Can you delete someone else’s Instagram?

The simple answer is that unless you have the user’s name and password to an account you can not get access to it therefore you can not delete the account

However, if the account in consideration is violating the terms of service of Instagram or if it is impersonating another account or has inappropriate content, then you can repost it to Instagram and Instagram will remove the account.

How will I delete someone’s Instagram account?

To delete any account, you will need to have the username and password of the account once you have that you can log in to the account and then go to settings and click on delete account there you will have to enter the password again to confirm. After completing the process, you will get 30 days of buffer time during this period if you log back into the same account the account will not be deleted.

How to delete a fake Instagram account?

Suppose someone created an account pretending to be you making that account a fake account. You can delete the account by reporting that account. For that, make sure to provide all your necessary documents such as a photo on your government document and whatever is needed. and if you have an account on the app then you can report it within the app by filling up the form provided along with it.

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Some questions regarding this topic:

1. How to delete an Instagram account?

If you want to delete your Instagram account then you will have to check a gear icon that is present in the top right corner of the screen and then select the option of ‘delete’

2. What happens if someone reports my account continuously from different 15-20 accounts just for fun, will it be deleted?

In case your account has not violated any terms of service of Instagram then you do not need to worry. Firstly, you will be contacted by Instagram as they will investigate the issue and once they find out that you are not wrong they will unblock you and explain to you regarding everything.

3. How many reports are needed to make sure that the Instagram account is deleted?

Reporting doesn’t delete an Instagram account; it only reactivates it.

4. How much spam does it take so that Instagram can be deleted?

If you mean how much spam takes to delete the entire app – the answer is no, no amount of spam can do that.

5. What happens when reporting someone’s account?

In case you find something offensive on Instagram you should report it. There are several ways to do it. firstly, you can click on the three lines that are present in the top-left corner of the screen on Instagram, there you will find an option of ‘report a problem and you will have to click it then a list of options will appear on the screen as to why you reported it select the reason.

6. How to know if someone has more than one Instagram account?

It is not completely accurate but there is a possibility that you can tell if someone has more than one account by looking at their profile and their following.

7. What to do if someone reposts your account falsely?

If your account is falsely reported then your account could be suspended for the time being. This means that you can not post anything new on that account for some time.

8. How can I find out if someone has restricted you on Instagram?

You will be able to check if someone has restricted you on Instagram.

Firstly, go to their profile and click on the gear icon that is available in the top right corner of the screen. If you don’t follow that account then it will show a ‘follow’ button but if you already follow them and they have restricted you then that will show a ‘restricted ‘button.

9. Can I trace screenshots?

No, screenshots can not be traced but if you take a screenshot of someone’s online activity there is a possibility that they can find out who took it.

10. Do I get a notification if someone sends and then unsends a message?

The answer is no, you don’t get any notification for this. you can not get a notification if someone sends a message.

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