Can You Pause AirPods by Tapping Them?

Airpods are Apple’s top creation, it is something that deserves the hype it has. When listening to music, its convenience is of pausing music with one tap. You don’t have to look around for your phone and can just rather tap on your earbuds. Airpods don’t just give you good music but also give you a lot of options that help you play, pause and skip through music.

Let’s keep reading to find out how you can take advantage of your Airpods.


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How to pause Airpods by tapping on them?

Using the double-tap gesture in the first and second generations would activate Siri. But if you go into your device settings and select any one of your earbuds and set each of them to perform specific functions. You can select either left or right earbuds as per your preferences and set them as you like them. 

You can also squeeze the force sensor on the stem of either of your Airpods Pro which will end up pausing your music. Do remember that airpod’s sensors are extremely sensitive so if you press it for too long, they might end up being recognised as noise cancellation mode instead. 

On your Airpods (2nd Generation) double-tapping either of your airpods will pause your music. You can also ask Siri to pause your music. You can make Siri do a lot of tasks when you activate the voice or sensor feature. You can do that by following steps given below:

  • Go to settings and click on bluetooth
  • Press the i button next to your airpods
  • Where it says double tap on airpods pr press and hold airpods, click on left or right airpods and select Siri from the list. 

With the older earbuds, the ability to double-tap was only there for one function but now with the newer airpods, more common gestures are included like single-tap, double-tap, triple-tap and long press. You need to know how to use these functions and integrate these common gestures properly. 

Airpod gestures and their uses 

Airpods have various features and gestures which means a lot of things. If you want to use your Airpods well, you need to know about their uses well. The touch gestures are basically utilized for music controls. Two sets of touch gestures are on Airpods, you would first need to determine what Airpod model you have which is what the gestures would be based off on. 


In first and second generation Airpods, they only have a double tap gesture function. This button is responsible for activating Siri, skip music or play, pause and move back to the previous track. Or even nothing at all. 

How to set your Airpod touch gesture commands:

  • open device settings 
  • Find your airpods on connected device list and tap on it
  • You would be able to see a second label option named “Double tap on airpod” click on that and select left or right earbuds,
  • Now, you will get options from the settings (these include Siri, play button, pause button, next and skip track)
  • Select the common you want and repeat for the other earbud. 

You will also get two other options in your bluetooth settings that you can consider. It is automatic ear detection in which your iPhone can know when you have airpods in your ears rather than just out of your case. It also helps you automatically pause your audio when airpods are removed from your ears. 

The other option you will see is a microphone control but it is always better if you leave this on Auto mode itself. 


Airpod pros, like the name suggests, are better and have more specialized touch gestures based on what you wish to do or have done. 

The only downgrade of Airpod pros is that the touch gestures are set already, only the long press gestures are customized. We can see bellow what these different gestures mean:

Single tap: it is one of the most common gesture. This will either pause your current audio, play the nest in que or just resume the audio. You must remember that you shouldn’t overdo the gestures, single touch will be good as the sensors are very sensitive. 

Double tap: this is used to skip a track on the playlist or any album you may be listening to. Airpods are very sensitive so tap them carefully. 

Triple tap: this tap is to tell your airpods to move back a track and it is also the highest number of taps your airpods might register. 

Long press: the last gesture for your Airpods here is the long press which is used to activate Siri or noise control feature. You can programe it according to your preferences for each of your earbuds. Though it is always preferred to activate Siri with voice control rather than using the tapping method but whatever is comfortable should be done.

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