How do I delete my hangout account permanently?

What is google hangout all about?

It is originally a platform that is created by google using VOIP features and access to video calling and messaging features for users and it’s a free tool.

Some pros of google hangout?

This app is great because it is an all-in-one communication app allowing sender users to send and receive texts, messages, and other types of documents.

It is also widely accessible on various devices and easy to understand.

What things do I need so that google hangout works?

The needs are very simple, you will just need a device with an internet connection and a google account, if you have a problem with logging in to the account, you can select the option of recovering the account and that all

Is google chat the rebranded version of google hangout?

Yes, on April 9, 2020, google rebranded google hangout as google chat and google meet.

How can I permanently delete my hangout account?

To delete your hangout account permanently, follow these steps

  1.   Start by opening the app
  2.   Then click on the menu option
  3.   Next to the account option, you will find a down arrow option click it.
  4.   You will be able to find the manage my account option click on that
  5.   After that on the top right corner of the screen, click on the option of ‘remove account’

How can I remove contacts from google hangout on my device?

  •   Firstly, go to
  •   Then select the name of the contact
  •   And click on the three dots that can be found next to the name
  •   From there click on the option of ‘delete’ and you are done

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Some questions related to the hangout app?

1. What happens after I delete my hangout app?

This app causes no negative effect on the device on which it is installed, so deleting and installing the app at any time will not have any effect on android devices.

2. Is it unsafe to use the hangout app?

The hangout app is safe to use to protect your and your information. It is better to use a hangout app to only communicate with people you know and trust.

3. Why can’t I delete my hangout app?

This could be the case if this app was preinstalled on your device, that you have to either sign out or you will have to use a different Messenger app.

4. From my iPhone, how can I permanently delete the hangout app?

To delete the hangout app permanently from your iPhone, press down the app icon till it starts to wiggle, and then select the app by clicking on the ‘remove’ option present on the top left corner of the screen tap on it, and you are done.

5. What happens if I delete the hangout app from my device?

You can delete the app whenever you want and reinstall it whenever you want. you can also switch to other messaging apps.

6. Is it possible to delete hangouts while having google chats?

If the hangout app is built into your Google account, then there is no way of removing it. The only possible way is by deleting your google account, other than that there are not many choices.

7. Is the app hangout safe for use?

Hangout is an application by Google and it is completely safe for use. for maintaining security and privacy all of the communications are encrypted using google hangout, therefore, making it secure.

8. Is it possible to safely uninstall the hangout?

If you have installed hangout through your play store then you can delete it easily by clicking the uninstall option available, however, if the app was preinstalled on the device, then no you cannot completely get rid of it which means that you cannot entirely install the app from your device.

9. What will happen with old hangouts?

Hangout was discontinued and rebranded as google chat and google meet.

10. How can I add a hangout to my other google application?

Just replace the old google chat with the new hangout interface

11. Why should I use google hangout?

Other than its multi-feature quality, it is very continental to use across any device be it iOS or android as long as they are using the same Google account.

Hope this article helps.

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