Airpods are one of the most loved inventions that has been done by Apple. They are highly portable and effective.

Even though there are only a few types of Airpods, they’re still very popular and loved. You can use them anywhere and everywhere because of how portable and easy to use they are.

But in case, you misplace them or damage them, how would you charge them without its case? Can you charge a generation 2 Airpods using a generation 1 case? Continue reading to find out.


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What is the difference between generation 1 and 2 Airpods?

  1. Check the model number

The most obvious way to know what model your Airpods are, you can check the model number of them. The model number is located under the case on each Airpods. But like it has been said before, these two Airpods look almost the same and can be charged in each other’s cases.

You can also check the component number for the model number as for Generation one, the component has numbers that start with “A1___” as for generation two, the component number starts with “A2___”

  1. Check phone settings

One of the other most common ways to check what model the AirPods are by a Bluetooth connection,

You can try and follow the steps given below to know that:

1) Open the Settings app

2) Click on Bluetooth.

3) Click on the “i” button on the extreme right side of your connection.

4) You will see the Model name, number, serial number and version.

  1. Check your AirPods

You can also check the model number on your Airpods by looking at the Airpods themself. Your Airpods’ model number is always printed in tiny letters on the inside of each pod; but since it is so tiny to read, you might as well need a magnifying glass.

The first line of the said Airpod’s information printed at the bottom contains this number.

How to tell apart Airpods 1 and 2 generation?

 When you look at this two side by side, you cannot really tell apart their cases. The only change between Airpods 1 and 2 are the added functions like improved connection speed, a hands-free version of “Hey Siri” and improved and enhanced battery life.

So, when you hold these two cases in your hands, you won’t be able to know which one is what generation.

Does this mean we can use the cases interchangeably?

Yes, you can use Airpods 2 case backward as the charging is built in both generation cases. So, in case your Airpods 2 is broken, you can put it in case 1. To do this, you would have to use wired charging.

But, if you have the pro version, you wouldn’t be able to charge them interchangeably.

Does using another case damage the Airpods?

Apple has mentioned that you would not be damaging the Airpods. Though, as mentioned, you would not be able to use Pro with either of the Airpod cases as they are wired differently. You could possibly damage some pro earbuds if you try to force-fit them in the smaller cases.

Can we buy either the Airpods or the case separately?

Yes, Airpod allows and sells both the products separately. Buying Airpods separately would save you some money. In case your Airpod gets lost, you can buy them and use them with your current case and the same for the case, if by chance your case gets damaged or lost, you can always buy the case and put your Airpods in them.

How to connect my new charging case to my Airpods?

Whether you have an older case or if you have a new charging case, you would still need to pair both the devices together so that they can be used.

To know how to make them work well, you would need to follow the steps given below:

  • Place both your Airpod earbuds into the case
  • Check the status light by opening the top lid. It should be flashing amber.
  • Hold the setup button on the charging case for a while which would make the light flash white.
  • Make sure your phone device is unlocked and on the home screen.
  • Your Airpods should still be in your case now open the lid and place it near your unlocked phone case.
  • Follow the instructions given and press connect when it comes up. Now your charging case should be set up.

Ending thoughts

There are various reasons why Apple’s Airpods are one of their best inventions. Apple really did a great job making these. These can be real life-savers when it comes to using.

Being able to use cases interchangeably is handy especially when it is very easy to lose your tiny Airpod cases. You would just have to use the wired method.

That being said, Airpods earbuds and charging cases are easy to replace and can be used interchangeably.  


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