Traditionally, earbuds were primarily designed for music listening but nowadays, anyone can use their earbuds to make and answer calls easily with the help of the in-built microphone earbuds.

When Airpods were first introduced to Apple users, they were only designed for listening to music. But with the latest developments and requirements, they can also be used to make and answer calls. Apple’s Airpods are one of the most popular and renowned wireless earbuds in the market and are known for their high-range performance.


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Do Airpods have a built-in mic?

Airpods consist of two in-built microphones placed at the top and bottom sides of both Airpods. These allow you to make hands-free calls and communicate with your voice assistant (Siri) along with being able to use it for calls and meetings that you may have.

When you’re calling or speaking to Siri, a speech-detecting accelerometer works together with the microphone to remove the external noise and focus on the inner voice. This amazing combination assures that the Airpods provide a strong audio-performance quality.

How do Airpod microphones work?

Apple’s Airpods have two microphones placed on each earbud making it a total of four microphones. They’re present at the top and bottom sides of both the Airpods.

One mic works on collecting your speech notes and detecting what you are speaking along with the voice interactions with Siri and the other mic works on blocking out any external noises so that the mic can work on picking up the voices.

Apple not only includes microphones but the standard Airpods have two microphones that allow interaction with calls while the Airpod Pro has two additional inward-facing microphones which are responsible for the enhancement of audio quality along with noise cancellation.

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Does Airpod mic well?

Apple’s Airpods are good for hands-free calling as they allow you to communicate with your Voice Assistant (i.e. Siri) without needing to pull out your phone and manually do it. We can say that Airpod mics are quite similar, or even better according to you, to in-built laptop mics.

They work well enough for you to attend conference calls, online meetings, attend Skype meetings, and much more. Airpods also have a long reach up to 40 meters before they are disconnected which is again very beneficial for the users. Even though, one must remember that it differs according to what model you have along with your environment.

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How to test your Airpod mics?

Whenever you purchase new Airpods, it’s very important to test them to ensure that they’re working properly or not. However, if the holes where the in-built microphones are placed are blocked or clocked, then they may not work properly.

So, to operate a mic test on your Airpods, you can consider the following procedures which are given below:-


Navigate to the utility folder and click on the Voice Memos option from your home screen.

Navigate to the utility foldert

Now, click on the record icon and start recording your voice with your Airpods

Now, click on the record icon

Speak into the microphone so that your voice can get recorded.

Now, listen back to the recording by connecting your Airpods and tapping on the Play icon.

This is how you will run a microphone test with the help of Airpods. This will make sure that your in-built mics are working well. You can also run this mic test by using Siri the virtual assistant.

If the voice is not clear or accurate, try cleaning your microphone holes by using alcohol and cotton to remove all the dirt. Also, ensure that you perform this work smoothly so that you don’t end up harming the mesh covering your mic.

How to maintain the Airpods?

The maintenance of any electronic gadget or product is essential thing for its longevity. Similarly, maintenance of the Airpods is also very important if you want to use the product for a long period. 

To assure that, you should follow the steps given below so that you can make them work well for a long time:

  • AirPods and AirPods Pro shouldn’t be submerged in water as they’re not fully waterproof or water-resistant.
  • Use a dry cloth or cotton to clean your Airpods.

Clean your Airpods

  • If your Airpods or Airpods Pro come into contact with these products like soaps, shampoos, conditioners, perfumes, detergents, insect repellant, etc. that cause dark stains on the Airpods, clean them with a soft and gentle cloth smoothly.
  • Also, ensure that no liquid seeps inside the apertures of the Airpods. 
  • To clean your Airpods or Airpods Pro, avoid using sharp objects or harsh materials.
  • Before putting them in the charging case, make sure that they are fully dry. Also, don’t use the Airpods until they are dry.

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Some Key features of Airpods

1. Battery life

Airpods last for around 5 hours if they are being used for listening and around 3 hours for talking. However, the best thing about them is that they charged quickly and are the perfect travel buddy. If you charge the Airpods for 15 minutes, it will give you nearly 3 hours of listening time and 2 hours of talking time which makes them very good to use.

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2. Performance

Airpods are also known for their super-fast connection along with strong and stable connectivity. Apple uses the H1 chip which makes it work double as fast. It also allows you to make calls almost 1.5 times faster than the other devices.

Performance of Airpods

3. Hands-free usage

Because of its hands-free option, it makes the calling feature easier for  Apple users. Now, you can do your jobs much faster when you use Airpods. You don’t even need to take out your phone and simply use the voice assistant (Siri) which makes it all easier for you. 

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Final thoughts

Airpods are one of Apple’s best inventions and they can never go wrong. Apple is highly equipped with microphones which make our work even easier allowing a hands-free way to pick up calls or even work along with the Voice Assistant. 

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