Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker (Here’s Why It’s Worth Your Money!)

Portable Bluetooth speakers have taken the speaker market, and there’s plenty of competition, together with the UE Boom, a pair of UE Wonder boom, JBL Flip 4, and JBL Charge three, to call many.  

It’s one amongst Bose’s two moveable, tubular, powered Bluetooth speakers; the opposite is that the Resolve’s massive brother, the Revolve and. 

Given that such many Bluetooth speakers area units are on the market, it may be onerous to grasp what to look for.    


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Luckily, I didn’t need to build a choice on my behalf. My better half bought Maine the Sound Link Revolve for Christmas or my birthday (Don’t tell her I don’t keep in mind that one – ha!). 

Bose includes a name for outstanding audio instrumentality, and Resolve doesn’t spoil. It’s the simplest moveable Bluetooth speaker on the market in my expertise.  

You weigh in at 5 pounds and roughly six by three. Three by 3.3 inches (HWD), the Satyendra Nath Bose Revolve could be a petite speaker, and I will see it fitting into close to any house in your home. It feels solidly designed once you hold it; however, it still fits within your hand’s palm.

 The Satyendra Nath Bose Sound Link Revolve options a seamless aluminum housing in either silver or black, a circular high, and a larger circular bottom. The speaker includes a rubberized base and buttons. 

The outer panel of the speaker has perforations for the speakers on the lower 0.5. The Resolve looks like a top-quality product and can handle the damage and tear of everyday use.  

The buttons area unit wrought into the speaker’s high and embody on/off, volume up, volume down, aux input, and a multi-function button. The multi-function button will play/pause or be controlled down to connect with Siri or Google Assistant. to boot, and there’s an electro-acoustic transducer for voice commands or exploitation of the Revolve as a phone.  

Revolve’s electro-acoustic transducer is additionally placed on the highest of the speaker. Thus, it will hear you from any direction.  

The speaker includes a rubberized base designed to soak up impacts if you are dropping the speaker. 

Additionally, you’ll realize the pins for AN nonmandatory charging dock and a rib stands mount. The rib stand mount lets you connect the speaker to a wall mount or signify optimum projection. Finally, there’s a three. 5-millimeter input must you wish to hardwire this speaker to different audio sources.

The base conjointly contains the association for Resolve’s micro-USB charging cable. The Revolve includes a charging cradle that’s the same as the rock bottom. Sadly, Satyendra Nath Bose sells this charging cradle one by one, unlike the Sound Link mini II that comes with its charging cradle. 

The charging cradle comes in at $29.95, and it uses the cable and wall adapter that comes with the speaker. (Editor’s Note: Don’t waste the money on the charging cradle. The USB charger works nice and comes with the speaker.)

 The Revolve is programmed to be paired with another Revolve speaker for stereo sound or sound amplification. This feature can reduce physical exertion to a spread of 10m.

The Sound Link Revolve includes Bose’s vocal prompts. The speaker can tell you once it’s connected or if it can’t realize a tool to try with. You’ll put off these spoken prompts. However, I recognize that vocal reminders are helpful.    

Pairing the Revolve with another speaker may be done on the speaker. However, it’s additional convenient to use Bose’s free app, Satyendra Nath Bose Connect. Once you open Satyendra Nath Bose Connect, choose “Party Mode” to try the speakers. The app provides you the choice of exploiting the speakers in stereo or mono, betting on if they’re within the same space or not.  

Bose Connect is straightforward to use and well-designed. It’s a similar app that almost all Satyendra Nath Bose devices use. Thus you’ll manage them from the identical place if you’ve got multiple Satyendra Nath Bose merchandise. Sadly, the Satyendra Nath Bose app doesn’t feature any digital equivalent weight to optimize the sound on the two speakers.  

The app provides essential info and settings like battery level, volume management, and playback. You’ll conjointly change the auto-off timer and switch off voice reminders. AN LED lightweight can indicate if you’ve connected the Revolve with different devices.  

In addition to exploiting the Satyendra Nath Bose app, Revolve is meant to integrate and perform together with your phone. You’ll take calls on Revolve’s speaker by the respondent with the multi-function button.  

Bose claims that this setup permits the speaker to make a full 360-degree sound around the speaker with no blind spots.   

It’s the proper size to maneuver from space to space, and it’s sensible anyplace within the house.   

In addition to being an excellent home product, it’s designed to be moveable and is tiny enough to suit your backpack.   

The Revolve is water and shock-resistant and designed with indoor and outside use in mind. However, I’d not wish to bring it hiking or to the competition because it is waterproof, not waterproof.  

It is not designed for rugged, outside adventures like many of its rivals. The Revolve has AN IPX4 rating that indicates that it’ll survive water splashes.  

In my expertise, Revolve’s rubber high will get a touch dirty. Additionally, this is on the silver end than the black version. Whereas it’s designed to handle everyday use, my speaker already has some dings and dents.

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