How do you delete all iMessages on Mac?

  1. Start by opening the app
  2. Then you will find three lines on the top of the screen that says ‘all mail’, ‘inbox’, and ‘sent mail’
  3. Click the ‘message’ tab that you will find on the top of the window and then proceed to click on the red arrow beside it.
  4. Then press down control and A together and that will select all your messages
  5. Then press the trashcan icon beside the list
  6. This will remove all messages from your system.

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Questions related to it:

1. How can I delete messages on Reddit?

In case you want to delete all your messages from Reddit. You can do that using either the website or another third-party app or through your account on the phone.

If you want to delete it through the website of Reddit then you will have to log in using your account and then from the top of the screen select ‘your profile. over there, you will find the option of ‘account setting’, and from there find the option of ‘delete message history, and you are done.

In case you are using any third-party app, open it and on the top of the screen click on the username, then scroll down till you find the option of ‘manage message’ and then proceed to click on ‘delete all message’ and you are done.

2. How can I delete all my messages from Reddit?

To delete all messages on Reddit, you will have to open the app or the website and log in from your account, then from your profile go to setting and then to ‘messages’. then select the option of ‘all messages and then click on delete messages and confirm the process by clicking ‘yes’.

3. Where can I find the shift key on the mac?

The keyboard of mac is mainly designed for American English and therefore the left side of the keyboard has all function keys. On the right side of the keyboard are different types of keys for different languages such as German.

The shift key is present on the right side of the keyboard, just to the right of the enter key.

4. Why are messages taking up so much space in mac?

Recent studies show that the mail app of apple takes more space than the space taken by Facebook and Gmail combined.

Many new features are added to it such as threaded conversations and multimedia and therefore may require a lot more space.

If you wish to free up space on the Mac then you can do some things such as switch off alerts for new messages and delete old unimportant messages.

5. How can I delete a lot of messages together?

you can either use the ‘delete all’ or select the messages you wish to delete and delete them.

6. On a Mac, where are messages stored?

iMessages are not stored on your mac, they are not stored in the same location as other files, there are special locations where messages are stored. That means that if you wish to delete iMessage from the Mac, you will have to delete the folder where they are saved.

7. How can I select all of them on mac?

There are several ways through which you can do it.

The easiest and most common way is by using the keyboard shortcut that is pressing a command and a button together, however, this method works on limited options. so, as an alternative, you can use the ‘select all’ option that is available on the menu on most applications and can be used in a wide range.

8. Is there a way to delete messages from a Mac or iPhone?

Till now there is no such way of deleting iMessage from a Mac or iPhone, the message is stored in both the device of the sender and the receiver, and the option to delete the message is only available on the device of the person who received the message.

9. How can I mass delete messages from mac Reddit?

There are several ways to do it such as

Firstly, you can open the Messenger app and click on the menu bar to select the option of ‘delete conversation’

You can also use apple’s trashcan app

Lastly, you can use the terminal by typing the command ‘defaults write com. apple’ after you open the app.

10. How can I delete multiple messages on Mac 2021?

Refer to the above article for that and you will get your answer.

11. Is it possible to delete mass messages together on a Mac or iPhone?

Yes, the above article may describe how.

12. How can I select multiple messages together on mac?

To select multiple messages together, you can choose all of them together by pressing down the command and A buttons together.

13. How may I delete all messages on mac but not on iPhone?

There are several methods to try such as

You ahead and open the Messenger app, then open the file option and click on ‘delete messages’ in case this does not work you can try to open the setting on your device then select whatever you want to delete and click on the ‘I’ next to it and proceed to click the delete option and you are done.

14. In the case of a Mac, how can I delete an entire conversation?

To delete an entire conversation on mac, click the entire conversation and press down command and delete together.

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