How Do I Answer a Call on AirPods?

Apple’s airpods have features that have integrated touch controls and also have microphones in each earpiece which would allow you to make and answer your phone calls if you get them. You can even hang up calls using just your Airpods. 

Continue reading the article to find out how to use this feature. 


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How to make and answer calls?

To answer or make calls on your Airpods, you need to make sure that you are connected to your device, whatever it may be (iPad, iPhone, etcetera).

You can then do one of the following things:

  • Press the force sensor on either of your Airpods 
  • Make a call on your device and ask Siri to make a call to someone. You can also set either of your Airpods to activate Siri by a touch on the force sensors.

You can also simply double tap on your Airpod’s outer part to answer a call and you can do the same thing to hang up the call. 

When Airpods were first introduced, these advanced features were not a part of the model. With time, Apple introduced various improvements and adjustments along the way. The touch-sensitive sensors equipped in the airpods are the reason why we can use the phone call feature. 

There are different ways that you can answer calls according to what model you have. Let us look at that. 

Can we answer calls using first and second generation Airpods?

Yes, we can answer calls using the first and second generation airpods. It is as simple as it can get. You just need to tap your pods on both generation airpods. Apple has a built-in touch sensor which makes it possible for you to have a hands-free conversation.

The only difference between both generations of Airpods is that for the first generation you have to tap twice and for the second generation, you have to only tap once.

Can we answer calls using Airpod Pros?

Yes, you can answer calls using Airpod pro too but they work differently from first and second-generation Airpods. 

The difference between them is that for the first and second generation, the sensors are located on the pod whereas, for Airpod pro, they are located on the stem. To receive a call while using your Airpods pro, you just need to squeeze or press on the sensor.

Can we decline a call or just end a call?

The answer to that question is also yes. When you double press on the force sensor, it declines the incoming call and sends it immediately to voicemail. 

Can I make my Airpods announce incoming calls?

Yes, you can make your Airpods announce incoming calls. This way you would know who is calling and if you want to pick the call up or not. 

To do the same, you must follow these steps given below:

  • Go to Settings on your phone and press on the phone symbol in the Settings app. 
  • An icon will open up after which you would need to press on it. 
  • Access section will open up and you would then have to select on ‘Announce call’ function by tapping on the symbol. 

This way you would get your incoming calls announced. 

Can I answer calls if I have an android device?

Yes, you can even perform the function of answering calls using your Android device through your Airpods. 

Though this is possible and you can enjoy certain features, it is still not as easy or straightforward to sync an iOS and Android device. To pair the two devices together, you may follow the same procedure but as we mentioned, it would not be as straightforward as you think and the devices may hesitate to pair together. 

In case this happens, you should long-press your pod’s back in case you are using first or second-generation Airpods and press on the stem in case you have Airpods Pro till a light appears. 

Can we use voice commands for calls?

Yes, using voice commands for calls is also another option that Apple has made possible to use. Apple has invented the voice command called Siri. any iOS device starting 14.5 and beyond has the Siri voice command. 

You can pick up any call or even decline them using Siri. but to enjoy this, you would need to set it up. You can do that by following the steps given below:

  • Go to the settings app and click on Siri 
  • Select the Phone option from the menu
  • Turn on Announce call settings 

To be able to use the voice commands, you just need to announce them to Siri.

Ending thoughts 

Technology has always been made to make our lives easier with newer developments. It may not feel like the call feature is useful but imagine if you are in the middle of doing something and you get an urgent call, you can be able to pick it up instantly using your airpods. 

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