How Do I Stop My iPad and iPhone From Working With Safari?

Safari is said to be the fastest browser in the world. and it is made mainly for apples. so, iPad and iPhones have it in their default browser. but you can use another browser if you want to.

Here is how

Start by opening the setting, and the restrictions. you will have to enter your device password.

There you will find a list of installed applications, from there just turn off the safari option.

And you will have to disable the handoff feature on both devices if you wish to prevent your iPhone or iPad from linking with safari.


Reasons as to why my iPhone keeps using safari?

As mentioned earlier safari was mainly made for apple so it is set as a default browser on your Apple devices.

If you see from the manufacturer’s perspective, the safari is made to fit perfectly on the architecture and hardware of the Apple devices

How to use safari on an iPhone?

It is like any other browser out there.

To zoom in or out you will have to pinch in or out respectively

If you are scrolling through a long web page scrolling back can be a problem, in safari, you will not have to worry about this problem as you can navigate back to the top of the web page by tapping the middle section located at the top of the browser window.

How can I get rid of safari on my iPhone or iPad?

It is not possible to get rid of safari entirely .so what you can do is disable safari

To disable Safari, follow these steps

  1. Open setting
  2. Go to general setting then open restriction
  3. Then enter your passcode when it asks for it
  4. Once you have done that you will find a list of installed devices, select Safari, and then turn off the switch next to safari.

The above-mentioned steps will not only remove safari but also remove it from your home screen option.

Therefore, making your safari browser dormant.

How do I reinstall safari on my apple device?

As safari is a core and inbuilt application on your apple device it will never get completely removed or deleted from your device. In case you can not find your safari or it is not working then try updating it or reinstalling it. For that go to your app store and search for a safari

Then you get it on your screen, click the get button, wait for it to download and install and you are done.

How can I stop my connection between my iPad and iPhone?

The handoff feature on apple devices is mainly for the convenience of the user to connect several devices. The handoff process works mainly because of the Apple ID.

Therefore to disconnect any device that charges the same id, you will have to do these:

  1. Open the setting in the Apple device you wish to disconnect
  2. Then go to the general setting
  3. Then find the option of handoff and turn it off, it will automatically disconnect between your devices.

Does Apple still support safari?

Over time safari could be used on any device even those that are run by windows

However, the window version of safari is not supported by apple. The best safari is enjoyed by apple users only.

In the case of Apple, the safari undergoes regular upgrades and maintenance, giving its best in terms of both speed and function.

Can I use safari privately on my apple device?

Yes, you can use your safari on your apple device privately. however even if you use the private mode, the searching data will be visible to your internet provider

To use the private mode, do the following step:

  1. Open safari on any apple device
  2. Open the view tab option, tap on the page’s icon
  3. Once you do that, tap on private to start a private browsing session

Upon the closing of the tab, your browser will get rid of all your search and data. however, if you downloaded anything it will remain.

Why does safari keep on saying a problem repeatedly occurred?

Even though it is the most efficient web browser, sometimes problems do occur.

When you are carrying out an online payment or transaction, there is a pop-up stating that the problem repeatedly occurred.

Just enable the JavaScript option in your safari setting option and your problem will be solved 

Closing thought

Wish to get rid of safari is a personal choice, just remember safari is created so that it can be the most efficient browser that can run on an Apple device

Hope this article helps 

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