How Do I Reset My Harman Kardon Bluetooth Speaker?

To reset the speaker,  press the reset button for five seconds. different models of speakers have the button located on different sides

In the case of Citation one and Citation, 100 models have the reset button located at the bottom of the speaker and is labeled as reset.

After you press the button for 5 secs the speaker will shut down and turn on automatically.

In the case of Citation 300 and 500, the reset button is located next to the power button and the service button. by pressing it for 5 secs after it is done the speaker will shut down and turn on automatically.

Another unique speaker is the Citation bar. The reset button is on the touch screen surface. You will have to press the reset button, pressing it for 5 secs will rest it and the speaker will turn off and then on automatically this will allow you to restart the speaker and all previous settings will be deleted.

As for Citation Surround, pressing the reset button that is located at the back of the speaker for 5 secs will reset the speaker

The citation sub‘s reset button is located next to the LED indicator on the backside. In case Citation multibeam. Therese button is found right to USB and AUX ports and you will have to do the same thing as you do with another speaker.

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How to reset?

There are a few steps to follow:

  • Turn the speaker on 
  • Then hold the power and volume button for 5-10 seconds
  • After that there will be a beep and the speaker will turn off.
  • In some models, the speaker turns on automatically after that and in some cases, you will have to turn the speaker on manually
  • When the speaker is on the LED light will blink meaning that it is in the pairing mode and that the speaker has been reset.
  • Then ENJOY

Some questions regarding it?

1. Does resetting the speaker mean that its problem will be solved?

Problems such as pairing failure or some software or hardware problem can be solved by resetting the speaker however many problems can not be solved with a reset.

2. Does resetting reduce the life of the speaker?

Many factors determine the life of your speaker. How well you take care of your speaker will determine the life and it is not affected by how many times you reset the speaker

3. How do I reset Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 2?

You can do it by pressing the Bluetooth button for 3-5 seconds.

Once your speaker is reset the LED light will start blinking meaning that it is ready for pairing

4. How to put a Harman Kardon speaker in pairing mode?

First, turn on the Bluetooth of the device with which you wish to pair on. Then press the right-side button on the speaker to turn it on. Then push the left side of the speaker to turn on the Bluetooth. Once you are done connect both the speaker and the device.

5. How to know if my Bluetooth speaker is charging?

First, plug the speaker into the charger by using the USB cable that is provided. turn on the power button when you charge the speaker LED light will turn on and when it is fully charged then the LED light will start blinking.

6. How to reset Harman Kardon Citation 1?

First, make sure that the speaker is on. then find the reset button on the button of the speaker, press it for five seconds and your speaker will reset, the speaker will automatically turn off, and then on when your speaker will be ready to pair the LED light will start to blink connect it and enjoy

7. How to reset the Harman Kardon mini?

Press the volume up and play/pause button together for 3-5 seconds and when the LED light is turned on release the button and give the device some time to reset when the LED light starts to blink that means that the speaker is in the pairing mode.


Even though Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers have premium design and sound quality it is quite affordable compared to other brands

The consistency of the designs in these speakers makes it easy to locate buttons such as reset buttons.

This button is needed when your speaker develops some problem and you will have to reset it.

Even though all Harman Kardon speakers come with detailed user manuals it can be confusing at times.

Hope this article helps.

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