Boat Rockerz 255 Wireless Earphone Review – Are They Really Worth The Hype?


Boat rockerz 255 is one of the finest earphones from the boat that packs a ton of features. In this post, we’ll be doing the full boAt rockerz 255 reviews and let you know about the pros and cons as well.

Having Bluetooth earphones with you gives you a lot of benefits. As they are wireless, you can use them in the gym without interruption as you get with wired ones. According to a study, it’s been shown that music reduces frustration, improves motivation, and reduce stress from your mind. A good quality noise cancellation wireless earphones will make you feel better even in noisy places.

boat rockerz 255 reviews

In the current market, there are thousands of brands selling wireless earphones in different shapes and styles. It’s hard for a non-techy guy to choose which one is perfect for you as you can find a variety of wireless earphones from stupidly expensive to incredibly affordable.

If you are the one who prefers good quality earphones at a budget-friendly price, then the boAt Rockerz 255 is a good choice for you. They are one of the best budget-friendly wireless headphones in India, with over  122,937+ ratings on amazon. Yes, you’ve heard right, boAt rockerz 255 headphones get 1 lakh+ reviews on Amazon, and now you can understand how much they are famous. In this post, we’re going to talk about the most selling boAt rockerz 255 to know really worth it or just a hype?

Boat Rockerz 255 Review – Best Wireless Earphone Under Rs 1500

Upon physical inspection, I found that the boAt rockerz 255 is packed nicely in the gray color box. We found a manual card, a charging cable, 2 external ear tips, and the earphones themselves in the box.

The boAt rockerz 255 comes in many colors such as Active black/Neon/Ocean Blue or Raging red. I have the Raging Red earphone, and the red color looks decent on them. Each earbud of these headphones is accompanied by a hook design that helps them to fit in your ears perfectly. The overall design is pretty basic and works well.

boat rockerz 255 side view

The wire on this earphone is flat and comes from the two plastic modules. The right module contains the three playback control buttons. The center buttons act as a power on/off button and a play/pause button. The other two buttons are used to forward or backward the songs or to control the volume. The micro USB charging port along with the LED indicator also can be found on the right module. In the left module, you will get a battery and boAt branding on both sides.

The boAt rockerz 255 earbuds having a magnetic back that sticks both the earbuds together. From a distance, it looks like you’re wearing a red necklace :p

On the downside, I wouldn’t say I like the wire design of these earphones. The flat wire design somehow gives them a weird design, and you cannot even adjust the wire length, whereas the Boult Audio ProBass Curve comes with a unique design where you can adjust the wire length as per your requirements.

If you are going on a walk and using only 1 earbud in your ear, then the other one will be swinging all around your chest, and you will be forced to use the other one, too, unless you put it in your shirt’s pocket. But no one is going to wear a shirt with a pocket all the time :(. In this case, the boAt rockerz 255 will not serve you better, and you might find them somehow awkward.

Boat Rockerz 255 Specs & Features

Wire Quality

boat rockerz wire type

Most wireless earphones use rounded wire, and you will find the flat wire in the boAt rockerz 255. The flat wire is more flexible, strong, and durable. The wire is really good looking and comes with a colored strip on both of the ends. However, I found that the wire is a little longer, and you can’t even adjust the length of the wires, which I really don’t like.

Comfort and Fit

The boAt Rockerz 255 is comfortable to wear. To get a perfect fit in your ears, I advise you to use the external earbuds which come with these earphones. In my case, I used the smaller ones, and they fit perfectly in my ears. However, the majority of peoples found the default size perfect, which comes preinstalled in the earbuds. Once you get the proper sizes eartips, you will feel better and comfortable wearing earphones. The boAt company cares about its users, and that why they packed all types of sizes with these earphones.

Boat specially added the ear hook design in the Rockerz 255, which helps to stay connected in your ears. The hook tip creates a cozy attachment to your inner ear, and it will not popup from your ears. These headphones are pretty good for gymming because it will not come out from your ears no matter how many positions you changed.

However, I wouldn’t say I like the hooks much, so I removed them after a while because you need to put them in your inner ear every time to use the earphones.

Sound Quality

The first important factor that makes the earphone great is the sound quality. If they look premium and comes with tons of features, and offer average sound quality, then they are useless for anyone.

With boAt rockerz 255, I play most of the songs from high pitches to low pitches, and they sound amazing in all cases. The headphones offered amazing sound quality to me, from Sidhu Moosewala, Divine, Eminem to Arijit Singh, Ed Sheeran, etc. However, I found that the bass wasn’t as strong as the Samsung Level U or Boult Audio ProBass Curve. Boat claims that they produce “Super Extra Bass,” but I didn’t found any super extra thing in the rockerz 255. You will not get the Audiophile-grade sound quality like Bose or JBL offers. However, for the price point, these earphones offering more than expected.

Call Quality

The call quality is average, and the sound is perfectly audible to both ends. You will not get any external noise or connection error on calling. It is equipped with CVC noise cancellation that provides clear audio quality during calls when your mobile is in the same room.


boat rockerz 255 driver-min


The boAt rockerz 255 uses an advanced Qualcomm CSR 8635 chipset with 10mm drivers. Both the drivers produce crystal clear wireless transmission in true HD sound.

The 10mm drivers use articulate audio reproduction with a blend of pitch-perfect frequency response with low latency. The device also supports the A2DP protocol for connectivity.


Durability matters a lot. A good durable earphone can handle all the wear and tear issues. In the boAt rockerz 255 reviews, we found that these earphones are engineered especially for workouts and sports and with an IPX5 waterproof rating. They are sweatproof and moistureproof too. They can also handle the rainwater, do not expose them to full submersion in water.

IPX5 waterproof rating doesn’t mean you start using them in a swimming pool or shower. They are designed to handle the light rain and sweat and not fully rain. The boAt rockerz is water-resistant and not waterproof.

Overall I found that the earphones are durable and robust enough and last longer if handle with care.

Moisture and Sweat Resistance

The boAt rockerz 255 is IPX5 rated and fully moisture and sweat resistant. You can use them in the Gym or running without a thing about sweat.

Instant Pairing With Other Devices

Upon doing the boAt rockerz 255 reviews, we found that the pairing is pretty easy and. If you want to connect a new connection, you need to hold the power button for more than 3 seconds until the lights alternate between blue and red. It will also tell you that the “Boat rockerz is on pairing mode.”

Battery Life

boAt claims that the Rockerz 255 will give you half a day battery life in a single charge. I charged the headphone fully and used them for a whole day to know the actual battery life. I listened to almost 4-5 hours of music and talked for almost an hour in a whole day with these earphones. From 8 AM to 6 PM, the boAt rockerz 255 battery gets drained after almost 10 hours, which is quite impressive. After 10+, we received the low battery warning, and 10 minutes later, the battery gets completely drained.

To be honest, I was really amazed by the battery life of the boAt rockerz 255. Where most of the products last almost half of the time compared to what the company mentioned. But in boAt rockerz 255, they last longer than that. Maybe this is the reason why it has a 1 Lakh+ rating on amazon. The internal 110 mAh battery is strong enough to serve you the whole day without getting discharged.

However, the battery isn’t serviceable, and once they die, you need to replace them with a new one, which can cost a little bit only if your headphone goes out of warranty. Most of the earphone’s battery works for overs a thousand charge cycles.

Wireless Range

The wireless range does not matter a lot, but it is still worth having more wireless range. Most of us use wireless headphones with our Smartphones and laptops, and you won’t go away from your devices except in some cases. The boat offers a 10-meter range on the Rockerz 255.

Upon checking in an open area, we found that the earphones started giving connection problems after 10 meters. Music becomes choppy, and then the earphones get disconnected completely. When I checked in my 2-floor house, it gets disconnected when I reached my house’s roof. And once I came back on the ground floor, it gets connected automatically.

The 10-meter range is pretty average for most of the budget earphones. You can find a better wireless range in other costly earphones.

Why You Should Buy The Boat Rockerz 255 Earphones – boAt rockerz 255 review

Nowadays, Bluetooth earphones are necessary for most of us. If you don’t own a pair of decent headphones at present, then you are far away from the young generation. Most of the companies launching smartphones without a 3.5mm headphone jack must have a pair of good quality Bluetooth earphones to listen to your favorite music.

There is no doubt that the boAt rockerz 255 is fairly priced and offers a good amount of features. One of the most interesting features I like in the rockerz 255 is its Voice Prompts. 

When you turn on the earphone, you will hear “Power On, You plugged into nirvana. You now connected to boAt rockerz“. When you click the power button for 3 sec, it will prompt, “Your device is ready to be paired,” it means you can connect your earphone with your smartphone. When you turn off the earphone, it will say, “Adios Amigo Powering Off.”

boat rockerz 255 wire length

I just loved the voice prompts in the boAt rockerz 255. I used the Boult Audio ProBass Curve as well and missed these voice prompts then. Apart from this, the warranty policy for boAt products is really amazing. Where other companies asking you to parcel your faulty product to get the warranty, boAt company sends its employee to your doorstep to pick up your faulty product. This thing is really amazed me. Recently I bought the Boat Micro USB cable for just Rs 99 which comes with 2 years warranty and when it gets dead boAt changed my cable with a new one for free. The delivery boy came to my house to pick up the fault one, and after 5 days they sent me the new one.

The Pickup feature of boAt is really amazing. When my Boult Audio headphones got dead, I need to parcel them to the service center, which costs me Rs 130, which Boult Audio didn’t refund me. At the same time, Boat comes to your house to pick up your faulty product, making them a professional and customer friendly company.

Overall, I hope now you understand why you should buy the boAt rockerz 255 earphones for you.

Frequently Asked Question

Is the boat rockerz 255 good?
Yes, the boAt rockerz 255 is one of the best-rated headphones on amazon with over 1.2 Lakh+ reviews The quality of the product is decent and it comes with a 1-year warranty at a reasonable price.
What is the difference between boat rockerz 255 and 255f?
Everything is almost the same between boAt rockerz 255 and 255f. However, you will the Super Extra Bass is 255F whereas 255 provides okayish bass. If you are not a bass lover then rockerz 255 is a good choice and vice versa. 
Does boat rockerz 255 have noise cancellation?
Yes, the boAt rockerz 255 comes with CVC noise cancellation which allows you to make high-quality VoIP calls without any unnecessary noises.
Are boat Bluetooth headphones good?
Boat Rockerz 255 Pro Bluetooth earphones are good headphones with amazing battery life. However, there are cons too of these headphones. 
Can we connect boAt Rockerz 255 to a Laptop?
Yes follow the same procedure to connect your boAt rockerz 255 with your laptop or MacBook. 
Does boAt Rockerz 255 have a mic?
Yes it has a dedicated microphone in the right module. 
Can we connect boAt Rockerz 255 with 2 devices?
Yes you can connect your boAt rockerz with 2 devices without any issues. 


So it was my unbiased Boat Rockerz 255 review. The earphones are available in Black, Neon, Blue, and Red colors. The Rockerz 255 is loaded with tons of good features and I found them a perfect pair of wireless earphones for all the mid-budget buyers. They don’t have great bass but still offers decent sound quality. You can go with boAt rockerz 255f which is specially designed for bass lovers.

Overall I’ll highly recommend the boAt rockerz 255 for anyone who is looking for a reasonably priced pair of headphones along with good features.

I try my best to give an unbiased review. That’s why I choose to review these earphones after using them for a long time. If you love this post and want more reviews like this, follow me on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. For the latest videos on gadgets and tech, subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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