Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

We are living in one of the most technologically advanced eras. Every other day, we get to know about new technology and one of them recently has been the Bluetooth motorcycle helmet which has been very helpful to all the bikers.


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How Does Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets Work?

These Bluetooth helmets work the same way as any other Bluetooth device. They use piconets to form a network that is connected to your device to avoid using any wires. These Bluetooth helmets are powered by a small battery which provides a stable connection.

What To Look for In a Bluetooth Helmet?

These helmets are built in a way that the speaker rests just beside your ears. If you put a Bluetooth device just like that in your helmet when there is not enough space will only create a problem for you. This is why a perfect helmet fit is necessary.

Types Of Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmets

Though we know that these helmets serve the purpose of connecting with our device, there are also two types of these helmets. We will now let you know about both of these functions and which one might be a better choice for you.

  1. Bluetooth ready helmets

These are the more commonly used Bluetooth helmets as they are very easy to use. The built-in Bluetooth feature connects the minute you unpack your helmet. These helmets also have a single-touch technology in which you just have to press the button and you would be able to connect to your device and enjoy a good Bluetooth connection without any interruption.

  1. Bluetooth enabled helmets

This is the other type of Bluetooth helmet, known as Bluetooth enabled helmet. They have a designated place for you to put your Bluetooth device inside the helmet. This is guaranteed to not cause any discomfort to the user while they are wearing the helmet.

But when compared, Bluetooth ready helmets are preferred more.

How To Pair Bluetooth Helmets?

Connecting Bluetooth helmets is not that hard. You just need to push the Bluetooth button on your helmet and then scan the helmet’s Bluetooth on your smartphone device to connect the two.

But this only works on the Bluetooth ready helmets. If you have a Bluetooth enabled helmet you have to do the following steps:

  • Get your Bluetooth receiver and a good quality headphone.
  • Disassemble the headphones and attach the small speakers inside them.
  • Attach the speakers with a Bluetooth receiver and connect them to your device.

Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Usage

These Bluetooth are very useful and have multiple functions that they can perform. Let’s look at all the usage given below to know what these helmets can do.

  • Traffic updates: With this, you can skip the possibility of getting stuck in traffic and know all the traffic updates beforehand so you can skip the route that may cause it.
  •  GPS: Any car users may not have a problem that the motorcycle riders face. They cannot afford to look at their phones for GPS as they drive. This is where these helmets come in handy and help them in knowing the directions.
  • Kill time: When you’re stuck in traffic, it can get very boring to pass time. This is where these Bluetooth helmets come in handy. You can sit calmly through a traffic jam while listening to music, podcasts or even catch up with the latest news or current affairs,
  • Talk with a passenger: When you wear helmets it becomes very difficult to hear the passenger sitting behind you. They may want to warn you about something but won’t be able to due to helmets. And even during long rides, having Bluetooth helmets will keep both passengers connected and safe.

Things To Pay Attention to While Using Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet

There are certain things one must take care of as a Bluetooth helmet user. Helmets are made to provide you with safety in case something happens and you get injured.

Bluetooth helmets can lower your senses and make you more prone to accidents so there are some things you must be careful about.

  • Always connect your Bluetooth before you start riding your bike as it is not safe for you to search for the button while riding.
  • Avoid changing radio or songs while you are taking turns as that may end up causing you to fall over.
  • Keep the volume low so you do not get distracted from the road and harm yourself or the people around you.

Top Bluetooth helmets

Before buying a new helmet there are certain things that you must note to look for. They are as below:

  • Weight of the helmet: You must have the right weight of the helmet as it supports the rider’s neck. You should note that the helmet is not too heavy for your neck.
  • Material and construction: the biggest factor that determines a helmet’s quality is the materials that were used to make the said helmet. If it is not made from a good quality thing, it won’t provide you good protection.
  • Shell size and fit: For the helmet to work properly, it needs to fit properly. There is the various size of helmets made for the very same reason.
  • Ventilation and noise: good airflow and ventilation are very crucial to keep the rider cool and be able to ride comfortably. Wind can get loud too to the point it starts damaging the rider’s hearing which is why a good helmet that blocks noise.

Some of the best Bluetooth helmets are:

  1.  QUIN MCQ
  3. NOLAN N100-5
  5. RUROC ATLAS 4.0

And many more.

Ending thoughts

To sum it all up, Bluetooth motorcycle helmets despite being a new invention are very useful accessories. Not only are they safe but also keep you entertained during the ride.

Choosing the best helmet for one is very important. Doing correct research is necessary. We hoped this helped you out, good luck. 

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