Can Someone Connect To My AirPods Without Me Knowing?

Airpods make wireless listening possible among so many more features that you cannot find anywhere else. In this article, we aim to tell you about a question that has been asked. 

Is it possible for someone to connect to a person’s Airpods without them knowing? Let’s keep reading to find out the answers. 

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Can someone connect to a person’s airpods without them knowing?

The short answer is no. People cannot connect to your airpods while they are still in use. 

This is because to connect to airpods, they need to be inside their case with the lid open and this cannot happen if they are being used. 

How to pair your Airpods?

Pairing is the first thing a user does. You do not have to pair your Airpods once they have been paired unless you are connecting them to a newer device. 

To pair your new Airpods, you should follow the steps given below:

  • Keep your phone unlocked and on the home screen.
  • Open the lid of your airpods and place them near your iPhone until you see a pop-up message. 
  • Follow the instructions that come up on your screen and you will then be paired. 

If you are an Apple user, there will be an Apple ID that would be provided with your device. Any and every device that is being shared by the same apple ID would be automatically paired with your airpods as the airpods connect with that IS which makes it easier for the users as they would not have to go through the pairing process again. 

How to reset my Airpods?

Steps to reset your Airpods are given below:

  • You would need to put your Airpods back in their case and close the lid.
  • Then, after 30 seconds you need to open the lid back again.
  • Then, go to your iOS device’s settings and tap on Bluetooth.
  • Click on the” i” icon next to your Airpod’s name.
  • Tap “FORGET THIS DEVICE” and tap again to confirm.
  • Then, keeping your Airpod case’s lid open, press and hold on to the button on the back of the case for about 15-20 seconds till you see the amber light flashing.

Do note that the status light will depend on what Airpods you are using. If they are first or second-generation Airpods, then the status light will be inside the case otherwise it would be on the outside of the case. 

Other ways to reset your Airpods?

You can also try other troubleshooting tips as relaying on the lights is not the only way to work through your way.

You can view your battery percentage to ensure a proper performance as that can cause problems at times. You just need to press the bottom on the back of the case and open the readout display on your iPhone of the battery status. This would let you know the exact battery percentage.

You can also change your Airpod’s name to fix the connectivity issues it might be facing, to do that you just need to open your Airpod case with your Airpods in it and access your Bluetooth settings. Then tap on the “i” icon. Update the name of your Airpods and try connecting to a device.

You should also try to pair your device with another device. Sometimes the problem is from the device’s side and not the Airpods.

What does the status light on Airpods mean?

Airpod has this special feature which tells you specific things regarding lights. Before you reset your AirPods, you must know what all these lights mean.

The LED status talks about the battery charge left on your Airpods. Even though it does not give an exact percentage, it does give an idea about the same.

The green lighting is associated with a full battery life of the Airpods but if you see this without your pods in the case then it means that only one remaining charge is left.

Amber light indicates that your Airpods are not fully charged and that they have started charging when you put them in the case. Amber lights flashing means that there has been a pairing error.

The white flashing lights mean that your device is now ready to pair with your apple device. And if there is no light when your Airpods are in the case, it means that all the charging has been drained and that your Airpod needs to be charged. 

How to find my airpods on a known device?

To do that, you just need to follow the steps that have been given below:

  • Swipe down from the top-right corner (in case you have iPhone X or above) or from the bottom of the screen (in case you have iPhone 8 or earlier)
  • Tap on the airplay icon.
  • Select your AirPods from the device available.

What to do if my airpods are stolen but I have the case?

If you have the case with you, no one can use your airpods to be able to be connected to a new device, one would need the case.

But if the person has another AirPods charging case, they might be able to do it. 

In case only one of your airpods were stolen, it would not be valuable to the thief. Though, you would still be able to listen to music using one of your airpods but purchasing a newer set of airpods sounds better. 

Can I track my airpods?

When your airpods are connected to an Apple device, you can track them. This tracking can only happen when they are removed from the case and are far off the proximity. For this to work, your airpods must be charged too or have sufficient battery. 

The find my app locates your airpods and allows you to play a sound that would help you discover it.  

In case the app cannot locate your airpods, it would at least display the last location of the airpods that are detected. You must have the app loaded before your airpods were lost. 

Your airpods would not be locatable if they have no battery or are out of range. 

Ending thoughts 

Airpods have started becoming a status symbol for people with their rising popularity. If you have the ‘find my’ app already installed on any of your Apple devices then locating them might get easy for you. 

You cannot use this app for airpods (any type) if you did not enable it before they went missing. You can also not play any sound if there is a grey dot next to them on the map but you can get the directions to the location. 

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