Boult Audio ProBass Curve Neckband Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Review


Boult Audio is known for its audio products in the Indian market. Currently, they are offering a variety of wired and wireless earphones, headphones, and soundbars. In the post, we’ll discuss the Boult audio ProBass Curve neckband wireless Bluetooth earphone. It comes at a pocket-friendly price of just Rs. 1199. However, I purchased it in a steal deal long back in just Rs 999.

The ProBass curve is the updated model of the Boult Audio Curve (Now discontinued). According to the company, the new ProBass model comes with more Bluetooth 5, whereas the old version works on Bluetooth 4.2 version.

On the downside, the updated version doesn’t have a vibrator motor in the neckband, and the old model has one. I used both the older and new models for a while and found both the versions are good and satisfying. Let’s find out why you should go with this wireless earphone?

boult audio probass curve review

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Earphone Review

Upon physical inspection of both the model, I found that the Boult Audio ProBass Curve is a little smaller than its previous model. The packaging of this earphone isn’t that great, but it’s still good for the price.

The build quality is also not so great as Samsung Level U, but it’s good in the price range.  In available in many colors such as Red/Black, Red/Blue, or All Black. I personally like the All black because it looks more premium than others.

One of the interesting things I like about these earphones is adjusting the earbuds wire length according to your choice. The earbuds are attached to wires that run along the length of the neckband.

boult audio probass curve review sidewide

Both the earbuds wires come from the two plastic modules, which contain the battery and the buttons. The left module has the microphone and Notification LED, a Micro USB port for charging, and three playback control buttons.

The center button also acts like a power on-off button and play/pause. The right module only contains a battery, whereas the older model comes with a vibrator motor for alerts. Still, Boult Curve discontinued using that vibrator motor because it affects the battery life of the earphone.

Boult Audio ProBass Curve Specs & Features


The Bluetooth range is pretty solid, and I put my phone on the charger and listen to music while roaming around my whole house.


If you use any neckband earphones before then, you will know how comfortable they are in terms of use. The thing that makes them comfortable is the cord’s adequate length from the neckband, which allows you to move your neck as you please.


boult audio probass curve driver

The Boult Audio ProBass Curve uses neodymium magnets in their drivers. It is powered by Qualcomm’s CSR8635 Bluetooth chip, which uses Bluetooth 5 for connecting with devices. The ProBass supports CVC noise-canceling technology for voice calls and a common SBS Bluetooth profile for streaming audio.

Multi-Device Connectivity

The Boult Audio ProBass can be paired with two devices at once. I usually connect them with my smartphone and laptop. I use them to listen to music from my laptop, and when any call comes on my phone, they instantly connect with my smartphone, which is a great feature in this price range.

Call Quality

The ProBass supports CVC noise-canceling technology for voice calls. You will get crystal clear sound while calling.

Moisture and Sweat Resistance

The earphones are IPX5 rated for moisture and sweat resistance. It is a pretty good choice if you are looking for earphones to use in Gym.


The fitting of these earphones is solid, and I assure you everyone will like them. I barely felt that I’m using earphones in my ears. You can use the ProBass curve all day long without feeling discomfort in your ears and around your neck.

Sound Quality

The Boult Audio Curve is designed in a way to give punchy bass. I tried these earphones on every type of music, from bass songs to sad songs, and found them pretty satisfying.

Even at the full sound, you will not get any distortion. The vocals are rich and easily hearable. In general, the mid-range is amazing, but some complex tracks such as Eminem’s Godzilla can be too much for the earphone to handle, as the highs and low end overpower the many background instruments. It is pretty normal in budget earphones. For a normal user its, not a big issue, but for an Audiophile, it can be.

I use the Boult Audio Curve with my OnePlus 5T and HP Folio 9480M, and it syncs with both of them very well. A long-press on the volume up button skips the track while the same gesture on the volume down button takes you to the previous track. However, since the power button doubles up as the play/pause button, there’s no way to activate your phone’s voice assistant.

In terms of overall sound quality, the ProBass Curve is not as good as the Samsung Level U and JBL earphones in terms of sound quality, but they are almost double the ProBass model’s price. 

Instant Pairing With Devices

The Boult Audio Curve connects automatically to the last paired device. You just need to open the Bluetooth of that device, and it will connect automatically. If you want to connect a new connection, you need to hold the power button for more than five seconds until the lights alternate between blue and red.

I travel to the college via trains with these earphones, and they work perfectly in the noisy environment in the train station. I hear an accurate voice while calling that time, which is what I like the most. However, if you push the volume beyond 80 percent, it can leak the audio a bit.

Decent Battery Life

I’m using the ProBass Curve for the past 1 year and getting the same battery life as it gives to me on day 1. The Boult Audio claims 8-10 hours of battery life in a single charge; however, in my case, I’m getting only 7-8 hours of battery life, which is also good. It blinks blue when the level is above 20 percent and red when it dips below that.

You can charge them with your laptop USB port or with your mobile charger. You will not get any separate charger with these earphones. It uses a Micro USB port for charging. I have an OnePlus 5T, which uses a Type C cable, and I need to carry an additional Micro USB cable just to charge my earphones 🙁


The Boult Audio ProBass Curve comes with a 1-year replacement warranty. In my case, I have the previous model, and after around 10 months of heavy usage, the power on-off button stopped working. I contacted the Boult Audio support for the same, and they said to parcel it to them as it’s still in warranty. I sent them my faulty Earphone via DTDC courier, and after around 10 days of wait, I got a new and updated model of the Boult Audio ProBass Curve.

However, I need to pay around Rs 130 courier charges to send the parcel to them, which I didn’t get back from them. The Boat Company is good in this, and if any product gets damaged, they pick up your faulty product from your doorstep and parcel you the new one without any extra charges. But with Boult Audio, I have to pay the one side charges, which I didn’t find satisfied at all.

Why You Should Buy The Boult Audio ProBass Curve

Thanks to the plastic housings, the earbuds are pretty lightweight. The shape of the earbuds is pretty good, and they don’t fell out of your ears. The back of the earbuds are magnetic, and they stick with each other when you don’t use them. This way, your earbuds keep in place.

On the good side, Boult Audio Curve comes with two extra pairs of ear tips in different sizes so that they can fit in everyone’s ears perfectly. The eartips are pretty comfortable and offer good isolation. I use the Boult Audio ProBass Curve in Gym, and they never come out from my ears, which is a thumbs up for them.

In the previous model, when your receive calls and messages or power on the earphone, the vibration motor rattled the band uncomfortably. In the new model, it is replaced with voice prompts, and you will hear a voice when a device connects and when you get calls and messages, and when you power on or off.

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However, you will only be able to hear the voice prompt when you actually wear the earbud in your earn, whereas in the older model, the vibration is more than enough to notify you of calls and messages. It can be hard for persons like me to wear earphones in my ear all the time. The main reason why Boult Audio removes the vibration motor because it affects the battery life of the earphone.

boult audio probass curve driver full image

  • Decent Battery Life
  • IPX5 Sweatproof and moisture resistance
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Best In the Budget
  • 12 Months Replacement Warranty
  • Noise Cancellation Voice Calls
  • Average build quality
  • Sound is average compared to high-end earphones

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Boult audio a good brand?

Yes, Boult Audio is a well-known brand in the sound industry in India. Currently, they are offering a variety of wired and wireless earphones, headphones, and soundbars. The Boult Audio ProBass is a budget-friendly earphone that comes with some good premium features. If you are looking for the best wireless neckband under Rs 1500, then the Boult Audio ProBass is a good choice.

Which Bluetooth earphone is the best boat or Boult?

The Boat rockerz 255 is as solid as Boult Audio ProBass Curve. However, I don’t like the design of the Boat rockerz 255 much compared to the ProBass Curve. You can not adjust the wire length of Boat rockerz 255, whereas, in ProBass Curve, you can adjust the wire length, which makes it more premium and best. However, In terms of warranty claims, I will go with Boat always.

How do I pair my Boult Bluetooth headphones with my phone?

If you want to connect a new connection, you need to hold the power button for more than five seconds until the lights alternate between blue and red. Now search for the Boult Audio name on your smartphone, then pair with it.

How do you charge a Boult curve neckband?

First of all, open the micro USB port cover of your Boult Audio ProBass Curve neckband. Now connect the supplied micro-USB cable to the headset and connect the other end to your laptop/PC USB port or with your Mobile Charger. The indicator LED will turn red when it’s connected with the charger. It will take around 2 hours for complete charging.

boult audio probass curve review final review


The Boult Audio ProBass Curve Bluetooth Earphones are one of the best in the Rs 1199 price range. I got in a sale for just Rs 999. They usually come at this price range in Amazon Prima Day sales and Flipkart Big Billion Days. You can wait for those days to get it cheap.

However, they are decent even in the price range of Rs 1199. The ProBass Curve is sweatproof, lightweight, and offers decent battery life. It doesn’t feel like a premium-looking device such as Samsung Level U or other earphones, but the features it offers at the price range make it a perfect device for mid-range buyers.

To keep them in working conditions, take proper care of the earphones, and clean the dirt from earbuds from time to time to get a good sound. Overall, if you are looking for budget wireless earphones with decent battery life, then the Boult Audio ProBas Curve is a perfect pick for yourself.

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I try my best to give an unbiased review. That’s why I choose to review these earphones after using them for a long time. If you love this post and want more reviews like this, follow me on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. For the latest videos on gadgets and tech, subscribe to my YouTube channel.



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