Can you delete a snap you sent?

  • Open the chat and press down on the message that you sent earlier and now wish to delete
  • Then click on the ‘delete’ option
  • Again, click the delete button to confirm the process.

Firstly, you will have to know that the person will see that you have deleted a message. and there is no surety that the person you have sent it to will not be able to see it, they can see it before you delete it. So check before sending a snap.

Also deleting might not work if your friend has a spotty net connection or uses an older version of the app.

Is there anything that can be used on Snapchat?

Aside from photos and videos, several other things can be used, a better term to use instead of unsend is delete.

Data that can be deleted from the chat are:

  • Text
  • Bitmoji
  • Audio message

Can someone save my snap?

Yes, a snap can be saved by taking a screenshot however when they take a screenshot you will be notified about it.

Can you delete a snap you sent

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How to know if someone saved my message on Snapchat?

Messages usually disappear or delete after they’ve been opened but if after viewing and closing the message it is still present when you open the chat again that means that the message is saved either by you or the person you send the message to.

Some questions regarding this:

1. Is it possible to unsend a snap?

No, once snap has been sent the only way to delete it from your phone

2. Can I delete the pic I send through snap?

No, that is not possible. The only way to delete it is if the receiver deletes it or screenshots it.

To delete the pic from your device – open the app and go to ‘recent ‘, find and select the picture you wish to delete, and click on it, then confirm the process by tapping ‘delete’ 

3. How can I unsend a snap in 2012?

Even in recent years, there is no new way to do it. you simply cannot unsend a Snapchat. It is best to delete the message and hope that the receiver did not screenshot it.

4. How can I record a Snapchat without the app being able to detect it?

There are a few possible solutions – by using a screen recording app or by using a third-party app that can be used to record videos and send them to your device.

5. Is it possible to save someone else’s snap without them knowing?

The question is a little tricky to understand, but the answer is that you can screenshot it. you can either do this using a camera or pressing down the screen or simply downloading an app that allows you to screenshot.

6. Can a chat that has been saved be deleted?

To do so -go to chat and then select ‘delete chat’ from the menu.

7. What happens if I delete an unopened Snapchat?

If you do so the unopened snap, is not deleted from the Snapchat servers but is deleted from the device.

8. What happens in case you delete a snap?

It is not permanently deleted and is permanently deleted after 30 days until then it is stored in the server.

9. Is it possible to use red Snapchat?

It can be unsend by clicking the three dots that are found on the top right corner

10. Can anyone else see my deleted snap?

No, no one can see a deleted snap. Once you delete a snap and close and reopen the app it will show that you have no new snap.

However, it is saved in the company’s server, so to permanently delete it – delete it from your phone and the recipients ‘ phone.

Hope this article helps.

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