Can’t Reset Powerbeats Pro? [Fixed!]

The most irritating thing is when you are listening to music and your power beats pro drop, it’s even worst if any one of both drops dead.

Sometimes powerboats pro loses power in one ear without any warning or reason in general. To fix this problem resetting the speaker is an option.

If resetting the earbuds does not work then you might have to send them to the apple care store for professional assistance.

What is the problem with my powerbeats pro?

Powerbeats usually work pretty well, both the earbuds play audio at the desired level without any problem.

Apple makes its earbuds simple and efficient which is the selling point of the product,

But powerbeats have their issues. such as

  • Losing volume specifically in one earbud
  • Some hardware and software problems that cannot be corrected by resetting the device.

Powerbeats Pro

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What can I do in case the powerbeats pro does not connect?

First of all, try resetting the earbud and check if that solves the problem

Here is how to reset the powerbeats:

  1. Leave the lid of the case open after putting both the earbuds in it.
  2. Press down the system button which you will find on the case.
  3. Press it for 15 secs and until the LED indicator starts to blink red and white.
  4. Then stop pressing the system button
  5. When it starts to blink white, you can pair powerbeats with your desired device.

Here is how to pair powerbeats with iPhone:

  1. Unlock the Apple device you wish to connect to and select the home screen
  2. Place the cases of the powerbeats pro with the earbuds inside next to the device while leaving the case lid open.
  3. After some time, set up pop-up will show on your device screen
  4. Select the option of connecting and then done.

And you are sorted. however, if you have hardware or software problems this way might not work

Reason for my powerbeats pro blinking white?

In case they blink white it is no problem as it means that they are in pairing mode which is a good thing.

Why cannot I reset my pro?

One user had sent their powerbeats pro to the apple help and apple send them that back stating that they had to replace the right earbud and had to sync the case.

How to know if the case of the earbud is dying or the individual buds are losing sync?

This incident mainly happens with the right earbuds but many reports that it also happens with the left one.

Also, in some cases problem is in the case which is caused because of the hardware failure of the case.

When a single earbud fails to sync, it stops the case from properly working and therefore keeps the one working earbud from properly pairing with the device.

How do I contact Apple support?

In case you are not able to repair your powerbeats on your own you can reach out to apple support for their assistance.

To reach them you can go for online chatting, or phone call, or go to the nearest apple store.

To get your device repaired you will have to ship the device or hand it to the tech person

Make sure you have the apple care + on your powerbeats pro since it will provide some coverage which repairing.

Closing thought

Powerbeats work well enough for a year at least but it might not always be the case.

This issue of loss in sync of earbuds is very common and it can be corrected by resetting the earbuds.

To solve the problem, you will have to spend your time and energy to get this repaired or replaced but Apple can do those things for you all you have to do is to reach out and explain your problem. 



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