Can You Use a 20W Charger on Airpods?

Yes, a 20-watt Apple-branded fast charger can be used to fast charge the AirPods cases. The higher watt will allow it to charge the case at a faster rate compared to the standard charger that comes with it.

However, without proper safety features, it can cause device failure or critical overcharging due to overcharging. It can also lead to battery explosion.

It is often tempting for a consumer to go for cheap alternatives. But is it better to stick with an Apple-branded charger to avoid flaws in design or manufacturing shortcuts?

This will not only create less chance of device failure but using apple technology will allow you to use apple technical support.


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What to do if AirPods are not charging?

In case you are sure that you have used the right cable and port and yet your AirPods are not charging then you will have to inspect possible faulty points.

firstly, make sure you are using the apple branded charging cable and outlet

Sometimes using third-party products can cause issues that are difficult to fix.

firstly try

Charging wirelessly

In case you have a wireless charging base station you should use it now. if your AirPods case charges properly then the problem is located in the charging setup.

Perform physical cord check

After you have done checking the AirPods go ahead and check the cable. In most cases the cable is damaged, so check it for slits, cracks, cuts, or twists.

If you find any then try replacing the cable and check.

Check the outlet adapter or charging block

If replacing the cable did not repair the problem, then the problem could be with the outlet adapter.

Make sure that the pins are connected and there is no sign of heat damage around the port.

Charging blocks are usually very durable so there is very less chance that the problem is caused because of them.

Check the charging case and earbuds

If there is no problem with the charging setup then check your AirPods case and earbuds to deflect the problem.

If you have the original release Airpods, then you have reached the end of the internal battery’s recharge cycle.

Check if the battery can hold a charge and in case it can’t you will have to replace the charging case.

Also, check the earbuds and clean them of dirt and wax, in case it blocks the charging port connection.

Ending though

Apples 20-watt charger is perfect for use with any Apple device as it provides a faster charge without the problem of overheating

hope this article helps  

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