How do I connect Bluetooth headphones to my iPhone?  

Bluetooth headphones are becoming quite popular among youngsters due to the advancement of Bluetooth technology. 

Since the iPhone is removing jack ports from their devices, usage of Bluetooth headsets is increasing. 

After buying new Bluetooth headphones, you can research how to use them properly. Here are some points to keep in mind. 

How to pair headphones to an iPhone? 

Turn on the Bluetooth, and go to the Bluetooth tab in the settings on your iPhone. When you see your device in the Bluetooth tab, click on it & connect it to your iPhone. 

Once your device is remembered by your iPhone, then whenever your turn on your device it will automatically connect to your iPhone. 

If you are not using Bluetooth regularly, you may have to disconnect it & reconnect every time you use it. 

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Are all wireless headphones Bluetooth headphones? 

Not all wireless headphones are considered Bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones should have connections between devices. 

If the headphones you are using have their own form of connection, then they are Bluetooth headphones. These headphones are wireless. 

Bluetooth headphones are not considered wireless headphones because they do not have any wires. 

Wireless headphones use radio frequency waves to transmit sound from the device to the headphones. 

The old version of wireless headphones used infrared waves to transmit sound. 

How to connect Bluetooth headphones automatically to iPhone? 

When you turn on your Bluetooth headphones & pair them with your iPhone for the first time, it will automatically connect with your iPhone the next time. 

Some circumstances may distract the connection. If you haven’t turned on the Bluetooth features on your iPhone. Headphones won’t connect to your iPhone if the Bluetooth features are not turned on. 

Another thing is if you have connected Bluetooth with another device. If you are using headphones with a different device, your iPhone will not detect them automatically. 

The headphones will try to connect with the devices it connected to most recently. 

Can I connect headphones to multiple devices via Bluetooth? 

You will be able to register Bluetooth headphones with multiple devices but can’t hear audio from all the devices at the same time. 

You can register with eight devices with your Bluetooth headphones at the same time. Bluetooth headphones can recognize eight devices at the same time. 

You can use your headphones with iPhone, iPad, or other devices. But, it is not possible to play audio from multiple devices. 

Bluetooth headphones can be paired with one device at a time because they are not strong enough to connect with multiple devices & can’t play audio from different devices at the same time. 

Do certain Bluetooth headphones work better with iPhones than others? 

Yes, there are Bluetooth headphones that work better with iPhones than on other phones. There are Bluetooth headphones that iPhone also prefers. 

Airpods are the best Bluetooth headphones to use with iPhone produced by Apple. Since Apple makes iPhones, the headphones produced by them will be the best to use with iPhone. 

Not only Airpods, but other Bluetooth headphones also work properly with an iPhone. Other headphones are also available which are suitable for your style & comfort. 

Is there any alternative to a Bluetooth headset? 

Yes, there are alternatives to Bluetooth headphones if you find it difficult to use them. 

Wireless headphones that use radio & infrared waves to broadcast sound are available. However, now they are outdated. 

If you want to try something new rather than Bluetooth headphones, go for induction wireless headphones. These use magnetic induction to broadcast audio. 

Bluetooth headphones are far better than these headphones but can be used as alternatives if you don’t want to use Bluetooth. 

Why are my Bluetooth headphones not able to connect? 

There are plenty of reasons why your Bluetooth headphones are unable to connect. 

Maybe your Bluetooth is not off or your iPhone is unable to recognize the headphones. You have already connected a device to your Bluetooth & headphones are already connected to another device. 

Make sure your Bluetooth is on, otherwise it will be impossible for your iPhone to recognize your headphones. Go to the settings on your iPhone & turn on your Bluetooth. 

If your headphones are not recognized immediately, then they may not be on or not have been paired earlier to your iPhone. 

If you are using a device connected to your iPhone, then it may trouble you while connecting headphones to your iPhone. 

If headphones are connected to another device, then they will struggle to connect with your iPhone. 


The reasons why your Bluetooth headphones will not connect to your iPhone are mentioned in this article. 

Most probably it is because the Bluetooth is off on your iPhone or your headphones are turned off. 

You can check once before trying to connect in your settings & then see if your headphones are connected to your iPhone or not. 

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