight: three.2 lbs
  • Features: three.5mm Aux-In port, Bluetooth property, FM radio


  • Full vary drivers deliver clear, dynamic sound
  • Compact and light-weight construction for movability
  • Fun style with water and lightweight effects
  • Comes with a phone feature


  • The water feature doesn’t work for a few users

Best Bluetooth Tower Speaker shopping for Guide

A key issue for patrons is what proportion a product prices. Though you’ll be able to get decent-quality speakers at a coffee’s worth, some area units are worth the splurge.

We’ve tested heaps of products on the market, and our list highlights the most effective Bluetooth tower speakers for the cash.

Below could be an outline of the floor-standing speakers we’ve reviewed higher.

Best Choice:

The Rockville ONE-Tower is our high decision. It offers hi-fi sound at an affordable price and includes four audio choices to attach to numerous devices.

Best Budget Option:

If budget could be a concern, you can’t get it wrong with the Naxa NHS-2009. However, it’s smaller than the typical tower speaker and will not be ideal for home theaters.

1 Bluetooth speaker or the GOgroove BlueSYNC STW. within the same worth vary and providing similar options, they’re each two-way configuration speakers that turn out clear high notes and deep bass sounds. 

Best Premium choice

The ABRAMTEK E600 could be a triangular configuration that delivers a complete variety of sounds and is the superior choice. If you’re involved concerning sound quality, this one’s for you.

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