Do I Need To Turn Off My Beats Flex?

To turn off a pair of beats Flex, you will need to press and hold the power button that is on the right-side control bar for a second.

The beats do not automatically turn off, so it has to be done manually. turning them off helps preserve battery life and also prevents accidentally playing music.

Taking care of the battery means ensuring longer life.

Beats flex earbuds are two ting earbuds connected by a thin durable cable.

The design of the cable is to go behind your neck and, on each side, there is a control bar that naturally resets right in front of the shoulders.

This two-control bar has all the buttons you will need while using the Beats Flex.

The power button is located at the bottom of the right bar. it is the only button on the right side so that it can be easily found. by pressing and releasing the button quickly you will be able to turn the earbuds on or off.

Unlike other Apple products, they do not turn off automatically, that needs to be done manually.

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What are the functions of other buttons on the Beats Flex?

The power button found on the right bar is also used as a Bluetooth pairing button.

If you press and hold the power button for a few seconds, it goes into pairing mode and you will be able to connect the device to your earbuds by using Bluetooth.

When the light indicator near the buttons begins to flash, it means that the beats are in the pairing mode

When it stops flashing, it means that your device is successfully paired.

The light is also a reminder of how much battery is left before you will need to charge it.

When the light is blinking red, it means that your earbuds will need to be charged before using them.

However, the left control bar has a lot of buttons

The volume button can be found on the top of the bar. By pressing the front, you will be able to raise the sound, and by pressing the back, you will be able to lower the volume.

However, the volume button is to control the sounds for only media playbacks like music, podcasts, or video.

To control the volume of phone calls you will need to use your phone controls

Inside the right bar on the front, you will find a circular button. This button has a lot of functions.

To play and pause media or to end a call you will need to press it once.

To skip forward double press the button and to skip backward triple press the button.

If you wish to scan forward through the track press this button twice and hold the button when you press it for the second time. the track will be scanned forward till you release the button.

To scan backward, press the button three times and hold the button the third time.

You can also receive a call by pressing this button once and pressing and holding it until the ringing stops to decline a call.

You can also take multiple calls at once, when you receive a second call while still on the first press the button once to put the first call on hold and begin taking the second call.

A quick press on the button can switch you back and forth between the calls.

You can also use this button to access your voice assistant.

Pressing and holding the button will activate Siri and then you can give commands. The microphone will pick up your voice for Siri and voice calls.

Do you need to turn off powerboats pro?

Powerbeats Pro functions very similarly to Apple AirPods.

The beats have an accelerometer inside that can sense when you put them in or take them out.

This allows auto pausing and playing

The charging case can not only charge your beats but also controls their power.   

You will not need to turn them off manually; they do that automatically when you put them in their case.

They automatically turn on when you take them out of the case.

Can Beats Flex automatically overcharge?

Lithium-ion batteries are used in Beats Flex.

If you leave your beats plugged in longer than necessary once in a while, they are no problem

But if you do it continuously, it will affect or wear off the battery life.

Once they reach the 100% charge, the power input automatically shuts off.

But as soon as the charge drops down to 99%, they will be charged again to 100%

The constant trickle charging will eventually start to wear on the battery and you will see reduces battery life over time

Usually overcharging is not an issue for beat users but if you want your beats to have a long and healthy battery life, you will have to avoid leaving them on charge for a long time after they are fully charged.

How to know if the Beats Flex is fully charged or not?

The indicator light on the right control bar helps you to know when to charge and when your charging is complete.

The light of the indicator will flash red when you begin to charge

When they are fully charged the light will turn white and stop flashing

Once you see the white light, unplug it as soon as possible.

You will get 12 hours of listening time when it is fully charged.

A 10 mins quick charge will give you an hour and a half of listening time.

I hope this article helps. 

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