Can Apple AirPods Connect to Android?

There are always preferences, some people love the easy usage of android whereas some people love the features of iOS. When Apple comes out with something new for iPhone, Android users should be able to enjoy it too. This is why we will talk about can Apple Airpods connect to Android. 


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So, can Apple Airpods connect to Android?

Apple airpods are made in a way that they will connect with any Bluetooth device, which includes Android devices too. These earbuds are compatible with any Bluetooth device. 

You can also connect Airpods pro and Airpods Max with your android device.

You might lose some features that are only visible in an Apple device like Siri. But, your Android device will connect to the Airpods.

Before you buy airpods or your android, there are some things you should know like how to use Airpods or how to control them with your device.

How to connect Airpods to Android?

Pairing your Airpods to your Android device or any device that supports Bluetooth is not as hard as you might think. It is pretty easy. You just need to follow these steps given below:

  • Open settings and click on the connected device followed by pair new device.
  • Place your airpods in their case and make sure that the case is open.
  • Press hold the small button on the back of the case for a few seconds.
  • When your airpods are ready to pair, they will start flashing light inside or in front of the case. 
  • You would now be able to see Airpods in your Bluetooth pairing menu. Just tap on it to pair your Airpods.

Now, your Airpods will be connected to your device, you can start using them as you may like.

Things you will miss out on if you connect Airpods with an Android device

SIRI ACCESS: one of the most common features that you will miss out on is the voice control feature of Siri. You cannot access your google assistant for this feature too as it only works in Apple and with Siri. 

DOUBLE TAP FUNCTION: on iPhone you can customize your double-tap functions into whatever you would like, skipping songs, calling Siri, pausing or playing. When using airpods with an Android device, you can only use it for pause/play. 

BATTERY CHECKING: when you are connected to airpods on android you cannot ask Siri to tell you about your battery life or check on your phone as not all devices show the battery.

EAR DETECTION: one of the greatest features that will be missed is the ability for your airpods to detect your ears in playback which allows them to pause or play your audio automatically. 

Can you use Airpod’s Controls on Android?

Well, there are certain controls that remain the same for Android as well as iPhone. Like, controlling volume with your airpods is not something you will get. 

Other than these, the controls you get are the same as for iPhone. You can see as follows:

  • The pause and playback option is still available, you can press the force sensor on the stem of one of the airpods 
  • To begin playing them again, you can press on the sensor again. 
  • By tapping on the sensor twice you will be able to skip forward.
  • By tapping thrice you will move backwards once.
  • Press and hold on to the stem of the sensor and you will enable the noise cancellation.

Airpod alternative for Android

As we have discussed that you can use your Air pods on your android device. 

But when you use Airpods on your android device, they are no better than your normal and standard pair of Bluetooth earbuds and investing in it would not be as well. 

You can check out these alternative earbuds:

    • Jabra Elite Active 75t: These are wireless headphones which are designed with exercise in mind. They are one of the best Airpods available today.
      They are designed in a way that even intense workouts will not make them come out as they fit well.
      They have a 5.5 hour of battery life and up to 24 hours with the case.
      They also provide noise cancellation. 
  • TicPods Free: TicPods are free aesthetically similar pods. As one might even call them, cheap Air pods. They even have similar functions.
    TicPods free have touch controls that allow you to control each earbud, make/receive calls, play/pause the audio and even talk with your voice assistant.
    They provide IPX5 water resistance so you can easily wear them in rain or at your gym. 
  • House of Marley Liberate Air: these earbuds are one of the affordable wireless ones, they make a great cheap Airpods alternative.
    House of Marley Liberate Air is one of the best wireless headphones available. They provide IPX4 weather resistance and have a 9-hour battery life along with a portable charging case.
    The touch control function allows you to pause and play audio, pick up calls and even talk with your voice assistant.

Ending thoughts 

As an Android lover, you might not want to miss out on the latest trends and gadgets even if they are provided by Apple. You can always connect your Apple Airpods to your Android without any problem. 

You might just need to miss out on some features but there are always alternatives for everything. 

If you are an Apple Airpod lover but also an Android lover, you can always enjoy both of these features together.

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