How Many Years Can Your Bose Headphones Last?

Everyone knows that nothing lasts long forever in this world, even headphones. But it can, because depending on the factors that make your Bose headphones last. For sure lasting lifespan is up to you and by your care maintaining practice.

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Model & Design

Can you see that latest bloom and great adaption of Bluetooth speakers? If yes, you know why. because wired headphones are not always up to the mark to serve the user’s attention and details.

The reasons why wired headphones suck:

First, the cord either be straight or 90 degrees bent, the headphones will become useless when there is damage to the cord.

It is always been a disturbance in every aspect of usage. Music lovers have to adjust with the device for their music experience having the cord in mind all the time. Gamers can’t stand the wires and cords as it has always been a disturbance while such immense experience of gaming going on.

Alignment for the jack in your device plays its role too.

Well, Bluetooth headphones on the other side, are easy to use, reliable, and of course, have better base quality, overall.

The instant and easy setup connectivity is the best part when compared to the wired headphones. Designed mainly to be fit for everyone irrespective of the age and size of the ears.

The design of the battery, software and indicators are the plus of Bluetooth speakers compared to wired ones.

Price & Quality

If you know the range of products and prices of the brands, the quality always differs as their prices increase or decrease.

Companies have tough competition to let the customers know what is meant by quality. Everything has a price so does the quality of the range of the headphones.

The quality wires for quality sound, and the durable rubber or plastic covers, the overall cost represents their lifespan by their price.

For better quality, only the better components have to be used, the better components do require research-backed techniques to produce them. Every component costs are higher as for the efforts and materials that are made.

Assembling them is the last line in the manufacturing process for these components to be formed as a product. For their dedicated users and market.

Reaching the music audience by their products and social media influencing ads. Everything adds.


Even high-priced, best-quality headphones can’t stand up to the mark if no maintenance is provided to them by the user. No matter the product’s specifics like anti-wrinkled wires or boosted bass magnetic pods, it has to be sustainably maintained to serve you with its true build. One of the practices for your headphones last is to maintain properly. It is recommended to refer to your Bose manual or visit the company’s website for their specific precautions care as Bose has a selective range of headphones products.

Clean the covered ear wax that spoils both your ears and music experience.

Don’t cramp or crush your as they tend to harm the internal wires. Don’t dangle or force the wires to any corners of any objects. Pressing the wires can snap the internal wires as it bends.

Rest your headphones by untangling them whenever possible. Coil them loosely for storing in a protective case. It is recommended to coil them using the over & under technique. Get to know the weak points of your headphones as the volume slider or inline splitter, the jack cord, and the areas where the wires join or split.

No matter your headphones are water-resistant or not, remember sweats are water too. Make sure no water or sweat gets in the way of your headphones.

Updated the firmware and software via Bose-connected app for better performance delivery.

Recommended practices

It is always recommended to clean the dirt and stain that has been a strain for your wired headphones to work. Minute dust settles in both the jack and the port. So detailed care should be taken to clean them.

It is best to use a protective case cover instead of just throwing it in your bag or being crushed in your pockets. Well, this is not in the case of Bluetooth headphones.

These can be skipped if you’re using Bluetooth headphones.

It is not recommended to charge overnight your headphones. never charge more than what it is required to.

But still, one thing needs special care irrespective of the model, design, or price of your headphone.

Your attention to the rubber earpads section. Always clean those rubber plug-ins first by removing them from the headphone. Using a tissue, scrub the surrounding mount of the headphone and apply some disinfectant made especially for ears using tissue or cotton cloth.

Put those removed rubber earpads in a solution of oil removal or the same disinfectant. Soak it overnight or clean now by scrubbing using a brush.

When using your headphones longer time at a high volume may not be a good practice. For a longer lifespan, it is recommended to use it in a lower volume for extended use.

Replace the earpads if cleaning them aren’t in the original color when you bought them. That’s the line to indicate that the cushions of the pods need to be replaced.

Avoid using and storing in extreme conditions, as too hot/cold will likely result in a short time wear out. The battery in hot conditions cannot sustain its charge more than the normal use. The same at cold or freezing conditions. Usage at room temperatures is recommended for lasting span and performance.

Batteries in the Bluetooth headphones cannot be replaced, so they have to be used until it ceases to function. Further, these Non-replaceable batteries have to be maintained by good and right charging practices.

Don’t forget about the warranty of your Bose headphones. Make a note to use the given limited warranty for any repairs required and not for damages.

It depends on you. So let’s find out how your Bose headphones can last to their fullest by maintaining your headphones as described in this article.

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