When Airpods were first introduced, they were only designed for listening to music. But with recent developments and demand, they can also be used to make and answer calls.

Apple’s Airpods are one of the most popular wireless earbuds in the market and are known for their range of high performance.


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Do Airpods have a built-in mic?

Airpods feature two built-in microphones located at the top and bottom of both Airpods. These allow you to make hands-free calls and communicate with your voice assistant along with being able to use it for calls and meetings that you may have.

Let us learn more about its features, how it can be used, sound quality and much more here in this article so keep reading to know more about it.

How do Airpod microphones work?

Apple’s Airpods have two microphones located on it each earbud making it a total of four microphones. They’re present at the top and bottom of both Airpods.

One mic works on picking up your speech and detecting what you are speaking along with the interactions with Siri and the other works on blocking out any external noises so that the mic can work on picking up the voices clearly.

Apple not only includes microphones but the standard Airpods have two microphones that allow interaction with calls while the Airpod Pro has two additional inward-facing microphones which are responsible for the improvement of sound quality along with noise cancellation.

Does Airpod mic well?

Apple’s Airpods are good for hands-free calling as they allow you to communicate with your voice assistant without needing to pull out your phone and manually do it.

We can say that Airpod mics are similar, or even better according to you, to built-in laptop mics. They work well enough for you to attend conference calls, online meetings, attend skype meetings and much more. Airpods also have a reach up to 40 meters before they cut off which is again very useful. Though, one must remember that it differs according to what model you have along with your environment.

How to test Airpod mics?

Whenever one makes a purchase, testing them out is the best option to ensure they’re working well. Similarly, to check if the Airpod’s mics are working or not, we must run a test. To run that test, we need to follow the steps given below:

  • Navigate and reach utilities and tap voice memos from your home screen.
  • Press the record icon and start recording.
  • Speak into the microphone so that your voice can get recorded.
  • Now, listen back to the recording by connecting your Airpods and tapping on the play icon.

This is how you will run a microphone test. This will ensure that your microphones are working well. You can also run this test by using Siri the voice assistant.

If the voice is not clear, try cleaning your microphone holes by using alcohol and cotton to remove all the dirt. Be sure that you do it gently so that you don’t end up harming the mesh covering your mic.

How to maintain Airpods?

The maintenance of anything is essential for its longevity. Similarly, maintenance of the Airpods is also essential.

To ensure that, you should follow the steps given below so that you can make them work well for a long time:

  • Be sure that your Airpods are not submerged in water.
  • Use a dry cloth or cotton to clean your Airpods.
  • Keep your Airpods away from anything that leaves a stain or creates damage like soap, shampoo, oil, perfumes, etc.
  • Make sure no liquid seeps inside the apertures.
  • Avoid using any sharp item when you are cleaning your Airpods.
  • Make sure your Airpods are dried before you put them inside the charging case.

Key features of Airpods

Battery life

Airpods last around 5 hours if they are being used for listening and around 3 hours for talking. However, the best thing about them is that they are charged fast and are the perfect travel buddy. Just charging them even for 15 minutes will give you around 3 hours of listening time and 2 hours of talking time which makes them very good to use.


Airpods are known for their ultra-fast connection along with stable connection. Apple uses the H1 chip which makes it work double as fast. It allows you to make calls almost 1.5 times faster than normal devices.

Hands-free usage

Because of its hands-free option, it makes things easier for users. You are able to do your tasks much faster when you use Airpods. You don’t even need to take out your phone and can just use the voice assistant which makes it all easier.

Final thoughts

Airpods are one of Apple’s best inventions and they can never go wrong. Apple is equipped with microphones which make our work even easier allowing a hands-free way to pick up calls or even work along with the voice assistant. 

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