Do T-Mobile Prepaid Cards Expire?

The T-Mobile prepaid card makes life pretty easy and it is also less expensive.

However, there is an expiry date on my T-Mobile card.

When your T-Mobile card is loaded to your account, it will expire 90 days after that. but if you spend $100 or more then the amount will remain for 365 days.

So, the best thing you can do is to check T-Mobile regularly regarding the expiration date and load before the date arrives.

There are different types of information on different types of websites that confuse people regarding the expiration of the T-Mobile prepaid card. as a basic rule of thumb, your card expires within 90 days of loading onto your account.

However, if the amount is more than $100 then your card will not expire for 356 days.

You will not need to panic about the 90-day rule if the amount is not loaded to your bank.

However, it is better to check your prepaid card package, there you will find the expiration date, which will likely state “90 days”. However, the number may vary depending on where you buy the card from.

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Is there an Auto-Renew system on my T-Mobile prepaid card?

The card will auto-renew if there is sufficient money in the account at the end of the month.

That is why there is a possibility that you can buy several prepaid cards and fill them all at once. However, there is a 90- days expiration once they are loaded, the excess amount will roll over after 30 days.

How to check the expiry date of my T-Mobile prepaid card?

Although there can be confusion regarding the issue, the best way to check the expiry date of your T-Mobile prepaid card is through T-Mobile. There are a few ways to do so:

  • T-Mobile portal– if you have set up an account with T-Mobile, you will be able to find your expiration date along with other important information at the T-Mobile portal. you can also do it online or by installing and using the app.
  • Calling helpline-if you are not signed up for the T-Mobile portal and you do not wish to use it, then you can call the helpline to find out the expiry date. You can call them at 1 (800) 937 8997 or simply dial 611. not only will they tell you about the expiry date but also about ways to ensure your card does not expire in the future.
  • Online chatting – you also get the facility to chat online on the T-Mobile website with the customer service agent regarding the expiry date and other details.

For how long does a prepaid number last?

As long as there is money in your account your prepaid number will continue to work.

However, if there is not enough money on your card, then your service will be suspended for 30- days unless you opt for a pay-as-you-go plan.

If you do not upload any money within the 30-day suspension, then the account as a whole will be suspended and the number will no longer be in service. if you need it, you will have to get a new number.

Can I reactivate my old mobile number?

Unfortunately, if within the 30-day wait period you did not upload any money and your account is suspended, then you will not be able to reactivate that old mobile number once it has been discontinued. to avoid this from happening, you will need to add money to your account or opt for a different type of T-Mobile plan.

  • Refill online with the T-Mobile portal – The T-Mobile portal comes in handy when you want to refill. Simply sign in and select how much you wish to buy. There are a few rules you will have to keep in mind such as $150 is the maximum amount you can refill in a single time. You can perform multiple transactions in a day but it cannot exceed more than $ 1000.
  • Refill online without logging in – You do not need to sign up for a T-Mobile account to perform a refill. You can do so with the T-Mobile refill page and add more money to your account easily.
  • Refill by phone – You can dial “ADD” to add money to your account. you can also do that by calling 1 (800) 720-5195
  • Go to the T-Mobile store – If you are comfortable doing the refill in person, then you can head to a local T-Mobile store. There you can buy refill cards and also have people’s help to refill them.
  • Buy refill cards – You can also buy refill cards from a third party. you can do this in person at any particular retailer or online by using email delivery.

It is more common to buy a refill card online than to refill one.

Final thoughts

This card can save a lot of time and money. just one thing is that you will have to be careful regarding the expiration of the card.

You must add more money before the 90-days are over. this is to make sure that your account does not get suspended, leaving you without a phone number altogether

Hope this article helps 

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