Can I Charge My Apple Watch With My iPhone?

Apple devices are made in such a way that you can pair them with each other and maximize their utility. There were several rumors that you can charge them wirelessly with the help of your iPhone. however, all these were stated false as apple recommended that you charge the apple watch using the charger given with it. Your charger and cable are the best to charge your Apple Watch with.

No, you can not charge your apple watch using the iPhone, iPad, or even their chargers to answer your question. you should be using the watch’s charger.

Many outside developers wanted to use the hidden six-pin diagnostic port for quick charging but Apple shut down those developments.

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Can I charge my apple watch without using a charging cable?

In case you don’t want to or are not able to charge with the cable, you can switch the cable with the magnetic charging dock that also comes with the watch.

Both of them work the same while charging your apple watch.

Why can’t we use the iPhone, iPad, or even their charger to charge the Apple watch?

The chargers of the iPhone and iPad are different from the charger of the apple watch.

The apple watch charges inductively by using a special charger that can not put enough power to charge your iPhone.

The magnetic charger that comes with the apple watch can not charge your iPhone or iPad and Apple has yet not introduced any lightning port to the apple watch.

Qi wireless charging that has been adopted by the iPhone is not yet adopted by the Apple watch.

What is the hidden port in the Apple Watch used for?

When you remove the cap, you will find a six-pin port beneath. These are a watch’s diagnostic ports which the techs use to access problems in the watch.

However, back in 2015, some users discovered that you can charge the watch at a faster rate by using that port.

Reserve Strap took this concept and ran with it, therefore making prototypes in which apple watches’ strap would connect to the port and charge the watch while the user is still wearing the watch on their wrist

The reserve strap did the charging 6-7% faster than the watch normally takes using an Apple charger.

However, apple shut this down stating that it possesses risks such as getting electric burns

Despite the fact that Apple received a patent in 2017 for the wrist battery band charger, there has been no development.

What is the way to charge my Apple watch?

It is recommended by Apple that you should set up your charging station in a well-ventilated area, it will reduce the risk of overheating.

Simply plug into the adapter of your apple watch, after you found your ideal spot, and then turn it on.

What is a bat-free power strap?

There is a company called Togue that was designing a charging band back in 2019 for the Apple Watch which was called a bat-free power strap.

They did create a Kickstarter to fund the venture however nothing came out of it and the contributors were never refunded for their contribution.

What to do if you cannot use the watch’s dedicated charger cable or magnetic dock?

First, make sure that you have connected everything firmly to your adapter and that the power source is working properly.

It is recommended by apple to use another compatible apple charger in case your one does not seem to work.

Closing thought

The Apple Watch is mainly designed to work only with its dedicated charger and magnetic charging dock that comes with it.

This unfortunately means that you can not swap your iPhone’s lightning cable to charge it.

While attempts have been making charging bands, Apple does seem to have any interest in developing them.

so, you will need to follow the recommended charging method.

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