Can A JBL Speaker Be Repaired?

JBL is known for its good quality speaker and price range.

However, since it is an electric gadget, it can get damaged.

Yes, JBL speakers are repairable

It is better if you submit a case request to JBL support, then the customer service will guide you as to what to do next.

In the case of JBL speakers, repairs are recommended as they are not very expensive and they will restore your speaker at the same time. allowing it to perform at its peak and produce high-quality audio.

It is mainly recommended that the repairs should be done by a professional, but in case you wish to do it, you can just make sure that you follow the guidelines given so that you don’t damage the speaker more. Since these speakers are designed to be portable, they are small and do have small and delicate parts making it riskier to work on

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Below are stated how you repair a JBL speaker:

  1. The girl of the speaker is fixed by the plastic pins to the grill itself. so, to avoid it from breaking, carefully remove the grill from both the side and the top. though it varies for a different model of speaker
  2. Check for what is damaged and identify the part. Remove the screw using a proper screwdriver and replace the damaged part with a new working part that you have brought from an authorized seller. make sure that the part and the speaker are compatible. also, check the wire details of the speaker to be more precise.
  3. Once done, clean the speaker’s cone and other parts. then clean the basket using the tip of the flat screwdriver however you will need to handle the cone carefully to avoid damaging it.
  4. Glue the surrounding of the phone first you can buy those from the authorized JBL SERVICE STORE
  5. When you are done replacing, put everything back in its place and check out by plugging it into the power source.

Some command solutions to command problems:

1. When the battery does not charge

This is a very common problem: the battery of the speaker does not charge when connected to the power outlet. The main reasons for this are damaged charging cable or damaged battery.

The battery gets damaged over time. if the LED light of the speaker does not light the speaker will not produce any sound, this means that the battery is dead and you will have to replace the battery. However, the reason could also be a faulty cable or charging port so try using a replacement cable and see if it is working. in case it does not still work it means that the battery is faulty and you will have to replace it.

To fix this problem you will first have to open up the speaker and replace the charging port. 

2. Bluetooth connection is not working:

This means that you can not connect or pair other devices with your speaker. This is often caused when you connect too many devices or damaged Bluetooth receivers, in just case try resetting the device.

Before you open up the speaker, remove all the other devices by unpairing them, try force unpair, by resetting the device.

After that open up the speaker and replace the Bluetooth receiver 

3. Issues with audio:

This mainly happens when the speaker does not have enough charge or has some loose screw or faulty wire inside.

To repair this, open up the speaker and look for those loose wires or screws, there is a possibility that it may be because of the collection of dust and debris that damaged the speaker.

Try cleaning it up from the inside and outside.

4. The speaker button is faulty:

This means that when you press the button it is not working or it is stuck. This can be because of the collection of debris and dust under it.

To repair the speaker try turning off the speaker and pressing the button repeatedly so that the button may unstick and if that does not work then open up the speaker and check the rubber membrane and contact pins for any damage.

Clean or replace the part.

Questions regarding the articles

How to repair the charging port of my JBL speaker when it is not working?

If your speaker still has a warrant then visit the JBL store and they will do it for you. don’t try to attempt to repair it unless you are continent and skilled.

Because the charging ports are sensitive and little mistakes can damage the speaker permanently.

What procedure should I follow to get my JBL speaker repaired when it is under warranty?

Fill up a form available on the JBL warranty support page.

An email will be sent to you with a copy of your receipt, shipping address or invoice, and the serial number of the product.

Once you will receive that a customer care agent will call you for further steps within 24-48 hours


JBL speakers are well known for being easily repairable. then they are under warranty you can just take them to a nearby JBL store and they will do it for you. but in case it is not under warranty they also will not have too much problem, as they can be easily repaired you just need to find the authorized store to do it.

You can also repair it by yourself then following the guideline mentioned on their page and reading the manual carefully. 

Hope this article helps  

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