How do you delete your Roblox account 2022?


It is a global platform that connects people through the world of gaming. It allows users to create, connect and play with millions of people in many varieties of user-generated 3D worlds. so go ahead and log in.

What is Roblox studio and how does it work?

Roblox studio allows you as a user to create and release anything through any device such as a tablet, desktop smartphone, etc .and allows you to connect with a lot of people importantly Roblox studio is free.

Why is my account on Roblox not working?

There can be many reasons for that such as the password could have been changed or there could be some technical problem or the user may have done something that violates the terms of service or community law. it is better to contact the customer support service for such issues either via email or their phone number.

How can I delete my Roblox account?

  1. Firstly, you will have to call 888-858-BLOX
  2. Over the call, you will have to give all information that will be asked for verification
  3. After you are done, your account will be deleted after a few working days.

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Some questions regarding this:

1. How can I delete my Roblox account?

If you have many active accounts then the best way is to delete them individually. for doing that log in to your account and then click on the option of ‘delete my account ‘

However, this method will not remove any of your users from the system. To do that you will have to go through ROBLOX’s online support system in a web browser where you will have to ask customer care to terminate the desired account.

2. Are inactive accounts deleted by Roblox?

Just because the account is inactive, Roblox does not delete them. However, if an account has been dominant for years and suddenly becomes active then Roblox believes that the account may have been compromised and therefore deletes it as a precaution.

3. Is Roblox deleting accounts that are under 13?

For delivering a safe and private environment for users the age of the user cannot be altered. and for the COPPA requirement users whose age is under 13 are not allowed to modify their age settings.

4. Reasons as to why Roblox could have deleted my account?

Old accounts that have not been used for over a year are deleted by roble to make room on their server for new players.

5. How can I delete a Roblox account?

To delete a problem account, you will have to use their online support forum. either email and ask them to delete your account or call 888-858-2569 which is their customer care number and inform them that you wish to delete the account.

6. Reasons as to why Roblox bans old accounts?

If a player breaks any terms and conditions or community rules on Roblox, their account will be suspended. The users can now be asked by Roblox to delete all their information and the account and if they do not cooperate with EU privacy laws, then Roblox may take some actions against them.

Hope this article helps.

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