Can Alexa Play On Two Speakers At Once?

Yes, you can play on two speakers at once using Alexa.

You will need to have the Alexa app 

 However, the service is not available in all country 

How does the Alexa Multiroom feature work?

This multiroom music is mainly for speakers that have Bluetooth or wi-fi speakers. This feature lets you play audio in multiple rooms of your house.

You can create different echo groups for different speakers. For example, if you create a group called “bedroom” and then give commands such as ‘play dynamite by BTS in the bedroom’ the song will start playing.

By using Alexa not only can you stream music from amazon music but also other platforms such as Spotify and Pandora.

The latest version of echo speakers can accommodate stereo pairing.

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How do I create speaker groups by using Alexa?

Firstly, you will have to register two or more echo or any other Alexa-enabled speakers on your amazon account. then connect them to the same wi-fi network and then do this :

  1. Download the app
  2. Select the option of ‘set up multi-room music and then press the continue button.
  3. Select a name for the group of speakers, then press next
  4. On the next page, you will have to add the devices you wish to add under that particular group name and then save it.
  5. Now the devices in that particular group will be connected
  6. You can start playing music by commanding “Alexa play ‘specific song name’ on echo device ‘group name’”

Almost all echo devices support this feature, this includes the first, second, and third generations of Echo devices. 

How do I stream music from music streaming services?

Yes, you can do so not only from amazon music but also from other platforms such as Spotify and panorama.

however, you can not play non-music content. With some improvement, you can listen to audiobooks in multiple rooms.

Also, you cannot use a Bluetooth connection, your speakers have to be connected to the same wi-fi network. 

What commands should I give to Alexa so that music plays in different rooms?

you can give several different types of commands like

Alexa stops or starts playing music on [name of the group]

As these commands are simple and easy, they can be given by anyone.

However, sometimes Alexa might get confused and play different music such as if it interprets the song name to be different or the name of the group to be a particular song and start playing that.

So, a better alternative is that you can go to the Alexa app and directly play from the music streaming platform.

What issues can I face if the connected speakers are in different rooms?

You will face some problems if the speakers are in different rooms while connecting, the process is not very seamless. the problem will be more if they are not amazon echo, even if they are Alexa-enabled speakers.

These are:

  • The speakers need to be on the same wi-fi network
  • They need to be on the same band and BSSID. in case you are not aware of it, tell the person who set up your wi-fi to set it up too.
  • And if none of the mentioned ways work try calling amazon and they might be of help.

What are the other things that I can do?

You can set reminders on all the connected devices so that everyone in the home can listen to the reminder, this is specifically necessary for making announcements in big houses.

To do that, open the Alexa app and press the communication button which you will find at the bottom of the screen, there you can type the message you wish to communicate.

Closing thoughts

The speakers will have to be connected by the same wi-fi network and the speakers should be Alexa enabled.

However, if you do face problems after that check the wi-fi network and the compatibility of the speaker.

Hope this article helps 

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