8 Best Sites to Download Full Albums free

Finding your favorite songs and downloading them for free used to be a difficult task. As you will find many websites which claim that you can download your favorite songs and full albums for free, but when you open the website you see that there is no such thing as they claimed before. And there you’re just seeing one ad after another.

While some music websites offer you only old songs or few songs so you can’t get your favorite album and some provide full albums but they want you to pay them for albums.

So it’s not easy to download songs of your choice for free But now you’re here, where you don’t need to worry about anything at all as we will provide you a proper list of numerous websites which can be best for you to easily download full albums for free.

These are some of the best sites to download Full albums for free :

1. iMusic

Website: https://imusic.aimersoft.com/


iMusic is the most reliable, popular, and most used site for all of your different music needs from any genre, artist, era, etc. This site provides you with all the music from several genres, artists and years, here you can just download the full album for free with just a few clicks.

iMusic is preferred by a lot of music lovers around the globe, because of its easy-to-use, play, and download system. The iMusic interface is very reflexive that makes it the best site for downloading full music albums for free. iMusic is leading the way for getting your favorite music downloaded from around 3000 sites in which Spotify and YouTube are a few of the most used.

Just imagine if you are not able to download a particular song because you’re not getting a proper link then the iMusic will allow you to record the song with the built-in recorder and after recording the song they will provide you a link to your recording. There are a lot of other features available in the iMusic such as sharing the music with other Apple devices and iTunes, android devices and iTunes, and a lot more. iMusic provides a trial version with which you can avail of all its features without any payment for a particular period, so if you are in love with iMusic then you need to spend some bucks as its premium music solution.

2. Free Music Archive

Website: http://freemusicarchive.org/


Free Music Archive is one of the most popular, and supreme sources for downloading your favorite full music album for free. It provides all kinds of different music from all different categories such as blues, classical, jazz, or pop international, you will find everything here as Free Music Archive has a big collection of music from all eras and categories.

On Free Music Archive you won’t face any difficulties in finding your favorite music album as it’s fully very well organized. Also, you can easily download any song on this website very easily, as in front of every song they have given you a click and download option so you can easily download any song with just one click.

Suppose if you need pop International albums, then you just have to click on the genres option given there and then choose the pop International category there you will find several different pop artists’ albums. Then you can download your favorite music albums. Free Music Archive provides you with the oldest of the songs to the latest songs from last week’s collection, monthly collection. The chart-toppers from the week, month, or year.

Free Music Archive is free, they don’t charge any money after a week, month, or year. But if you loved their features and services then you can donate any amount if you want to support them for good work.

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3. Freesound

Website: https://www.freesound.org/

Freesound maybe not be that famous when compared to others still it’s one of the best and reliable sites for downloading your favorite artist’s snippets, tests, and music from different genres. As they provide a lot of different kinds of music in different genres of various cool artists and you can find all latest collections on this website. Working with free sound is very straightforward as they provide the users all types of music such as audio samples, recordings, snippets, tests they make use of collaborative databases with the proper permit.

The creative commons licensed material can be used easily without having to worry about anything, but only for personal usage. So it’s the best site if you need some sound snippets, recording, tests, music of different genres. Here you don’t need to pay any charges as they provide you music completely free of cost.

4. MP3juices


MP3juices is a free search engine for songs. Here you can search for mp3 songs from many genres and artists. They allow you to download your favorites mp3 songs and albums easily. If you want to download a full album you just need to put on the name of the album or singer in the search box after this it will process and show you results related to your searches.

This MP3juices is very easy to use. You won’t get caught up here in unnecessary ads. Here you can easily download a particular song by clicking on the download button and if you want to play a song then you just have to click on the play button.

It has a feature with which you can convert a music video into mp3. The process of conversion is very simple it doesn’t require much effort and time. You just need to put the learn into the hunt box and then click enter. After clicking enter the conversion process will commence. On this search engine, you don’t need to register yourself by putting your details, with this you can just download your favorite songs or full-length albums. So it can be best suited for people who don’t want to waste their time and just want to download the music albums.

5. Stereokiller

Website: http://www.stereokiller.com

Stereokiller is one of the most reliable websites for downloading your favorite songs and albums. If you are still looking for a site to download full albums for free then you should have to give Stereokiller a try. Stererokiller is a very well-maintained site with a big collection of songs around 50761.

On this site, you can find every artist, and year’s songs very easily, and also you can get different genres like Hip-Hop, EMO, metal, hardcore on this website. It’s a different type of website with unique features which others don’t have. It’s like a music community where you can meet and have a  conversation with people who like your type of music or different type of music and be friends with them. This website is not like other websites which give free trials but after the trial, you need to pay for downloading the music.

Here you can get free downloads, as you just need to get to the FREE DOWNLOAD option on the top and you can find their full albums within which you can choose your favorite one and download them. I’m sure, you guys will definitely like this website.

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6. BeeMP3s

Website: http://beemp3s.org/

On BeeMP3s you can find any mp3 song uploaded on the internet. BeeMP3s is one of the most popular and reliable websites for downloading your favorite Mp3 songs and full albums. People totally trust this search engine for finding and downloading full albums free.

You can search for any song from any artist, genre, and era. BeeMP3s is free to use and you don’t need to register for downloading songs. BeeMP3s is very easy to use with its simple design, you can easily search songs or artists on this search engine.

When you will open BeeMP3s then on the very first page you will see the top artists and top 20 songs which will make the task of choosing your favorite songs easier and downloading those songs too.

Searching is very easy as you can just search in the alphabetical order where you can search for your favorite artists and songs, you just have to choose the alphabet which will give your favorites.  There is a big search button available with which you can search your favorite songs and artists, this search button can be found on the home page.

What makes this search engine one of the best is its feature where you can find lists of top songs of the week, top 100 songs, and top 100 artists. So with all things taking into count, this is one of the easy ways to search and download your favorite free albums.

7. Public Domain 4U

Website: http://publicdomain4u.com/

Public Domain 4U is more than a website for music lovers as it enables you to download your favorite songs or full albums. For music lovers, it’s heaven as they can find everything their preferred artists, songs.

Public Domain 4U comes with a huge built-in music library comprised of your favorite genres, here you can find your favorite music from your favorite artists, and also you can choose from the huge collection of the latest songs available on this website.

This website is very user-friendly as they teach how to look for your favorite songs and download full albums easily. You can get songs, full albums for free here, they don’t charge any money from you. With the name, you can get that the Public Domain 4U website provides music for the public domain not for commercial purposes. They have a very huge collection of songs from which you can get songs from almost all the genres such as pop international, folk, jazz, classical, instrumental, etc.

It doesn’t only let you download the songs, but it provides you the top 10 songs of all time which is a great feature for music lovers. It’s a great choice for people who love old music.

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8. Jamendo

Website: http://jamendo.com/

People looking for good music should go try this website once. Jamendo is one of the most popular websites for downloading music albums for free. If you’re a music lover and have good taste in music then I’m sure you have already heard of this website.

Jamendo is the best platform for music lovers who are looking for a solution for streaming their favorite music, doesn’t matter if you want to listen to music online or want to download the songs to your phone or PC. Jamendo has a huge collection of music albums for over 37000 albums from which you can choose your favorite songs and you can download them in just a few clicks.

Apart from listening to and downloading music, Jamendo gives you chance to for money making through commercial licensing. With Jamendo, you can easily download the latest and trending songs. Here you can find music from your favorite artists, genre, and eras. You can get old songs and you can also get the latest songs.

Jamendo is a user-friendly website that makes it easier for you to stream music and download music of your kind. On this site, you won’t find many options to get confused between them. When you will open the website, on the home page you will see a start button.

Clicking on the start button will allow you to enter into the world of music, where you get to choose music from any genre, any artist, and you can easily download them on your device. For downloading you need to register on Jamendo by creating an account.

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Here we have given you the Best Sites to Download Full Albums free to the best of our knowledge. Surely you will find the one website from all these which is perfect for you.

We have completed this article with the utmost care, we hope it will be helpful to you and you get your desired songs downloaded for free. Kindly comment down your opinion if you found this helpful or want to suggest something.

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