Can I use the same iCloud account for 2 iPhones?

iCloud is known as one of the most highly prized apple resources for apple users. When the situation comes to backing up your data on iCloud, then it is very convenient to know that you can access all your information and data across all your devices. In this article, we will cover how to use the same iCloud account on 2 iPhones

Can I use the same iCloud account for 2 iPhones

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Is it possible to use the same iCloud account to backup two iPhones?

It is possible. Apple allows users to backup two iPhones on the same iCloud account. With the help of an iCloud account, you can manage your backed-up data of two iPhones. With only a few clicks all your backups will be under one account hence making it easier for you to use. Looking into a larger perspective this might be very useful for apple users. With two iPhones having the same iCloud you can decide and change according to your like and it is also possible to configure how the backups are handled.

How to sync two iPhones with the same iCloud account?

To achieve that there are some steps that you might need to follow, firstly you must ensure that your iPhones must have a unique device name themselves (Go to the Settings, General, About, and then name) The reason for setting different names to both the devices is to ensure that the backup files from the phones do not go through any naming conflicts in the iCloud environment.

During the backup, iCloud and iTunes files are named after the unique device name, you will also have to ensure that you have enough cloud storage on iCloud to accommodate the data of both devices.

After you check that you have enough storage for both devices, and both of your devices have unique device names then the only thing that is left is to link the phones to the iCloud account. On the main settings window, click on your name (USUALLY ON TOP OF THE SCREEN). After that clicking on the main settings window will lead to the iCloud window, after that turn on the apps and features which you would like to back up in your account.

Is a separate ID for each iPhone necessary?

Yes, it is necessary to have two different ids on your two iPhones, if you have the same ID on both of your iPhones then the Apple ID will clone any information which is already synced in one of your phones. In other words, you will be having 2 similar iPhones with the same backed-up information. Another problem that you might face if both of your iPhones have the same ID is having name conflicts in the iCloud environment. Normally phones derive the name which is issued to the iPhone and the backup files do not get messed up in that way. So, if you have two iPhones with similar IDs then there are high chances of the backed-up files getting mixed up.

What happens when two iPhones are paired?

On pairing two iPhones there are several things which you can enjoy like the facility called Airdrop, when two phones are paired to each other then we can achieve file transfer through this service (Airdrop). when paired no other information is shared other than the one which the user chooses to share. Other than Airdrop two iPhones can be also synced if they have the same IDs or same iCloud Accounts. Hence with two iPhones synced together, they get to experience a smooth exchange of information from each other as they will access the information from the same pool that is the Apple ID.

How to Transfer Data from an old iPhone to a new iPhone?

If you have finally decided to upgrade your old iPhone and want to transfer all your data from your old phone to your new phone, then you must follow a few steps. You might be wondering how to move your data to your new iPhone, thanks to iCloud, iCloud is known to transfer all your data within clicks and a fast internet connection.

On the old iPhone, open settings and tap on your name for the iCloud screen. On iCloud, click on the iCloud backup process, it might take a few minutes depending on the size of your backed-up files and the last time you went for a backup.

On the new iPhone, your first task is to connect to a fast internet connection (make sure that the internet or the WIFI is reliable and secure) before going for a back up use your cellular data as an alternative if in case your WIFI doesn’t work. After you set up your WIFI and passcode, set other securities like Face ID, Touch, etc and you will be directly prompted to the apps and data screen. Now in the apps and data screen, tap on Restore from iCloud Backup and this will lead you to enter your Apple sign-in details and other security passcodes. After you are done with the security passcodes and Apple ID details, you will have to choose the backup from which you wish to restore. Select the most recent one which is the data that you have backed up from your old device. After selection, it will take only a few minutes to transfer all your data into your new iPhone.


Apple products are known to be the works of art and the most reliable and innovative smartphones in the world, for a few reasons you might find it necessary to have multiple iPhones, but rest assured that your data is safe and you do not have to worry about creating multiple accounts for backups.

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