Can You Buy An iPad From Verizon Without A Data Plan?

Yes, you can. It is mainly for people who already have a family plan from Verizon and just want to add a device to it. Even though Apple makes iPad that work only on wi-fi, those are not sold on Verizon. The iPad that can be bought there needs to have a data plan.

If you want to add a device on Verizon you can do that easily but you have to pay a small fee, it will give you the ability to cancel or suspend the line anytime without any minimum requirement.

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Is a data plan necessary for an iPad that is only used with wi-fi?

Many people do not need to take their iPad out of their houses, many keep their iPad for their kids at home so they are always on wi-fi.

This brings us to the question: Is there a need for a data plan for the iPad?

It depends.

In the case of wi-fi only and the older generation iPad, there is no requirement for a data plan.

Also, you can turn off the data usage in the setting.

Even if your iPad needs data occasionally, you do not need to have a data plan for that. You can just use your iPhone Hotspot for that in case there is no wi-fi nearby.

Buying a wi-fi-only iPad?

In case your iPad does not require a data plan, you can go for wi-fi only iPad.

Even though sometimes you may want to have the option of cellular data, in that case, you can just use the hotspot of your iPhone.

Apple wi-fi only pads are cheaper than the ones that have both wi-fi and cellular data options.

The only problem is that you can not use data if wi-fi is not available.

However, this idea is not appealing to the general public as the use of the iPad is restricted to wi-fi connection only.

You can buy these iPads from Walmart or Amazon.

Does Verizon only sell wi-fi only iPad?

Verizon mainly sells cellular data plans. So, selling only wi-fi-enabled iPad will not be profitable for them so they do not sell wi-fi-only iPad.

Even though Verizon just does not sell wi-fi only on iPad, they have the option of many Apple products such as regular iPad, iPad mini, and even iPad pro of several generations to choose from.

Even if you don’t want an apple product, there are a lot of products outside apple.

They have other companies such as TCL and Samsung. These companies have a lot of options that can be used to replace an iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 and S7 can be used to replace the iPad.

TCL TAB Pro 5G, TCL TAB Family edition, and TCL TAB 8.

These tabs are mainly for families with children as they are just like iPad mini but with better eye protection mode so that the kids’ eye is safe if they are used for a long time.

Is Verizon’s iPad cheaper than the iPad sold by other competitors?

The price on Verizon is the same as that on AT&T and T-Mobile.

AT&T has the same price for the iPad but T-Mobile is slightly more expensive

Hope this article helps. 

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