Bluetooth is something that has kept on growing for the years. It is a wireless connection that allows us to get more convenience when we are using it.

It can get frustrating when you are playing music and just want to enjoy it but the volume is too low. What should you do? Keep on reading to find out more about it.


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How do I increase the volume?

The main reason for these sudden problems regarding volume on your Bluetooth is because of iOS’s feature that reduces loud sounds. If you disable this, you won’t have to deal with random volume decreases anymore.

1.Turn off the volume limit

iOS devices provide a volume limit that is designed to protect your ears from loud music or sounds. You can remove it and set the maximum volume to full. You can fix this but following these small steps given below:

  • go to settings.
  • Find music in your settings and click on it.
  • Set the volume limit to maximum

After doing this, you would be able to use the volume button to its full volume. This is the easiest way to increase Bluetooth volume on iPhone.

2.Reduce Loud Sounds

With the latest update of iOS, iPhone has an option to limit the volume of specific apps individually. This feature also includes the Music app which is usually the major place of usage for your Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

This feature will analyze the strength of your music playback and will automatically lower the volume if it goes beyond 80 dB which is past the safe volume. You would also be getting a notification for the same.

You couldn’t disable this feature but with the newer updates, you can now do this. To go and disable this feature, you would need to follow the steps given below:

  • Go to settings
  • Click on Sound & Haptics
  • Press on headphone safety
  • Turn the Reduce loud sound option off

3.Try using a volume booster

You can even try using the iPhone volume booster if it still does not work out as you wished it to work out. There is this app called Equalizer Pro Volume Booster that enhances volume on our phone which also has received good ratings as of now. You would need to check out if this works out for you and whether you might need extra adjustments or not.

This app is known for enhancing sound quality along with the media player capabilities.

4.Reduce headphones notification

When we disable the reduce loud sound option, it still sends in notifications for the same to reduce your volume down and to not listen above the preferable sound but you can also disable those notifications. You can do this by following the steps given below:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Accessibility followed by Audio/Visual.
  • Turn off the Headphone notifications options.

5.Adjust the Bluetooth volume on the device

Because of the connectivity that iOS devices have with each other, when you adjust the volume on your Airpods, it would also change the volume on your iPhone.

If you are not using your Airpods, then try adjusting the volume by pressing the buttons on your Bluetooth headphones. You can change and adjust the volume separately from your iPhones as well. If in case your headphone volume is set at low volume then the sound you hear will be low volume as well.

6.Remove Bluetooth Profile

You can even try to remove your Bluetooth profile and try to repair it.

Follow the steps given below to remove the Bluetooth Profile from your iOS device:

  • Go to settings
  • Tap on Bluetooth
  • Check your device and tap on it.
  • Check the details about your device and then press on forget device

After that, restart your Bluetooth and process your device again.

Can having a high-quality speaker help the low volume problem?

Often Bluetooth compresses the audio when sending a signal in form of audio from your iPhone device. Some people switch to Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth to enjoy clear and better audio quality.

A better-quality speaker would play audio at higher volumes without any problem or distortion. You would need to update your software and the app on your iPhone to ensure better quality.

Ending thoughts

Hopefully, this article helped you solve all the problems you had regarding the Bluetooth volume on your iPhone.

Bluetooth sometimes gives you convenience and sometimes not. Make sure that you have both your iPhone and speakers in a place with good connectivity. If you have tried all the solutions provided and still face problems, you should try contacting the technician in case there is some bigger problem than what you may think. Often it is not even a connectivity problem but just a speaker problem. So, be sure to be careful about that.

Rest assured, we hoped this helped you out. 

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