6 Best Games Like Eve Online (Top Rated)

Eve online is one of the oldest and most popular space games ever, if you like the space gaming genre then eve online must be your favorite. And if it’s your favorite then you’re going to love all the games like Eve online mentioned below. In these games, you will see stimulation of space, this game is a type of MMORPG.


This article can be the best place for people who are into space games and love playing games like Eve Online. This will help you choose the best game for you and won’t let you miss any game.

These are some of the best games like Eve Online mentioned below :

These games differ from each other as they have Single-player and multiplayer experiences. These games will keep you engaged in them as their experience grows on you and there’s a lot more to find out.

1. Star Conflicts

Website: https://star-conflict.com/

star conflicts

This Star Conflicts game is a type of space game that is based on free space dynamics and space stimulation. This is an action-based game which is more exciting due to the presence of different modes in this space game.

Star Conflicts is quite similar to Eve online as far as its gameplay is considered. The player’s pilot spaceship is customizable as they fight and travel in space finding out new things. In the star conflicts, the ships can be fully customized till the last part and this feature is not found in Eve Online. In this game, you can play only multiplayer mode which allows players from all over the world to play with the bests and varied players. It provides a good and competitive environment for the players.

Star Conflicts features different missions in gaming modes such as PvP and PvE. Star conflicts stand apart from other similar games like Eve Online. In this game, players get to play different roles and fight other spaceships. As the game progresses, players start learning a new set of skills and the things they need to survive in the game. There is one more mode apart from others, which is an open-world sandbox mode. Star conflicts feature different modes and it’s a lot versatile when compared to others. It keeps the player engaged as they keep finding new exciting things and explore through space.

2. Elite Dangerous

Website: http://www.elitedangerous.com/


Elite Dangerous comes with two modes, i.e. single-player mode and multiplayer mode and the gameplay can be managed with the first-person view. This is an online game that comprises different genres such as combat simulation and space adventure. They have made sure to make this game engaging for the users as they have added a galaxy that is quite similar to the milky way and made this game more exciting with two modes in which one can play either solo or with different players and interact with them.

Elite dangerous is the closest ever game to Eve online if compared to others. This game features a milky way like a galaxy within which players need to survive with having controls over a spaceship. Players are allowed to trade and communicate with other players in the galaxy and the world.

For people who are much more into action-based games then it’s even better Eve Online. This game is set in the future in 3304, players start from here with a spaceship and some credits. They are set free in the universe. To survive, they need to do a lot of things such as trading, bounty hunting, mining, assassination, and other works. You can do these activities in both legal ways or illegal ways. This game is most suited for people who want to play an out-and-out action game with a lot more exciting modes and an attractive, first-person view.

3. Perpetuum

Website: http://www.perpetuum-online.com/


Checking further for more games like Eve Online we found this Perpetuum game, which is quite similar to Eve Online. As these, both games are a type of MMORPG and set in the persistent world, and it has the science fiction settings. This game is not set in space theme but it is quite similar to those space games as in this game also players need to manage customized robots and they need to travel from one island to another with the help of teleportation.

It is based on Eve Online only difference this game is on the ground and with the help of customized robots players need to search for artifacts or look for player battles. This game has a lot of different exciting activities, players have a choice in this as if they want to take part in them or not. Some more activities which make this game more engaging are mining, trading, developing something, fighting, and artifact hunting, etc.

In this Perpetuum game, the players will earn points which will help them in later stages as they need the points for in-app purchases. In this game, characters get developed with time and also resources change with time and players get several career opportunities. All the players are stuck in a persistent sandbox universe with each player acting as a server and has their own story.

4. Dark Orbit

Website: http://darkorbit.com/

dark orbit

Dark Orbit is an exciting action-based game that is set in space and has a brilliant multiplayer feature that makes it more appealing. In this space game, the players need to control their spaceships and fight with other none player characters. This game is one of the most sensational games as it is available in 3D which makes it even better than other games of the same type and the game is set in outer space

Dark Orbit is a browser-based game in which a player needs to play in a clan. Each player gets a spaceship with which they need to explore outer space and collect resources and fight other PPE players. This game is easier to play when compared to Eve Online. This game is best for people who like PVE based games, although it does have PVP mode it’s difficult to play that. It’s good for people who like running missions, mining, and operating without tensions in associations.

In this game, you will find over 100 million registered users in this flash type game. So you are going to find a lot of competition in this game.  Players get to choose between three before the game. After the game is started you will need to start from the home map where you have been teleported starting. In this game, you need to get power and money for your benefit, and your company.

5. Vendetta Online

Website: http://www.vendetta-online.com/

vendetta online

Vendetta Online is one of the alternatives to Eve Online but it’s also quite similar to Perpetuum as they both have similar themes and also both are set in a science-fiction world. This Vendetta Online features MMORPG type.

This game allows you to play with two perspectives, first-person and third-person, and with these perspectives, you can have a wonderful playing experience with real flight models and combat systems.  It features different gaming modes such as PvP and PvNPC where battles and combats happen. In this game, you have to complete some objectives such as destroying your enemies space ships and protecting yourself from the fire your enemy is casting. Also, these objectives changes with time as the game progresses. What makes this space game more appealing is its 3D space which makes the experience more enjoyable and beautiful. Also, the 3D space makes it difficult for you to locate the position of an enemy.

This space game allows users to interact with other users in the universe and users can build their character as the game progresses. They can go in any field and make good fortunes and become rich captains of industry, military heroes, etc. The persistent universe and a proper plot make this game even more exciting and different from others. This is one of the best choices for action and combat lovers, completing missions, building their careers, and interacting with millions of users in the universe.

6. Vega Strike

Website: http://vegastrike.sourceforge.net/

vega strikes

Vega Strike is one of the best space games ever. This game also is one of the alternatives for Eve online. Vega Strike mainly focuses on combat simulation and space trading and interacting with other users. In this game, you can only play from the first-person perspective and it makes it even more exciting, as everything seems more real and near.

In this game users generally travel through the universe and explore the universe with the two available modes are single-player mode and multiplayer mode. They will explore the universe and complete the tasks. Economics plays a crucial role in this game, as trading is very important for combat and also for traveling across the universe and finding things. You need to keep making good wealth and the high credit will help you buy the needed services and upgrades with ease. Investing in cars is very important as they can be of great help in dangerous missions. You get full freedom in this game, as you can unravel the secret of the universe and do a lot more things. In multiplayer you can have a lot of tasks to do such as dog fighting, building colonies, space trading, and fighting these all will help you survive through the universe.

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Here we have stated some of the best games like Eve Online and explained their various details which are needed to choose the best out of them. We have completed this article to the best of our knowledge, we have this will be helpful for you.

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