Do I Need To Keep Bluetooth On For Apple Watch?

The answer is no, you do not need to keep your Bluetooth on for an Apple watch.

However, it is strongly suggested that you keep it on so that the watch can use the most power-efficient connection available.

If you turn it off, it will try to connect via wi-fi, in case it is available.

You will also need to keep your Bluetooth on, in case you want to connect your Apple watch with a set of AirPods. pairing these devices are quite simple. you will need to do:

  1. On your apple watch, open the setting.
  2. Select the Bluetooth option
  3. Whenever the desired device name appears, tap it.

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When the watch is turned off, does the Bluetooth disconnect?

 Bluetooth does not automatically turn off when you turn off your apple watches. just like iPhones, it will remain on until you turn the device on the next time.

To turn it off, you will have to manually do so by toggling off the Bluetooth in the setting app.

What to do, if I want to temporarily turn off the Bluetooth on my apple watch?

You will need to follow a few steps:

  1. Open the setting on the watch
  2. Select the option of Bluetooth
  3. To turn off the Bluetooth, slide the slider

Without my phone, will the Apple Watch still work?

The apple watch will not stop working if your iPhone is not within the range or not connected. if your watch has cellular data, you will still receive notifications and messages without your phone being involved. If not, you will need to be within your Bluetooth range, to get messages and notifications.

How does the wi-fi work on the apple watch?

Here is a way to connect wi-fi for the first time, then you can just auto-connect it –

  1. Open the setting on your apple watch
  2. Select wi-fi and allow your device to look for all the wi-fi connections available
  3. Then tap the name of the network you wish the watch to connect to. (For apple watches of series 6 and 7, you can only connect to 2.4GHz or 5 GHz wifi networks. however, for the apple watches of the earlier series you can only connect with a 2.4 GHz network and 5GHz networks were not available then and so they are not compatible with them).
  4. Then enter the password using the keyboard.
  5. The select join

In case, you want to remove the wi-fi network, do this:

  1. Open setting
  2. Select wi-fi
  3. Tap on the name of the network you wish to forget
  4. Then select the option of forgetting the network.

You can rejoin the network later if you wish to do so by following the steps mentioned above in the article.

What can be done, if my paired iPhone is out of the range?

Even if the paired iPhone is out of the range there are many things that you can still do with your watch. they are:

  1. Use apple pay to make purchases
  2. Play music from a synced playlist
  3. Use a timer. stopwatch, alarm, clock, etc.
  4. Monitor your exercise action by using the activity app
  5. Display pictures from the synced album

Even if your iPhone is not near, but you are connected to a wi-fi then there are more things you can do:

  1. Send and receive messages by using iMessage
  2. Send or receive digital touch messages with other apple watch users
  3. Access all most any third-party app
  4. Command Siri
  5. Check your current location by using apple maps

Closing thoughts

The Apple Watch is a very diverse, multi-functional device that is mainly for people who do not like to always carry their iPhones. it is ideal for those who want to track their exercises

Even when they are not Bluetooth enabled there are a lot of things it can do. Bluetooth is just the most power-friendly connection for the watch

Hope this article helps 

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