Can I Shower with My Apple Watch?

Apple Watch has been a very famous and renowned brand that keeps getting popular because of its usage and high-quality features. Every user knows that all the Apple Watch are water resistant. But can we take a shower while wearing the Apple Watch on our wrist? You will know a lot of things about this aspect in this article in detail.

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What is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant?

There is a difference between being Water-Resistant and being Waterproof. Water Resistance is the capability to resist the infiltration of water on any electronic device, however, this lower-grade form of water protection cannot serve as a guarantee that your electronic devices are completely protected from water when they come in contact with water.

Now, if something is Water-Repellent, then it has hydrophobic coatings that resist the intrusion of water on any electronic device. This function provides a medium level of protection from water intrusion but still, it is not a sure thing.

Now, if any electronic device is Waterproof, then it is completely impervious to water i.e. water can’t be passed on to that device easily. If the device is completely submersible in water, it won’t affect the device easily.

Are Apple watches waterproof or water-resistant?

Does Apple Watches are water proof

Now, if you have the old models of the Apple watch, like the Apple watch 1 then you might be out of luck because those models are Water and Splash Resistant. Hence, it is highly advised that don’t submerge the older Apple Watch versions inside the water as they’re not completely waterproof.

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How long does the water resistance last?

How l;ong the water-resistance last

One of the main things to consider while buying an Apple Watch is that if the Apple Watch is water-resistant, that doesn’t mean it will remain the same all time. The water-resistant strengths only last up until the seals and adhesives stay intact on the Apple Watch. Once these seals break down, then your Apple Watch becomes vulnerable to damage.

To keep the adhesive secure and tight, you should avoid going to steam rooms, sauna, or soapy water. Also, don’t expose the Apple Watch to chemicals, or don’t drop the Apple Watch on the ground at a higher height as that too may affect the seal and cause it to break.

Can we wear the watch while showering?

Most people might wonder about this thing as it is said that Apple Watch users can swim with the watches as it can resist water up to 50 meters range, but taking a shower with the Apple Watch is not recommended as while showering, some substances can easily damage your Apple Watch. If in any case, something seeped inside your  Apple Watch,  you can clean the Apple Watch with a neat and clean cloth and also with some water.

Despite Apple watches having good water resistivity, there are a few things that would still affect your Apple Watch and these things are –

  • Chemical products like Perfume, BodySpray, or other products like Soap, Body Lotions, Conditioner, etc.
  • Into a steam room.
  • Dropping your watch.
  • Strong water power like jets or water sports.

If your Apple Watch is exposed to your sweat or less water, then it would be fine but if it gets exposed to things which are mentioned above,  then it would affect the water seal which maintains the water resistance of the Apple Watch

Although, Apple themselves suggest their users leave to take out their watches while doing Scuba DivingSkiing, or other adventurous things. But, you can wear Apple Watch while getting into freshwater sources like swimming pools and beaches side as  Apple Watch can withstand the water level of these sources.

Can we wear the Apple Watch 6 in the shower?

Apple Watch 6 is one of the latest Apple watches which comes with highly-advanced and astonishing features. However, the water resistance feature of the same only goes up to 50 meters.

Apple Watch 6 is a highly recommended Apple Watch for swimming and is also recommended to athletes for their usage so that they can track their swimming performance with the Apple Watch. 

Can we wear Apple watch 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the shower?

Apple Watch 4 and Apple Watch 5 were introduced back in 2018-19 and unlike Apple Watch 2, they also support the Water Resistance feature on the same model that can be worn while taking shower in your bathroom but it is highly suggested to only use it while you’re swimming or doing any other Water Sports.

The Apple watches 2 and 3 came out during the year 2016-2017 and they too can be worn while taking shower in the bathroom.  The water-resistance feature is the same for these watches also. It is advised to use them for lighter water activities like swimming in a swimming pool, going to a beachside, etc.

What is the water lock system?

When your Apple Watch is submerged in water, your watch activates the water lock system instantly which helps to protect your Apple Watch from water damage. This also locks the screen through which you can’t perform any function on the watch when the watch is submerged in water.

Water Lock icon on Apple Watch

When you are swimming or even running in the rain, you can unlock this system and remove the water that has gotten in. The Apple Watch will give a vibration that would remove water from the speakers and would only take a few seconds to happen.

How to remove water from the watch?

To remove the water from the Apple Watch, you must follow the steps given below:

Swipe on the bottom side of the watch and open the control center.

Control Center of Apple Watch

Now, click on the water droplet icon to unlock the Water Lock system. 

Water Lock icon on Apple Watch

Turn the digital crown to unlock the screen and also clear water from the speaker using the vibrations.

Turn the Digital Crown to inlock the watch

Through these steps, you can easily eject water from the Apple Watch through the Water Lock system.

Cleaning the Apple watch after taking Shower

You should always take care of your Apple watches after their usage for the same. After showering with the Apple Watch or after using it during water sports activities you must dry your Apple Watch and clean it with a neat and clean cloth. The same thing goes when your Apple Watch comes with the contact of your body’s sweat while doing workouts and exercise.

You should also take care and clean the watch if it is exposed to dirt or sand, soaps, detergents, any chemicals, etc. Taking proper care of your device will always help its longevity.

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