How Do I Put My JBL 500BT In Pairing Mode?

When you turn on your headphone, they are already in pairing mode 

To get 500BT back to pairing mode, hold down the button in between the volume up and down button

For LIVE 500BT hold down the button on the bottom of the right ear cup instead.

Once the headphone is ready go to the Bluetooth setting

For android, drag down your notification bar, in many options you will see the Bluetooth icon. long-press it

For iOS, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the control center. then tap and hold the Bluetooth

For windows, click the start button and search for the Bluetooth setting in the search bar, in that select device and then select Bluetooth on the left sidebar

For macOS, click on the Bluetooth icon in the Apple menu at the top of the screen. then click “Bluetooth preferences” to open the Bluetooth setting menu.

After you find the Bluetooth option, look for the name with 500BT available in the list of available device names and connect it.  

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How to connect the JBL 500BT with Bluetooth?

  1. Switch JBL TUNE or LIVE 500BTs to pairing mode by either using the LIVE’s dedication Bluetooth button or holding the play button for three seconds on the TUNE
  2. Then select the Bluetooth signal of JBL 500BT on the device

Both TUNE and LIVE models of the 500BT can pair to two devices at once.

How to pair another device with the TUNE 500BTs?

After you are done pairing your first devices, you need to set your TUNEs into the second device pairing mode.

Hold both the play and volume up button for five second

Go to the Bluetooth setting of the second device you wish to pair and select the TUNE 500BT signal name.  

Now both the devices are paired,

To switch the audio from one device to another simply pause active audio and play the audio from another device.

To pair the second device, press the Bluetooth pairing button on the right ear cup.

Then connect the second device through the Bluetooth setting menu.

The headphone will not stay connected to both devices automatically so you need to go back to the first device and reconnect it.

Calls from any of the two devices will get more priority so the music will stop.

 How to remove the JBL 500BT Bluetooth connection?

When you want to connect new devices to your headphone, you often need to remove or unpair the old devices for doing that:

If you have only connected to one device previously then you will only need to pair a new device

However, if you have maxed out the number of paired devices, you will have to remove the name of the speaker from your old device before pairing the new device.

To remove the old device

  1. Go to the Bluetooth setting of your old device
  2. Select the name of your headphones
  3. Two options will appear those are removed and disconnect
  4. Press on the option to remove.

This will do

Now you can pair any new device with your headphone

However even after disconnecting the headphone from the old device, if you face any difficulty in pairing the new device, you will have to factory reset the headphones.

Is factory reset of  JBL 500BTs possible?

  • Make sure that the headphones are on, the LED light should either be white or blue
  • Press and hold the volume up and down button for five seconds

You will see that your headphones will power off and on again

Then a ping sound will play which means that your work is done.

Hope this article helps

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