Floating Bluetooth Speaker: Our Top 5 Picks

Homeowners with classic or futurist ornamentation want speakers that mix in together with your interior style look. A floating Bluetooth speaker will simply do that. The subtle, futurist style can slot in well together with your aesthetic while not compromising sound quality. 

The structure of the Bluetooth speaker is created in such a way that you do not have to hide it from your guests at all. Get pleasure from partying with friends and family while taking note of your favorite music. simply ensure you decide on a top-quality speaker! Don’t worry though, our guide can assist you just do that. 

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1. KABADDI – Levitating Floating Bluetooth Speaker

The design and the structure of the KABADDI Levitating Floating Bluetooth Speaker can for sure make you feel attractive and also it comes with a sound quality that can blow you away. The speaker takes the idea of levitating speakers to a succeeding level. It comes with a glowing, levitating sphere that will contain the speaker and it is focused around a metal frame.

The compact style delivers movableness. you’ll be able to simply move the speaker from one space to a different one. Charging the device is straightforward by employing a USB cable. 


  • Delivers surround sound
  • Compact and moveable style
  • Beautiful look


  • The sphere is created of durable plastic however will break simply if born 

2. Time Orb Magnetic Levitating Speaker

The time Orb rail technology Speaker is straight out of science fiction. It’s sort of a floating pod on top of a starship. the planning won’t be attractive to those searching for a classic-looking speaker, however, adults and children are going to be captivated by the futurist look. 

These lights glow and lightweight up the space as you hear music. several users realize this intriguing and agree the impact fits in well with the Sci-Fi style.

The controls thereon square measure simple to know, however the buttons square measure tiny. Adults with massive fingers square measure doubtless to struggle once increasing and decreasing the quantity.  


  • Easy to line up and use


  • Big-fingered folks can struggle to do to work tiny buttons
  • A plastic body feels flimsy and might break if born

3. Time Orb shadow Levitating Floating Speaker

The time Orb shadow Levitating Floating Speaker may be a refined, futurist system that features a floating UFO-shaped speaker. we are saying refined as a result of it isn’t as flashy because the time Orb rail technology Speaker however still maintains the futurist aesthetic.

The system can be attractive to everybody, from those searching for a classic choice to those who need a speaker that stands out. 

We tend to be pleasantly stunned by the quantity of bass it produces. 

You get some different cool options with the device like wireless charging technology 

Overall, the time Orb shadow may be a nice floating Bluetooth speaker. 


  • Refined, futurist style
  • 5W speaker delivers quality sound
  • Wireless charging


  • Bluetooth property vary was solely six meters

4. Time Orb Levitating Bluetooth Speaker

The plastic body simply doesn’t feel durable. So, you would like to use caution handling the device, ensuring you don’t drop it. 

The speaker will have nice battery life. Fitted with a five hundred mAh battery, you’ll be able to hear your favorite music for up to eight hours

Overall, the Orb Levitating Bluetooth Speaker won’t blow you away with its sound however its movableness, easy of use, and worth it makes it a sensible purchase for anyone searching for a tiny low speaker for his or her space. 

The speaker and base utilize rough-textured plastic that seems and feels durable. The orb and base each have an inexperienced LED that lights up after you use the speaker. We tend to like the black and inexperienced combination over white and blue because it provides a refined, futuristic feel. 

We tend to not realize any positives or negatives to the present approach. The speaker within the bottom doesn’t impact the field levitating the pod. 

When it involves sound, solely the time Orb shadow Levitating Floating Speaker compares. 


  • Delivers powerful sound


  • Wireless vary was but ten meters
  • Takes quite four hours to completely charge the merchandise

Floating Bluetooth Speaker: commonly asked queries

The explanation is that they’re imagined to be compact, portable, and lightweight enough to levitate employing a field. So, if you’re hosting a celebration that may get loud, the sound from the speaker can doubtless be sunken out. 

These speakers have an occasional electric power output and square measure ideal for smaller settings like your space or workplace. 

Our Picks

  • Buying on a budget: If we tend to have to select one, it might be the KABADDI Levitating Floating Bluetooth Speaker. Each time Orb Levitating Bluetooth Speaker and therefore the time Orb rail technology Speaker falls within the same worth vary. However, we tend to be additionally affected by the planning and overall performance of the KABADDI Levitating Floating Bluetooth Speaker. 
  • Kids: The tastelessness and style of the time Orb shadow Levitating Floating Speaker square measure absolute attractiveness to children. 

Our Final Thought

A floating Bluetooth speaker will approach you to hear music reception or within the workplace. The futurist style and levitating capabilities are going to be a speech communication starter. 

Our guide ought to assist you in slandering your alternative right down to the most effective floating speaker that supported the qualities you’re searching for. If you found this review useful, be at liberty to examine our different reviews.

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