Can Someone Hack You Through Bluetooth?

if you are not protecting your device, there is a high chance that you might fall victim to such hacking.

As technology advances, so does Bluetooth. We live in a world where Bluetooth is not only used for file sharing but also for providing wireless connections.

But there are times when you forget to turn off your Bluetooth connection after using it. This is the loophole used by hackers to hack your device.

Bluetooth connections are not as secure as wi-fi connections, allowing hackers to sneak into your device without noticing it. then they take total control over the device.

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Different types of hacking:

Guessing who a hacker is pretty difficult, a hacker can be anyone around you. However, in the case of Bluetooth hacking the hacker has to be close to you to get access.

They use a special type of software to detect devices that have Bluetooth. they can also see the devices you have previously connected to.

It is a big problem because the second gadget trusts and automatically connects to them when they are in the range

Once the device is hacked, they can use it to spy on you or steal crucial data from you. They can also install malware on your device and steal information from the device.

Types of popular Bluetooth hacking methods:

  • Bluebugging

This method is mostly used in public areas, its main target is people going on with their business. The hackers remain undetected and closely monitor the devices that pass regularly making restaurants and pubs an easy target. The hacker can make calls on your device and they can also access the internet and other information on your device.

  • Bluesnarfing

For this method, the hackers must be within your range. They connect with your gadget using Bluetooth and access the information on it. they can also download data from your device if it is still in range.

  • Bluejacking

This method is less harmful than any other method. The hackers send anonymous messages to their targets. they should be Bluetooth enabled and within the range. It is considered less harmful because the hacker does not get complete control over the device. they can neither have access to your data nor can manipulate it.

  • Car whisperer

In this method, the hacker can listen to your conversations while in the car. The hacker only needs a laptop and a Bluetooth antenna to execute this. The best way to avoid it is by changing the car’s Bluetooth default pin to avoid it.

  • Location tracking

The hacker can use the hacked device to find out your location. Wearables are more prone to such attacks as they provide a continuous live stream of your movement.

  • Blue borne attacks

This method includes the installation of malware in the device which in turn allows hackers to control your device. it also spreads to the device connected to it. using outdated software puts you at a greater risk.

What problems can Bluetooth cause?

Because of Bluetooth hacking, the hacker gets control over the screen and the apps. If there is sensitive information on the device such as credit card details, hackers are more interested in such details. The hacker can also use it to make phone-based payments. They can also make pay-per-minute numbers. if the connection is compromised, they can also intercept or redirect the calls.

they can also see back and observe all activities that you are doing.

what to do so that we can avoid this?

  • Always make sure to turn off your Bluetooth and wi-fi when they are not in use. This is a major area that most cybercriminals exploit.
  • Always keep your Bluetooth connection non-discoverable. This reduces the chance of being an easy target. be cautious when connected to your headphone or smart device when in public
  • Activate two-factor authentication on all possible accounts, and limits someone’s possibility of accessing your account. if they know your password, they will still need the pin to access the account.
  • You should also use a smart password so that it is difficult to decrypt.
  • You should also change your password once every year.
  • You should disable file sharing on your device
  • And only send and receive files from a trusted person
  • Having an antimalware app can be also helpful. even if the hacker gets access to the device, it is more likely that the application will detect it helping you to protect your personal information
  • Know your device’s Bluetooth MAC address
  • You should also turn it off so that your Maladdress’ is not visible while pairing
  • If a device you previously connected to got stolen then remove it from parried devices.
  • Installing the latest version is also very important
  • To avoid sharing sensitive information via Bluetooth.

hope this article helps

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