Can You Link Two Bose Soundlink Mini Speakers?

By using the Bose Connect app, you can connect two Bose SoundLink mini speakers easily. there are two modes for linking your device -part mode and stereo mode

Party mode boosts sound in different spaces and stereo mode improves sound quality.

Party mode is ideal for a large room or two separate rooms. however, stereo mode turns your Bose speakers into makeshift stereo.

How to link the speaker in party mode using the app?

Follow these steps

  • Turn both the speakers on
  • Be sure that Bluetooth enabled on your smartphone
  • Press the Bluetooth button on any one speaker until it is connected to your phone
  • Click party mode in the Bose Connect app
  • Then click continue

Music will play from both the speakers

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How to use the app to turn on stereo mode

Both of the speakers need to be first on party mode if you want to switch them to the stereo mode

After you do the steps mentioned above, keep the app open and click on “stereo(L/R)”

How to switch back to party mode?

If you want to change back to part mode, open the app again and click on the “stereo (L/R)” again.

How to manually link both speakers?

In case you do not have a phone, you can connect it manually

Enable the party mode

Follow these step

  • Turn both speakers on
  • Hook up anyone speaker to the Bluetooth device from where you will be playing the music from.
  • Once the music starts playing from one speaker, press the Bluetooth and volume up buttons together
  • You will hear a sound, then leave the speaker and get another speaker
  • Hold the Bluetooth and volume-up buttons of the second speaker until you hear the sound again.
  • After 10 seconds, the music will start playing from both the speakers

How to enable stereo mode?

First, enable the party mode then enable the stereo mode to follow these steps

  • Select any one speaker and press the Bluetooth and volume up button together
  • The sound will come saying stereo mode
  • One speaker will say left and another speaker will say right

After this, music will serve as a stereo, offering different right and left audio allowing a better listening experience.

How do change between the modes?

Just press Bluetooth and the volume up button in unison, by doing this you can change the modes.

How to unlink the speaker?

To do that, turn off one of the speakers. or you could hold down the Bluetooth button on one of the speakers until you hear a sound.

Some solution in case you can not link your devices together?

In case you are unable to link both the speaker there are some solutions for it:

First, go to the Bose website and download the latest software version. Then the speakers will connect nicely.

Some other reasons as to why the speakers will not link are:

  • Any one of the speakers will need to charge
  • The distance between the speakers is more than 10 meters apart.
  • Many other Bluetooth speakers are running

You should also look for obstructions between the devices such as the wall, metal, etc.

Closing thought

Whether you decide to connect your speaker manually or use the app, doing this will enhance the sound quality of your speaker.

Hope this article helps


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