Bluetooth is a great technology for connecting devices together without any wires but when it comes to Bluetooth devices, one of the most common problems that often occurs is the range.

But what if we say that you can spread your Bluetooth signal all around your home? Here’s how you can do that.


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How to increase Bluetooth range?

The best way to get a higher range is to note whether or not you have an older version or the newer version. Since the older versions of Bluetooth have a smaller range which is up to around 30 feet while the newer version can go up to 100 feet which will already give us a stronger range.

Avoid physical barriers

Bluetooth is a two-way communicating radio which due to any obstacles in the line of sight would limit its range and hinder its connection. Dense objects amidst the devices degrade the signal qualities and therefore removing these would improve the range of connection. If you cannot remove these obstacles, move the device to a place where there are lesser obstructions or even move the device to a higher position.

Use a repeater

Another means that can be used to extend the range is by adding and using repeaters. These repeaters pick up the messages and then repeat them. By adding these at the edge of the connection will help us extend the size of the said connection.

This feature works the best when there are no obstacles anywhere and when the objects are stationary and does not move because this will help us use it better. Repeaters also lack in security as the device needs to know what repeaters they can trust.

Reset your Bluetooth

Sometimes when you switch your Bluetooth off and on it helps function again because when you shut a device off, it resets all it’s properties. In most cases, you can connect your device after doing this. You should reset your device everyday to avoid facing connection problems.

Using Bluetooth mesh

Bluetooth mesh are known to have longer ranged as they utilize all the nodes in a network. It is similar to having a repeater but the only difference is that the network as a repeater itself. These work in a way that they receive a message and if the device feels that it is not meant for them, they will repeat it all to the nearby devices for the same. The messages given is received to all other recipients.

Bluetooth mesh can work even better for battery powered devices. We can get it to work better by enabling Low Power Node feature which would help the device work even better and maximize their time in sleep more and also enabling the friend mode for nearby devices. The friend node means that they won’t actively listen for 100% of playing time which would mean that battery won’t be wasted as much.

Buy newer items and update

Sometimes the problem is just the fact that the device we are currently using has older technology. Just because your device is not that old doesn’t mean that it would help your connection be faster. Most of the times, the technology is not as updated and that stops your device from performing better.

Besides there being newer devices, you would also need to regularly update your devices. When you update your devices, you avoided all these small constraints that may occur.

Use range extenders

While you can get an updated Bluetooth, it would still have a range limitation. You would not be able to extend any further than that. This is why Bluetooth range extenders are here to help you go further than your standard connection.

These extenders provide up to 150 feet extension. You can connect devices up to 150 feet outdoors and 70 feet extension indoors. You can extend them even further by adding another extender when the first extender ends.

These extenders can also be used as transmitters and receivers which will allow us to connect several Bluetooth devices too.

  • What does this Bluetooth extender do?

It’s prime and main function is to boost Bluetooth signals. This helps us enjoy a longer range but we would also need an extender that receives Bluetooth from a long range too.

If we have an extender that receives Bluetooth signals from a range of 9- feet and extends it’s range by 90feets then we will have to extend the range by 170 feet. Sometimes there are dual extenders that allow us to hook multiple devices without weakening the signal. You could add multiple devices at the same time and still be enjoying high quality perfectly.

Most extenders work as receiver and transmitters both. There is a switch that allow us to switch it from transmitter to receiver and visa versa. This totally depends on how you may need it for the same.

Some extenders allow cable connections from which they can receive input from other devices. One of the best things about extenders is that they do not delay any transmission but rather makes the transmission even faster.

Ending thoughts

You can work with your current Bluetooth and have its current range but if you need an extended range, you might just need to try a few things and find what fits you best.

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