Can You Control Volume with AirPods?

AirPods are Apple’s popular wireless earbuds that are used by almost every Apple user. Since there are no physical buttons on your AirPods that denote the increase and decrease volume buttons, it may get difficult to figure out how to control the volume.

There is more than just one way to adjust the volume of your AirPods and here is all about it. If your AirPods not connecting then working then we have a separate post where we talked about How you can connect your AirPods?

Can You Control Volume with AirPods

Can We Even Control The Volume With Airpods?

Yes, controlling the volume of the Airpods is not as hard as it may seem. You can either use the volume buttons of your iOS device or use Siri to increase or decrease the volume. Airpods also have another function whereby touching the sensors you can adjust the volume.

Airpods are also divided into generations and types that have different ways of controlling volume.

How To Set Up Siri?

Siri is one of the most important functions in iPhones. To set that up, you must follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to your iPhone settings
  2. Tap on “Siri & Search”
  3. Tap the switch at the top to turn it to green and enable the “listen for ‘hey, Siri’” option
  4. Your phone will ask you to set up “Hey Siri”, tap continue and you’ll have your siris the up.

Control The Volume of AirPods Using Your iPhone

There are times when one cannot use the Siri function for example, one could be in a library where no one is allowed to talk loudly.

In situations like these, one must use the volume button on the side of their phone and turn the volumes up or down.

Control The Volume of AirPods Using Your Mac Device

To control the volume of your AirPods on your Mac there are two ways. To be able to perform these functions, your AirPods must be paired to your device.

The quickest way to adjust the volume on your device is to use the volume buttons on the keyboard. You can also use the menu bar’s volume control option to drag the volume slider up or down.

Control the volume of AirPods in first-generation

To adjust the volume of your AirPods in the first-generation using Siri, you must adjust the double-tap settings of your AirPods. To make your AirPods compatible with Siri, you may follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to settings and tap on Bluetooth
  2. Find your AirPods and click on the ‘i’ button on the extreme right of your paired device
  3. Under the “double-tap on Airpod” click on your preferred side and then activate Siri.

After doing this, you would be able to activate Siri and be allowed to use Siri to adjust the volume.

By doing this, you can play and pause your audio, skip forward and also go to the previous track.

Control the volume of AirPods in the second generation

With every update, there are new things that get added to the product. The first generation AirPods had to be double-tapped but with the second-generation update, it could be done with just the voice function.

To activate Siri users didn’t have to double-tap on the Airpod. However, to adjust voice, the process remained the same as it was before.

Control the volume of AirPods in the Third generation

As newer models come, newer updates also arrive. To change the volume of your Airpod pro third generation you must do the following.

  • To play and pause audio, press the sensor on the stem of the Airpod. Press it again to resume playback.
  • To skip forward, you must double press the sensors.
  • To skip back, you must triple press the buttons.
  • To increase or decrease the volume, you must call out for Siri.

With the new update, Airpods pro also lets the users control how much one can hear its surrounding. To do that, users must press and hold the force sensor to switch between active noise cancellation and transparency mode.

How to control volume when you are connected to the team?

To change the volume settings of your AirPods while you are connected to teams, you must follow the steps given below:

  • After joining the call, open the volume mixer from the context menu on the volume icon in the taskbar.
  • Change the volume settings to 20-30%
  • Change the team’s volume to 2%
  • Adjust the volume that is comfortable to your ears, the teams will change the volume accordingly.

How to control volume in windows 10?

To do this you must follow the steps given below:

  • Right-click on the sound icon
  • Select sounds from the menu \.
  • Click on the playback tab.
  • Select your Bluetooth device and then click on properties.
  • Click on the levels tab and further adjust the volume as per your likings.

Closing Statements

Of course, to have the best wireless listening experience on your AirPods you must have Siri enabled. Like for many things, Siri can also adjust the volume. You can just call out for Siri and ask it to control your volume.

There are old-fashioned methods like just pressing the volume buttons and the three are newer techniques like the double-tap technology.

Using all these will help you out with adjusting volume for your AirPods. 

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