How Long Does Airpod Battery Last?

Is the low battery warning on your Airpods getting more and more frequent? It might just mean that your Airpods might be reaching at their end. This article aims to explain more about how long Airpod’s battery lasts and how we can improve it for longevity.

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What is the battery life of Airpods?

Apple’s Airpods have a battery life of up to 6 hours of listening time or up to 4 hours of talk time with one single charge. This however, can change according to what model one may have as the battery not just lasts on the model, but also it’s features, volume and many more factors that add up to the battery loss.

According to the models, battery life is as follow:

Airpod 3rd generation: New Airpod third generation on one single charge will last you up to 6 hours of listening time with spatial audio off, 5 hours with spatial radio on and 4 hours of talk time. Charging your AirPods for at least 15-20 minutes will result into an almost full charge yet again.

Airpods pro: Airpod pro provides you with a 5 hour talk time with ANC off, 4.5 hours listening time with ANC on and 3.5 hours of talk time.

Airpods 2nd generation: these generation AirPods will last up to 5 hours of listening time and 3.5 hours of talk time. A quick 15 minutes charge would give you around 3.5 hours of listening time and around 2 hours of talk time.

How long does your Airpods last?

The first thing that gets damaged in a wireless earbud is the battery. Unfortunately to say, with every charge, Airpod’s battery loses a small amount of charging capacity. This a change that is irreversible and would happen till the batteries are fully damaged.

The charging case of every Airpods offer up to extra 24 hours of listening time and 18 hours of talk time. This however should be kept in mind that the battery life would never be the same again after excessive use.

If we were to break down and calculate how long Airpods actually last, you would find out that after a while, your Airpods won’t even last up to 5 hours of listening time and with regular usage, they would last up to about 2 years before the battery life and functions would start declining excessively.

The reason for Airpods having short lifespan?

Due to Airpod’s small size, it makes the device very vulnerable to damages that occur over time and if we compare it with other iPhone devices and how even small damages won’t really affect that much. But, in Airpods, due to its small size, that same amount of damage will be way more significant because it’s relatively smaller in comparison.

The way we use or Airpod s also affects the battery life of the very same. If we talk on calls a lot using our Airpods then it is very likely for there to be an imbalance between the two Airpods. This would happen because while on call, Airpods turn on only one microphone.

Does leaving Airpods in the case drain battery?

If your Airpods are still connected to your phone’s Bluetooth then they are likely to drain battery being compared to when they were being used.

You unfortunately cannot physically turn off your AirPods but you can try to do somethings to help save battery and make the AirPods last a longer life. To achieve that, you can turn off battery-draining features.

What comes under the battery draining features? It is automatic ear detection and double-tap Airpod command.

  • To turn off automatic ear detection:

You can do this by clicking on the (i) icon next to your AirPods under the my device function. You would need to make sure that the feature has been disabled and then start using your Airpods with this feature disabled. With this, you would manually have to start and stop your music.

  • To turn off the double-tap Airpod command

To do this, you would again need to go to your Airpod under my device and click on off at the automatic ear detection section. This would need to be done for both sides respectively.

Does overcharging affect the battery?

No. overcharging would not hurt the Airpod battery system because Apple has this mode that is made to preserve the battery. This is one such feature that helps your Airpods to recognize when they are charged fully and then further prevents it from being overcharged.

How to maximize Airpod’s battery life

To maximize the battery power of the same you can try and follow these steps:

Disable noise functions: if you have Airpods pro, you can consider disabling the noise cancellation and the transparency mode as while using these modes, the battery is drained excessively. When this is done, you would have to manually pause or play anything.

Keep the pods cased: Airpod itself has a 24-hour battery charge so when you are not using your Airpods, it would be best to keep them cased which will just make your Airpods not lose as much battery and even charge it.

Disable smart features: Airpod provides multiple smart features and if you turn them off, you can help save some battery like by disabling the automatic ear detection as told above. By disabling these features, you just help save up battery which will make the battery life longer.

By turning down the volume: you can save up a lot of battery when you turn down the volume of your playback audio on your Airpod. Doing this help you preserve your battery and save your hearing for a long time.

Do not fiddle:  when you open and close the case multiple times, you are just activating the W1 Bluetooth chip inside the batteries which will result into a battery loss at another fast rate.

Ending thoughts

While Airpods themselves do not have a very lasting battery power system, we can try some tricks and tips to help preserve and make our Airpods last longer. This article aimed to provide those tricks to you.

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