Can I Shower with My Apple Watch?

Apple watches and Apple in general have been a very popular brand which keeps getting popular because of its usage. Every user knows that apple watches are water resistant. But can we shower with our watches on? You will know about that more in this upcoming article.

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What is the difference between waterproof and water-resistant?

The difference between water-resistant and waterproof is not as much as you may believe, it is just that water-resistant means that it would be able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not fully while water-proof means that it would be able to block out the water completely. No matter how much water is poured or no matter how deep a waterproof object is submerged in water, no amount will go in.

Are Apple watches waterproof or water-resistant?

Now, if you own the older version of Apple watch, like the OG version or Apple watch 1 then you might be out of luck because those versions are only as far as splash resistant. Ones after that are only water resistant up to 50 meters of water and more.

How long does the water resistance last?

Apple’s water resistance feature is not a feature that lasts forever. It is a temporary feature and after certain reasons it can lose its strength. It cannot be replaced ever again. The condition gets worse day by day and since it cannot be fixed, one should pay extra attention on the very same.

Can we wear the watch while showering?

Most people might wonder about this since it is said that users can swim with the watches on as it can resist water up to 50 meters, but showering with the said watches is not recommended as while showering, there are substances that can harm your watch. If by chance something seeped inside your watch, you can clean it with a cloth and water.

Despite Apple watches having a good water-resistance power, there are some things that would still affect your watch. Things like:

  • Chemicals like perfume, bug spray, or any products like soap, lotions, conditioner, juices, etc.
  • Into a steam room.
  • Dropping your watch.
  • Strong water power like jets or water sports.

If your apple watch is exposed to sweat or less water, it would be okay but if it gets exposed to things mentioned above, it would affect the water seal.

Though, Apple themselves suggest the users to leave back their watches while scuba diving, skiing or some deep-water conditions. But, wearing watches while getting into fresh water or ocean water is allowed.

Can we wear Apple watch 6 in the shower?

Apple watch 6 is one of the most recent Apple watches which comes with good and advanced features. However, the water-resistance of the same only goes up till 50 meters.

Apple watch 6 is one of the most recommended watches for swimming and is often also recommended to athletes for their own usage.

Can we wear Apple watch 2, 3, 4 and 5 in the shower?

Owner of the Apple watches 4 or 5 were introduced back in 2018-19 and also come under the watches that can be worn while showering but it is advised to only use it while swimming or any other water sports.

The Apple watches 2 and 3 came out during the year 2016-2017 and they too can be worn while showering or for bathes. The water-resistant power is the same for these watches. It is advised to use them for lighter water activities.

What is the water lock system?

When your apple watch is submerged in water, your watch activates the water lock which helps protect your watch from water damage. This also locks the screen and makes it impossible to perform any functions. When you are down swimming or even running in the rain, you can unlock and eject water that has gotten in. The Apple watch will create a vibration that would remove water from the speakers and would only take a few seconds to happen.

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How to remove water from the watch?

To do this, you must follow the steps given below:

  1. Swipe on the bottom and open the control center
  2. Tap on the water droplet that is the water lock
  3. Turn the digital crown to unlock the screen and also clear water from the speaker using the vibrations.

Doing this will help you remove the water off from the watch.

Cleaning the Apple watch after shower

You should always take care of your Apple watches after it’s usage for the same. After showering with the watch or after using it during the water sport activities you must dry your watch and clean it. It also is advised to do the same after heavy workouts since sweat can seek in.

You should also take care and clean the watch if it is exposed to dirt or sand, soaps, detergents, any chemicals, etc. taking care of your device will always help it’s longevity.

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