How do I reset my AirPods ?

Airpods have always been something that has had a big fanbase everywhere and almost every apple user has a pair of Airpods. 

Though Airpods usually do not give any problems, but there are certain times when they do cause troubles and during those times, it may need to be troubleshooted or reset completely. This article will act as a guide which will help you out in resetting your Airpods. 

Resetting your Airpods is not as hard as it may seem. Doing that is one of the easiest things. You just need to forget your Airpods in the Bluetooth settings and resetting them on the case. 


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Steps to reset your Airpods

  1. You would need to put your Airpods back in their case and close the lid.
  2. Then, after 30 seconds you need to open the lid back again.
  3. Then, go on your iOS device’s settings and tap on Bluetooth.
  4. Click on the” i” icon next to your Airpod’s name.
  5. Tap “FORGET THIS DEVICE” and tap again to confirm
  6. Then, keeping your Airpod case’s lid open, press and hold on the button on the back of the case for about 15-20 seconds till you see the amber light flashing.

Do note that the status light will depend on what Airpods you are using. If they are first or second generation Airpods, then the status light will be inside the case otherwise it would be on the outside of the case. 

What do these lights on Airpods mean?

Airpod has this special feature which tells you specific things regarding lights. Before you reset your AirPods, you must know what all these lights mean.

The LED status talks about the battery charge left on your Airpods. Even though it does not give exact percentage, it does give an idea about the same. 

The green lighting is associated with a full battery life of the Airpods but if you see this without your pods in the case then it means that only one remaining charge is left. 

Amber light indicates that your Airpods are not fully charged and that they have started charging when you put them in the case. Amber lights flashing means that there has been a pairing error.

The white flashing lights mean that your device is now ready to pair your apple device. And if there is no light when your Airpods are in the case, it means that all the charging has been drained and that your Airpod needs to be charged. 

Other ways to reset your Airpods?

You can also try other troubleshooting tips as relaying on the lights is not the only way to work through your way.

  • You can view your battery percentage to ensure a proper performance as that can cause problems at times. You just need to press the bottom on the back of the case and open the readout display on your iPhone of the battery status. This would let you know the exact battery percentage. 
  •  You can also change your Airpod’s name to fix the connectivity issues it might me facing, to do that you just need to open your Airpod case with your Airpods in it and access your Bluetooth settings. Then tap on the “i” icon. Update the name of your Airpods and try connecting to a device. 
  • You should also try to pair your device wit another device. Sometimes the problem is from the device’s side and not the Airpods.

What do you need while resetting your Airpods?

Sometimes when your Airpod is connected to too many other devices, it can cause synching and functionality issue so resetting them is necessary. 

Most issues arise from the syncing. Usually whenever you open your Airpod’s case, they should automatically connect to the device nearby. Whenever that doesn’t happen, it causes a problem. To solve that problem, resetting your Airpods is required. 

To fix any connectivity issue or any issue in general regarding your Airpods, the best solution is to reset the,. Another such issue is when your Airpods won’t charge. A quick reset helps out. 

How to re-pair your Airpods?

Die to the inclusion of H1 and W1 chips, reconnecting your Airpods is not as hard. You just need to open your lid of your Airpod case near one of your devices and it should automatically show a pop-up menu after which you need to tap on connect to pair them. 

For window users, you must open Airpod case and press hold the setup button. You should do that till the status light starts blinking and then connect like every other Bluetooth device. 

Ending Thoughts

Airpods are usually one of the easiest devices to operate; especially if they are being used along with another apple device. Though, there are times when minting these devices can get complicated. People often get stuck on what to do and therefore search for things like these to help solve their doubts.

The most important thing to know is the color and lighting patterns. Those help you figure out what type of problems you might be having. 

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