How Much Does A Bluetooth Speaker Cost?

Bluetooth speakers are available in all shapes and sizes with a host having great features. You can choose a speaker which offers sufficient quantities at a lower rate or can invest in a high-quality speaker.

You should go for the best quality, affordable speaker. There are a lot of factors to consider before shopping for a Bluetooth speaker rather than costs. You should look for the strength of connectivity, styling, compactness & audio quality in the speaker.

How much does a Bluetooth speaker cost?

The cost of Bluetooth speakers varies from $15 to $3,000 & the best-selling speakers are under $100. If you need a compact design Bluetooth speaker, then you can easily find it for under $50. If your interest is in premium-quality sound, then an expensive speaker will be considered.

It might cost more than $100 to buy a speaker that is loud enough to entertain guests. cost Read More:- 

How do determine the cost of the speaker?

Speakers work almost the same with the same components, only some have better quality components. If you ever take apart a speaker, you will notice magnets that convert electric signals into sound.

Most of the speakers include a magnet, a yoke, a diaphragm & a voice coil. They have a Bluetooth adapter to receive signals from Bluetooth devices. The electricity flowing inside the speaker makes the voice coil & magnet repel & attract rhythmically to produce sound.

You may know Bluetooth speakers have more components than ordinary speakers. The components are available in both affordable & expensive models. These speakers have a casing or housing that covers all the components.

The surround is the material that connects the cone to the chassis. Inside the chassis, a cotton spider & suspension is present which holds the voice coil for the best audio quality. The front plate creates a complete magnetic circuit so that the audio quality is high.

The speakers are protected by a dust cap so that foreign particles do not get into the speaker & damage the voice coil. Expensive speakers do have better quality components & additional features. A speaker whose cost is $1,000 will be smarter & connected to the internet & to other devices.

These speakers allow other forms of connection & will have a USB port & an HDMI port. Bluetooth speakers cost more due to extra features.

The Bluetooth module costs between $15 & $20 & the manufacturer produce speakers which cost between $10 and $4. The amplifier, wiring & other connecting components cost between $15 & $30.

The case costs between $5 & $50 whereas the battery holder & battery pack cost between $3 & $40. Due to these production costs, most of the speakers come between $50 & $200. However, there are good speakers that cost less & still have high-quality audio.

The speaker that costs $200 has additional features & better quality. These speakers offer more convenience as they can access the internet. You can also buy the components separately & make your own Bluetooth speaker, but it may drive up the cost. The parts consist of an amplifier module, wires, speakers, Bluetooth receiver module & battery holder with a battery pack.

If you have the parts, you need to modify a case to fit your components. The cost of buying the components & assembling them will be higher than buying a readymade speaker. The components may cost $50, whereas you can get a speaker for $15.

Readymade speakers are affordable & also work more properly than DIY speakers. In most speakers, the system design allows components to work properly with each other. The microcontrollers are programmed by manufacturers so that speaker components work in harmony which a DIY speaker may not provide.

How much is a Bluetooth speaker affected by other factors?

Most Bluetooth speakers nowadays are more portable & heavier than a bar of soap. The heavier ones are made for homes. There are numerous options for a travel speaker.

Manufacturers tried to provide a speaker with good sound quality, portability & loudness. The other factors that determine the cost of a speaker are as follow:-

Battery Quality:-

Most of the speaker’s battery lasts between 6-10 hours. Good batteries can last longer with 24 hours of audio time on a single charge. The charging time also matters as some may get charged quickly & others can take hours to be fully charged.

Bluetooth Version:-

The first version of Bluetooth has launched 20 years ago. Most of the speakers offer Bluetooth version 4, version 4 point something, or version 5. There is a huge difference between them but it seems like they offer the same quality.

Speakers with version 4.2 offer a range of up to 30 meters & version 5.0 offers up to 120 meters of range. Version 5.0 is faster than all other versions. Version 5.0 offers 2 Mbps whereas 4.1 offers only 1 Mbps. Version 5.0 will work better with smart home devices.

If you are using a speaker of Bluetooth version 5.0 module, you have to pay more than someone who adopts version 4.0. Most smart devices offer Bluetooth 5.0 & which allows people to pair multiple devices to the same speaker.


The waterproof speakers cost higher. It will make the speaker ruff & tuff for external use. You can identify whether the speaker is waterproof by checking its IP rating.

Speakers which are rated IPX4 will survive water splash. Speakers with IPX6 or higher ratings can survive a downpour. These speakers will work out when you have children at home or you need a travel companion.

Some of the speakers can also float on the surface of the water. These speakers may cost a lot but can be bought at the rate of $100.

Smart speakers:-

Most of the smart speakers are available for more than $200 & others, like the Echo Dot, retail at less than $50. Using a smart speaker, you can access virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri & Google Assistant. You don’t have to choose Goggle’s Home Series, Amazon Echo or Apple’s Home Pod as many Bluetooth speakers with virtual assistants are available, such as JBL speakers.

Multi-Room use:-

If you need more speakers in a room, Bluetooth & WiFi technologies can make it possible. Some speakers allow them to pair & use in multiple rooms, but others don’t have this feature.


The speaker’s cost will fluctuate according to its price. Speakers with high-quality components offer better sound & last longer. A speaker rated IPX7 will cost more than a speaker rated IPX4.

Not only price, but other factors do also matter when choosing the best Bluetooth speaker. Choose the best Bluetooth speaker for your budget.

The best speaker will have all the qualities such as high-quality audio, portability, waterproofness, smartness & Bluetooth 5.0, and also be affordable. Always ensure that there is no disturbance in the sound if you play at a higher volume.

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