How Do You Tell If AirPods Are Generation 1 or 2?

Airpods are one of the most popular and expensive products of apple. One cannot tell apart the Airpod’s generation just by looking at them since there isn’t much visible difference between the same. This is one of the main reasons why people and scammers often sell fake AirPods or sell Gen 1 AirPods as Gen 2. In fact, Gen 1 and Gen 2 Airpods can be charged in each other’s case.

The most obvious difference is of course, the price and some functions between them. To learn about the said functions, you must keep reading.


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Check The Model Number Of Your Airpod

The most obvious way to know what model your Airpods are, you can check the model number of them. The model number is located under the case on each Airpods. But like it has been said before, these two Airpods look almost same and can be charged in each other’s cases.

You can also check the component number for the model number as for Generation one, the component has numbers that start with “A1___” as for generation two, the component number starts with “A2___”

How Does Model Number Indicate The Generation Of AirPods?

It is not as simple as it may seem to identify the generations just through the model number. But after you have found the model number, you can compare the numbers given below:

A1722 and A1523 are model number for first generation AirPods. A2031 and A2032 are model numbers for the second generation AirPods.

If the AirPods you have doesn’t match any of the numbers given above, then it is very likely that the AirPods you have are fake.

Check The Phone Setting

One of the other most common way to check what model the AirPods are by a Bluetooth connection,

You can try and follow these steps given below to know that:

1)  Open the settings app

2)  Click on Bluetooth.

3)  Click on the “i” button on the extreme right side of your connection.

4)  You will see the Model name, number, serial number and the version.

This is how you can identify your model number while using your iPhone.

Check Your AirPods

You can also check the model number on your Airpods by looking at the Airpods themself. Your Airpods’ model number is always printed in tiny letters on the inside of each pod; but since it is so tiny to read, you might as well need a magnifying glass.

The first line of the said Airpod’s information printed at the bottom contains this number.

 How To Identify AirPods Using Charging Case

You can not only know the model number using your phone or by looking at the AirPods but also by the case. To do this, you must locate the status light along with model number.

For Generation 1 the charging case is taller and longer when compared to others. The lightning connector is at the bottom of the case with a plug-in charging. while the status light is on the inside of the said case while the serial number is on the underside of the lid.

For gen 1 the model number is A1602 which is easily identifiable

For the first generation Airpods, they have a wired charging system whereas in the second generation there is a wireless charging case. Also, the status light for generation 1 is visible form the inside of the charging case, but for generation 2, it is visible from the front.

What Does The Chipset Indicate?

The traditional, original Airpods use the apple’s W1 chip which comes under the first generation Airpods. The newer h1 processor is apple’s current choice for its audio devices. The most prominent differences between these are:

  • Newer H1 supports the “hey Siri” vocal command access whereas in the older one you could only activate sir by tapping one of the pods.
  • H1 chips support Bluetooth 5 which are faster to connect than the W1 chips.
  • H1 chips have 30% less latency over Bluetooth in the W1. This can be understood more while playing or watching a movie.

The Difference In Battery Life

Though there aren’t any prominent changes in the battery life when you compare both gen 1 and gen 2, but if we were to note them; Airpods 1 last up to two hours of talking time whereas Airpods 2 last up to 3 hours of talk-time.

How Does Compatibility In Generation 1 Airpods Differ From The Generation 2?

Back then, the generation 1 Airpods were only compatible with iPhones and tablets with iOS 10 but the latest updates are able to connect with the Apple watches with OS3 and macs running at least MacOS Sierra 10.12.

Though you can connect AirPods to your android phone and also non-Mac pcs; the prominent functions like Siri are not available for valid reasons.


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