How Many Bluetooth Headphones Can Connect to Apple TV 4K? [Great Feature!]

The Apple TV has risen in popularity over the recent year. Apple TV allows subscribers more watching options, letting you pair a couple of Bluetooth headphones to it.

However, you can not just use any headphones with it. as the technology is still expanding, for sure in the future the connectivity range or varieties of headphones allowed to connect with the tv will increase.

To answer your question, Apple allows you to pair up to 2 Bluetooth headphones with the tv.

The apple tv box must be running at least tvOS14 and the Bluetooth headphones you use should be compatible with the tv.

Can Apple TV support many Bluetooth headphones?

Yes, Apple TV can support multiple headphones at the same time. you don’t necessarily have to use apple headphones, but if you use AirPods they will be easier to connect with. you can use any Bluetooth headphones as long as they are compatible.

What type of Bluetooth headphones can I connect with my Apple TV 4K?

To connect your Bluetooth device with the apple tv, they have to be equipped with SBC or ACC technology. AAC is a standard codec used by Apple, due to which other codes might not work, this is why you should confirm the compatibility before buying the Bluetooth headphones.

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How to connect multiple headphones to apple tv?

Follow these steps:

  1. At first, find the home button on your apple tv remote or Siri remote, and hold the button down until a control center is displayed on the screen
  2. Select the option of audio control
  3. Swipe down till you get the name of the headphones you want to add and click on them. (If you do not see the headphones you want to pair on the screen, go to the setting menu and choose remote and devices, look under the Bluetooth heading and you will find the device)
  4. Select the feature of audio sharing
  5. Follow any other instructions given on the screen, if you want to add another Bluetooth device.

What to do if my headphones won’t connect?

If you have already tried but you can not connect your headphones to the tv you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the device you are willing to pair is within the range of the Apple tv and there is no interference between the devices.
  2. Be sure that the headphones are fully charged and turned on.
  3. Check for the software of both the headphones and the tv and make sure that they are up to date
  4. Try unpairing and forgetting and then try pairing them again.
  5. If none of those mentioned above methods worked, try contacting the manufacturer of the headphone or apple for details and a solution

Closing thought

Apple has made it easier and more enjoyable to watch TV together, if you and your partner have different sound preferences, you two can watch it at your preferred volume.


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