How Do I Clear My Cache on My iPhone?

You can clean the cache on your iPhone by internet browser settings, in the folder named “history”

Different cache files separately and you will have to follow different steps to clean the cache, which is why it is important to know how to clean different types of cache

What are caches?

They are a series of files that get stored on your device so that things can be done more smoothly and quickly.

In some cases, they include cookies or other types of tracking files to monitor your usage and also to give you a better experience on the internet.

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Why do you need to clean caches?

Make it a general practice to clean the cache files on your iPhone from time to time to maintain your device. 

When you remove these, you are making more space on your phone, allowing it to work more efficiently and also allowing it to make more space for storage.

Sometimes cache files become corrupted leading to system restart unexpectedly.

, cleaning cache is not only to clean up space but also to clean your internet browsing security.

How to clean cache on safari?

Cleaning cache is a simple method.

  1. Go to setting
  2. Look for safari, it should be in the same section as that of phone and messages
  3. Scroll down till you see the option of “clean history and website data “
  4. Press and confirm it

In the case of Safari on the iPhone, there is no separation between history and cache.

This also means that if on any website where you asked to remember your sign-in, you will be signed out, thus you will have to log in again.

How to clean cache on chrome?

Many iPhone users use Chrome instead of Safari to allow more smooth browsing between their phones and computer.

 you will get the option to select what you want to remove instead of removing all or none.

Follow the steps 

  1. Open the browser
  2. On the button right-hand corner, you will find three dots, press that
  3. Then select history
  4. At the bottom of your screen, you will find the option of clearing the browsing data, tap on it 
  5. Select which cache files you want to delete
  6. Then tap done

If you forget to remove any data, you can do that later, following the same process, but once it is deleted there is no way you can get it back.

How to clear the cache on Firefox?

After chrome, the most popular browser is Firefox

To remove the cache from Firefox, you will have to clean all of your browsing histories

But you can select how much history you want to delete.

To do that :

  1. Open  browser
  2. On the bottom right corner, you will find a pancake menu, tap it.
  3. Then select history
  4. Then select clear recent history
  5. Choose the timeframe you want to clear.

How to Clean cache on DuckDuckGo?

Another browser that is growing in popularity in recent years is DuckDuckGo.

Clearing cache and browsing history are typically straightforward.

Here is how it is done

  1. After you are done browsing, tap the flame icon that you can see on the bottom
  2. Confirm that you wish to close tabs and clear data.

You can also clear cache by  

Tap on the setting, and turn on the option to automatically clear data.

It will allow the clearing of data every time you restart the browser.

How to clear cache in other apps?

The cache is also kept by many streaming platforms and apps to make playbacks more efficient

to clear the cache, do the following:

  1. Open the setting, then tap on general and then on iPhone storage.
  2. Look for apps that take a lot of space.
  3. Look for the app setting of the desired app
  4. Then you will see the option of clearing download content or the cache.

However, if you do not find this setting for apps, then you will have to delete the app altogether.

You can after that redownload it

This may help to clear out 100 GB or more from your phone‘s hard drive

How do you clear old messages?

Your message cache is stored in the form of voice, pictures, and video files sent through the messaging app.

They can take up a tremendous amount of space. however, they can be easily removed

You get two options

How to delete large attachments?

  1. Open setting
  2. Select general
  3. Then tap iPhone storage
  4. Then select the message
  5. Tap review the large attachment
  6. Then select the edit option that you can find in the upper right-hand corner.
  7. Tap on the checkmark next to the attachment you wish to delete
  8. Then select the garbage can option in the upper right-hand corner.

To delete old conversations, tap the “top conversation “option, from which you can choose the conversations you wish to delete, and then hit the garbage can button and you are done

How to clear the Bluetooth cache?

These files allow you to connect easily with the Bluetooth device in the future and allow you to maintain their settings, such as the set volume, etc.

However, sometimes the files get corrupted making it impossible to continue to connect or use the browser.

To correct this, you will have to clean the cache files and create a new one.

There is only one way of doing it.

It is

  1. Open the setting app
  2. Tap the Bluetooth icon
  3. Then tap the option of “I” for the device you wish to clear
  4. Then tap the forget device.

And then you are all done.

Closing thought

Caches are important files that help to make things faster and smoother for the user. however, these files can pose a security threat and also take over the device’s storage

Therefore, clearing it should be a part of maintaining your phone

Hope this article helps. 

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